Feb 5, 2014

Long-Awaited Reads Month Wrap-Up (& winner)

Long-awaited Reads Month button showing a pile of books
Long-Awaited Reads Month Wrap-Up and giveaway winner
As I promised in my last post, it’s time to wrap-up Long-Awaited Reads Month 2014 and to announce the winner of my giveaway. The list that follows is based on links participants left me on this post or that I saw on Twitter by following the #LARmonth tag — if I missed yours, my apologies! Please know that your participation was still very much appreciated.

As for our winner — *drumroll* — Random.org has spoken and Jenny gets to take home a long-coveted book of her choice. Congratulations! Just e-mail me your choice and mailing address and I’ll make it happen.


And this is it for this year. I hope everyone taking part had as much fun with Long-Awaited Reads month as I did. Hopefully we’ll all get to have another go at this when January comes around again.


  1. Thanks so much to you and Iris for hosting this event! And I am so excited to pick out a book for myself!! I'll have to have a look through my TBR list today and see what I need. :)

  2. I enjoyed reading about all the participants' explorations; it's great to have a month devoted to "catching up". Congrats on a successful and well-attended event!

  3. SOMEDAY. I will do this someday. Maybe next year. It will be my very own Long Awaited Long Awaited Reads Month.

    Sounds like some awesome reading was had. I completely sympathize with Nan's frustration and false starts; some of what I thought I wanted to read five years ago has lost some of its lustre by now.

  4. Many many thanks to you and Iris! This truly does make for an awesome start to the year. :) Even though I didn't finish The Influencing Machine until Feb. 1, I'm still counting it as a success for LAR "all because of Ana" Month, which means I got to a total of four (Saffy's Angel, Delusions of Gender, There is No Dog, and The Influencing Machine). So yeah, just seeing those titles, you *know* I had an awesome reading month. :) I'd say I was going to read Indigo's Star for next January's LAR Month, but I don't think I can wait that long!

  5. I am at least reviewing books this year. Now to work on linking them up places... :) I look forward to next year!

  6. Congrats, Jenny! Loved it last year, loved it this year, very happy to hear you're planning to continue it :) The limitation of a month has been really helpful, I've found, and I don't think I would have read 2013's LAR books even by now if not for it.

  7. Thanks so much for hosting this!

    I am a bit disappointed that I let January go by and only read one LAR book... but then again I'm happy to have decreased the TBR mountain by one!

    Seeing everyone else's notes and successes is great motivation to continue throughout the year...

  8. Thank you all so much for taking part, or following along and cheering the rest of us on. I'm really looking forward to hosting again next year :)


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