Dec 24, 2016

Happy Holidays

Cat reaching for Christmas bauble
I wanted to wish those of you who celebrate it a very lovely Christmas, and a wonderful weekend anyway even if you don’t. I know this can be a rough time of year even at the best of times; my love to anyone who’s struggling.

As for me, I feel especially ambivalent about the holiday season this year, but I’m also acutely aware that I have a tremendous amount to be grateful for. All the same, I found our good old friend Chaucer’s reminder this morning very useful:
This year I’m at my parents’ for the holidays, where I get to watch a battle fought since times immemorial: Kitten vs Christmas Tree. Guess who’s winning so far?

All the best to you, friends. Thank you so much for reading and being here.


  1. I hope you have a wonderful holiday Ana, full of "joye" :--)

  2. A lovely picture, especially the reflected cat :)

    Happy Christmas Ana, from a long time lurker.

  3. Pretty picture! Have a wonderful Holiday, Ana!

  4. Merry Christmas Ana to you and your family! I suspect neither kitten nor tree will win the battle :)

  5. I have been watching a battle between my kitten and the Christmas tree for a couple weeks now... There are ornaments everywhere. lol Merry Christmas!

  6. Our kitten is too grown up to interfere with the tree much.
    We gave our cats each a little catnip bag with a feather sticking out, kind of indeterminate shapes, and someone said "what are those?" Someone else replied "things with feathers," whereupon I had to say "hope." So now my grown-up kids have declared that cat toys are hope.

  7. Merry Christmas, Ana! I hope 2017 brings many sparks of joy on random days for you

  8. Hope you had a happy holiday too and wish you a wonderful 2017! I think we all deserve it.


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