Feb 25, 2014

In Which I Talk Your Ear Out about Orphan Black

Add for Orphan Black: Alison and Cosima
In Which I Talk Your Ear Out about Orphan Black
Today I’m over at Lady Business discussing the awesome BBC science fiction/thriller series Orphan Black. Do stop by if you like sci-fi stories that represent a considerable range of women or actresses with nearly superhuman talents (also: plots that involve human cloning and make smart points about all the cultural myths about what makes us who we are; delicious subtext about gendered dynamics; police procedurals; excellent characterisation; awesome gay and lesbian characters; and suspenseful, complex stories that hook you from the start).


Too Fond said...

I've been trying to remember who was to blame for introducing me to Orphan Black, as I promptly watched them all and am now wanting more! Such a good show.

Vishy said...

I totally love 'Orphan Black', Ana. One of my favourite friends introduced it to me and I have been in love with it since then. Tatiana Maslany is so wonderful in all the different roles. My favourites were the Sarah and Cosima, but I really liked all of them. Looking forward to reading your post soon :)

Melissa (Avid Reader) said...

This one is on my list of shows I HAVE to start watching. Thank you for the reminder!