Mar 15, 2014

This is my gushy and not very coherent Veronica Mars Movie post

Veronica Mars movie poster
This is my gushy and not very coherent Veronica Mars Movie post
Friends, I’m not even going to attempt to review the Veronica Mars movie: at this point, the only two things I’m capable of saying are a) IT EXISTS! And b) I GOT TO WATCH IT!

I’m more in awe of these two things than I can explain: first of all, I still can’t get over the fact that something most of us who love the series wouldn’t even have dared to hope for a year and two days ago actually exists in the world. Until March 13th of last year, Veronica Mars was one of many shows with a passionate following and a deeply unsatisfying ending. Now there’s a movie out there that sets to right some of the wrongs of the finale, plus novels on the way, plus the tenuous hope that this might not be it. We might get even more of our favourite sleuth! It makes me happier than I can say. Secondly, I got to watch it from the comfort of my home on the day it premiered as part of my reward for helping make it happen. O, brave new world! I could easily get used to this.

The only way I can convey any thoughts I currently have on the movie is by borrowing the format of Memory’s very aptly named short ungrammatical gushy version (spoilers for this paragraph): ZOMG EVERYONE WAS BACK AND WE GOT TO SEE MAC AND WALLACE AND VERONICA HANG OUT PLUS HER DAD WAS REALLY COOL AS USUAL PLUS I’M JUST SOOOOO HAPPY THE GREAT HMS VERONICALOGAN IS BACK AT SEA AND ALSO SHE WAS AWESOME AS ALWAYS AND THE WHOLE THING WAS SO MUCH FUN AND NOW I WANT MOAR. (On a calmer note, I still can’t really write my long-since planned post titled “A tale of two Logans”, in which I explain why I’m such a sucker for Logan Echolls but want to punch Logan Huntzberger in the face. I wish I could put it into words, but alas. All I have is my love for this Logan remains intact and I adore seeing the two of them together. So much tenderness and such great chemistry ♥.)

The real purpose of this post, though, is to invite those of you who have watched the movie to come gush along with me. Let’s caps locks together to our heart’s content and bask in our shared joy over the fact that this movie exists. So tell me, what did you think?

One last thing: Sarah Dessen’s post about attending the premiere with Kristen Bell is extremely happy-making. I dare you to read it and not smile.


  1. I am happy to gush right along with you. I went to see it last night with a friend (and fellow backer) and the theater was filled with fellow fans. This meant that the first time a returning character appeared on the screen, there were lots of cheers/gasps depending on the nature of the appearance (gasp for Celeste Kane of course).

    As much as I love Veronica Mars, I had been careful not to set too high expectations for the movie. But the movie definitely exceeded these tamed hopes. The banter and jokes were great; the noirish atmosphere was there; I liked that the mystery was tied into the eternal class divides of Neptune. It's a shame Leighton Meester couldn't reprise her role as Carrie Bishop though.

    I loved the ending, where Veronica decides that Neptune is a place she cannot leave, and it is not a decision of defeat. Forget exact quote but "You cannot declare victory because you left the ring."

    And I know you understood every word of that.

  3. Christy: Aw, that sounds awesome! As much as I LOVED just coming home on a Friday evening, changing into my pajamas, ordering pizza, and being able to watch a movie released worldwide that very day, I did miss the shared fannish experience of a cinema release. I loved the ending too, and YES about them tying the mystery to Neptune's class divide. That's one of the things that makes me want moar so desperately - the subplot with Weevil and all the things we learn about widespread corruption and racial profiling in the sheriff's office open the door for SO MANY MORE AWESOME STORIES.

    Debi: I did :D I WAS SO RELIEVED ABOUT THE CAT. And oh, I can't believe I didn't think of Backup! It makes sense that she'd have died of old age in the nine intervening years, yep :( And yeah, nothing against Piz or anything, but just... no :P

  4. Yay, Veronica Mars!!!!! It wasn't the best movie in the world, but it was so great to get back to these characters, this story. I love the Weevil story line and just want more, more, more.

    The soundtrack was great, imo, and the Sufjan song in particular, was perfectly suited and placed.

    It would be interesting to think about how/why they framed the whole story in the language of addiction.

    I have a theory about the two Logans. I think it's kind of like Katniss and Peeta. Gale is awesome (as is Piz), but ultimately he's not broken in the same ways as Katniss and Peeta are. Gale/Piz can't understand Katniss/Veronica on that level. Which is, in some ways, quite heartbreaking. But she has to be with the person who understands that very crucial part of her. That won't be healed away, no matter how much therapy she works through.

  5. I went last night, it was so great! And everything just seemed so right, nothing was out of place. And the ending was so perfect, plus leaves it open for more story telling.

    I didn't rewatch the series before the film but I think that I must go find my box sets, I'm pretty sure I loaned them to my sister, but where they actually are is another story, might just have to buy them all over again.


  6. Hannah: The Sufjan moment made me very happy :D And this: "It would be interesting to think about how/why they framed the whole story in the language of addiction." - to be honest, it bothered me a bit. I thought it was a lazy/facile analogy that failed to do justice to either the complex and difficult choices Veronica makes when she decides to move back to Neptune and continue her career as a private investigator or to the very hard struggles of people battling substance dependency. There are moments when the movie acknowledges Veronica is making a choice (for example, Piz tells her on the phone that she could have got on the plane but she chose to stay because Neptune is where her primary loyalties are), but by the end we're back to "My name is Veronica and I'm an addict". It's a dubious analogy and it doesn't fit the story we watched. Anyway, obviously I totally loved the movie regardless. And I love your point about Logan understanding something that's so crucial to who Veronica is better than anyone else in the world.

    Fence: yaaaaaaay indeed :D Enjoy rewatching the series!

  7. Yeah, the addict language/framing bugged me, too. I found it inaccurate in relation to this particular story, I found it, yes, made light of people who struggle with actual addiction (who says that "... and I'm an addict" line with a self-satisfied smile on their faces???) I appreciated the effort to frame/narrate the story in some way, and that the way they chose related back to her history, but yes. I think a more accurate framing would perhaps just be her acknowledging who she really is, that you can't take Neptune / the struggle / the fight / the PI out of Veronica.

    And yes, I still loved the movie, too.

  8. That's all very well put. And really, Veronica's relationship with her mother only made it even more of an odd choice if anything. Someone with an obviously painful personal experience is probably not very likely to say "I'm an addict" in such a light way and with a smile on her face, as you point out. Awesome movie, lazy framing.

  9. Yay! I only gave 10 bucks so we only got stickers in the mail. :-) I see that the movie is on Apple TV already but we just started watching the series again to refresh our memories and will wait to see the movie till after we're done. I guess I'll have to manoeuvre around spoilers till then! :-)

  10. That Dessen post is AMAZING! And I was so worried about the cat - I just thought 'DON'T RUIN ANA'S MOVIE' and then it was ok *phew*. I think I plan to review this probably... I have to work out how many gifs I'm prepared to code first.

  11. Ron and I got to watch it in a theater with other people who laughed and gasped at the same time, which was immensely satisfying.
    My favorite part during the moment was the pizza scene with Leo.
    In retrospect, though, my favorite part is when Logan wears the hat. Because, in retrospect, that hat had a purpose.
    The only thing that would have made the movie more satisfying would have been to fangirl about it with Eleanor, but she drove to Dubuque, Iowa (2-1/2 hours one way) to see it before taking off for London, so I'll have to wait a week. In the meantime, I have the downloaded version and a script.

  12. Joanna: Rewatching the series just before the movie sounds perfect and totally worth the wait!

    Bookgazing: Looking forward to your review! And I'd be happy to help with gifs during edits if you need it.

    Jeanne: Aw, the hat! Your cinema experience sounds fabulous, and I'm sure rewatching it with your daughter when she comes back will be too :)

  13. I was so excited about this movie that I spent all my apartment-furnishing money on a trip to New York to see it with my New York friends. Totally worth it. We saw it in a theater with a bunch of excited fans, and it was great.

    My one quibble with the movie's plot -- because actually I thought they did an excellent job working all the characters in without it feeling too unnatural -- was that last scene with Logan and Veronica. It felt unearned, a little bit. I felt like we had missed out on some important conversations in between that scene and the other big scene with the two of them in which YOU KNOW some things happened due to one of them being all vulnerable and messed up due to RECENT MURDER THING and the other one being all vulnerable and messed up due to family injury. I'd have been happier if they'd parted a little awkwardly and less, you know, less sunrise-happy-ending-ish-ly.

    Also, were you surprised at what a poignant story arc Weevil got? I was! I got legitimately choked up at the end when he calls her "V" (buh! Weevil! only Weevil ever called her that!) and goes back outside to his motorcycle.

    Also, I loved it that they got to curse. I would like now for there to be a Netflix series, so that Veronica and Logan can cuss as much as, let's be honest, they probably would cuss in actual real life. Every time Veronica said "shit", it made me totally happy.


    Really, I've been capslocking inside my head ever since I saw it Friday night. This movie made me so, so happy, warts and all. It was everything I wanted it to be; which is to say, it was an entertaining mystery featuring beloved characters. Also, there was lots of TENSION and MURDER and EYE SEX and CUSSING and I TOTALLY SCREAMED ONCE AND I GASPED A COUPLE OF OTHER TIMES AND OMG WALLACE AND MAC I LOVE THEM SO MUCH AND AT FIRST I WONDERED WHO LOGAN HAD STOLEN THAT UNIFORM FROM AND I WAS SO SCARED KEITH WAS GOING TO DIE AND I'M SCARED FOR WEEVIL TOO NOW HE'S BACK ON HIS BIKE HE WAS SO HAPPY HE GOT OUT AND NOW HE'S BACK IN TOO I AM A GREAT BIG BUNDLE OF INCOHERENCE ANA IT MADE ME SO HAPPY AND ALSO SCARED FOR PEOPLE WHICH WAS IN ITSELF HAPPY-MAKING.

    I'm glad I was able to see it at the cinema, too. It was so much fun to watch it alongside other fans, almost all of whom laughed or gasped or screamed in the same places. Really, the only downside was that I didn't feel free to shout at the characters (though I made an exception when Logan got into the fight at the reunion). I firmly believe shouting at characters is one of life's great joys.

    Regarding the two Logans: I think the whole reason I adore Logan Echolls and am somewhat on the fence about Logan Huntzberger (who I used to hate, but have come to sorta-kinda-maybe like [but not necessarily as a romantic partner for Rory; though he's heaps better than Dean, who I've grown to hate more and more as time rolls along and should shut up about now since he's extraneous to this discussion]) is that VM-Logan has reasons for being a smarmy jackass. After the first few episodes of S1 (where I hated him sooooo much and wanted him to DIE A TERRIBLE DEATH), it's pretty clear that he's reacting to what the world's thrown him. His behavior springs from grief, and from the fact that he's a survivor of abuse. He's an interesting character because of the tension between the times when he fights this conditioning and the moments when he totally gives in to it and lets his inner jackass flourish.

    He cares about things deeply, too. I'm SUCH a sucker for a jackass who loves things with their whole heart. Eva and I talked about this once, and we decided Logan is a bad boy with a knight complex, which essentially makes him the best of both worlds.

    GG-Logan, on the other hand, is just smarmy and entitled because, well, he's a smarmy and entitled person. He has his moments, which is why I came to sorta-kinda like him after my second viewing, but there's not as much depth there. He wants things--and people--because he figures they're more or less his due. It's hard not to root for his downfall because some genuine adversity would add a lot of complexity his character arc and maybe shape him into someone with a more interesting approach to life. As it stands, he doesn't get much opportunity to grow beyond what he appears to be at first glance.

  15. (Oh, and re Logan Huntzberger: Unbearable character made curiously bearable by Matt Czuchry's very great charm, which is being put to much much better use now on The Good Wife than it ever was on Gilmore Girls.)

  16. Gush away! It was such a fun movie and I was thrilled that everyone was back for it! Mac was such a bad ass. I missed her Dad so much and I loved seeing them together, one of the best father/daughter relationships on TV.

  17. Jenny: Awww, that sounds lovely. Sometimes sharing things with your friends is almost the best part. I enjoyed Veronica and Logan's last scene (it made my inner total sap very happy indeed :P) but I know what you mean about something crucial happening off-screen. MOAR detail, please! And yes, I KNOW re: Weevil. Sooooooo much potential for the Netflix series of our dreams to address racial inequality and injustice and corruption, and be awesome in about a million different ways. Like you I'm pretty hopefully, and I fear I'm setting myself up to be crushed when it doesn't happen :P

    (PS: One of these days I'll try The Good Wife, promise!)

  18. Memory: YAY, LET US CAPS LOCKS TOGETHER. ALL THESE WEEKS LATER I'M STILL NOT OVER IT, AND YOU ARE RIGHT ABOUT EVERY SINGLE THING. I've ordered the VM book, and even though a part of me is a little bit terrified it won't live up to the series and movie I just need another fix of these characters asap. I think you're right about the two Logans - though yes, GG-Logan is still a bit better than Dean, whose relationship dynamics with Rory bother me a lot.

    Melissa: So true! The movie seems to be doing well enough that I'm still setting myself up for crushing disappointment when there's no sequel and/or Netflix series.

  19. NETFLIX SERIES PLEAAASE. I loved the movie, but I was so sad when the lights came on and they expected me to get up and leave? There weren't 14 more episodes???

  20. I'm late to this, and I'm very sorry that I didn't see your post when you did this. Because I saw the movie too and I had NO ONE to talk to about it!!! So I'm going to post here anyway in the hopes one day you'll check back :-)

    I really enjoyed the movie in the theatre - so much that in my typical fashion of viewing Veronica Mars, I had to watch it the next day again on Netflix (I didnt' tell my husband!) to catch the nuances and bits I missed on first viewing. The addiction message I disliked very much - I felt that it made her choice less in her control, and I felt that she deserves to be - has always been written as - someone who fights for the underdog, who shines a light where no one wants to look, and seeks vengeance. I thought at the end of the movie that she would choose to stay because so much was wrong with her hometown, and she would want to help if she could. I never thought she would fit in New York, especially never as a corporate lawyer, and I wish she had been written a bit stronger in this - that she realizes she was trying to make herself fit in a world that didn't seek justice or fight for the little guy, which she always did. So when she returns to Neptune, she sees the part of herself she left behind - not the addicted part, but the part that settles in to fix things again. I think in my head I've rewritten the words at the end in this way! lol

    Otherwise, LOVE the movie and am counting down to when it is released on DVD (next week!) so I can buy it and watch it all over again. Piz is great, but Logan - oh Logan gets her. Congratulations on being part of the effort to bring the movie to life too, Ana!


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