About Me

Oh Hai
Hello! My name is Ana and I’m a reader. I’ve been blogging about books since early 2007 (this blog’s archives are lengthy and full of examples of me being wrong); out in the offline world, I work for a large UK public library service and I’m particularly interested in reader development and in library services for children and young people.

My other interests include feminism, science (especially debunking gender essentialism with more and better science), politics, history, speculative fiction, children’s and YA literature, comics and graphic novels, the Victorians, fairy tales and mythology, literary criticism, music, going to a lot of gigs, photography, travel, TV, and cats. All of these have made appearances on this blog.

This blog is for me and for other readers: I write here both as a way to develop and keep track of my thoughts and because I enjoy connecting with others over literature. I’ve made several friends through blogging over the years and I’m always up for a good bookish discussion. I spend more time on Twitter than I probably should — do say hi.

I don’t currently accept ARCs or review copies, take part in blog tours, or do promotional posts.

Here’s an earlier and considerably wordier version of this page.

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