Aug 6, 2014

Brighton, Eastbourne and Beachy Head

Brighton, Eastbourne and Beachy Head

Beachy Head

Usually I like to give my picture posts a bookish angle if possible, but my only excuse for this one is that this blog occasionally moonlights as a travel blog. I went to Brighton and Eastbourne last weekend, and it did me a world of good to see that no matter what great or small anguishes I find myself immersed in, there’s the sun and the sky and the sea, and I’m still capable of enjoying just being in the world.

I haven’t read Brighton Rock (I should, shouldn’t I? Should I?) and I didn’t make it to any cool bookshops on this trip, so the only bookish thing I have to share is my visit to the very impressive Jubilee Library, whose children’s area gave me serious library envy. Remember everything that frustrated me about the new Manchester Central Library? Well, Brighton gets it 100% right.

Brighton Jubilee Library
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Brighton Jubilee Library

Brighton Jubilee Library
Love the Pride flag.

Brighton Jubilee Library children's section
So much space!

Brighton Jubilee Library teen area
The Teen area.

My visit coincided with Pride Weekend, and the atmosphere in the city was great. The streets were packed with people of all ages, and it was celebratory and lovely and a good reminder of why it matters so much for people to know they’re not alone.

Teachers United in Pride banner at Brighton Pride Parade

The Lanes, Brighton
The Lanes, which reminded me a bit of the Snickelways in York. Needless to say, I loved them.

A shop at The Lanes

Brighton Pavilion
The famous Pavilion.

Inside Brighton Dome
Inside Brighton Dome.

I went to see War Stories exhibition at Brighton Museum & Art Gallery and I really loved it. It focuses on thirteen people who lived through (or died in) the Great War, and the diverse selection and very personal angle really made it stand out. If you find yourself in Brighton in the next few months I definitely recommend it.

Brighton Museum & Art Gallery

Brighton from the Pier
The sun came out just as we went on the Pier - yay.

Brighton Pier

Merry-go-round at Brighton Pier
Creepy but kind of cool.

Brighton Beach

Brighton Pier
The Pier from my room.

Brighton Beach at sunset

Brighton Beach at sunset

Brighton West Pier
Obligatory West Pier at sunset photo.

Brighton Pier at night
Brighton Pier at night.

Eastbourne Pier
...and Eastbourne Pier early in the morning.

My shadow in the sun at Eastbourne beach
Oh hai.

Eastbourne Beach

Eastbourne Beach

Eastbourne from the beach

Eastbourne beach and pier

Eastbourne promenade

The way to Beachy Head

The South Downs
I fell hard for the South Downs. I want to spend a week-long holiday doing nothing but wandering by the cliffs.

Beachy Head

Beachy Head
Beachy Head! (Aka the setting for the Quidditch World Cup in Goblet of Fire.)

Beachy Head

Eastbourne from Beachy Head
Eastbourne from Beachy Head.

Beachy Head
The world is splendorous.

Sheep grazing in the South Downs

Sheep grazing in the South Downs

Quick life update: blogging time has been very scarce, so it’s been silent around here even though there are a ton of books I’m excited to tell you about (Landline! Bad Feminist! My Real Children, which I’ve only just started but am already in love with.) I’ll get to them eventually — thank you for bearing with me in the meantime.


Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

It's been years since I was in Brighton! I love seeing your photos.

Debi said...

This post, your photos--oh, they gave me serious envy issues. But even more, they gave me such joy knowing you were off having a lovely time. I cannot wait until you get that week to roam along the cliffs. But selfishly, I really can't wait until you get a week to come spend with us. :D

Memory said...

Oh my goodness, Ana, you went to the Quidditch World Cup! A few years too late, mind, but STILL.

This makes me want to take a trip to the UK.

Claire (The Captive Reader) said...

Lovely photos! I love Brighton and that whole area along the coast to Eastborne. Less keen on Eastborne itself, but that is just because I spent too much time there while studying nearby. It is pretty bleak and seedy in winter - much more cheerful in summer!

Tasha Brandstatter said...

I'm so glad you visit libraries when you're on vacation because I totally do the same thing.

Lu @ Regular Rumination said...

It's SO beautiful there!! What lovely pictures. Thank you for sharing!

gricel said...

absolutely beautiful! the pier looks so whimsical at night :). I've always wanted to visit Brighton, if only to channel my inner Lydia Bennet.

Jenny @ Reading the End said...

Gorgeous pictures! And I can't wait to hear your thoughts on all the stuff you've been reading!

Beth F said...

Awesome series of photos. Thanks so much for sharing them. I never did get to Brighton when I lived in the UK.

Amy said...

so beautiful!