Mar 24, 2013

Snowy Sunday Links

  • An infographic of forgotten fictional female sleuths - So many I haven't met yet! I've been in the mood for mysteries lately, and this gives me lots of reading ideas. Are there any that you recommend?

  • Recently Jill wrote an outspoken and very informative post about the sexual abuse of women in the military. This, among other things, is why her blog is one of my must-reads.

  • Two very interesting links on romance novels and feminism. I'm a newcomer to romance, but I find these discussions fascinating, and the overall points they make about how competing reads can and often do coexist go for others genres as well.
  • Roxane Gay on the VIDA stats:
    One of the favored stances is that it’s really all about submission ratios. Please. How much work from the submission queue gets into The New Yorker? These are magazines that publish a great deal of work from their staffs and by solicitation. I’m absolutely willing to agree that submission queues are, for most magazines great and small, dominated by white men. There are any number of reasons why this might be the case but editors can easily solve this problem. There is an abundance of diversity, not just in terms of writers, but in terms of aesthetic, in the writing world. Reach out and touch someone.
  • There will be more on these kinds of arguments on Lady Business this coming week. Also, from The Rumpus:
    What I’ve come to realize, thanks to VIDA and the Count, is that my feminist convictions do not make up for the low number of books by women I’ve reviewed. Not yet. Good intentions are not enough. It’s people like me, people aware of the persistent sexism of our society, who need to do a better job of promoting books by women. To ignore the gender disparity in publishing is to perpetuate it. I can’t do that any longer. Instead, I will continue to champion all of the books I love in every way I can—only now I will do so with a clearer understanding of just how far we still have to go in building the literary community that we all deserve.
  • There's still time to enrol in this Massive Open Online Course on Gender Through Comics. I'm doing it with my friends Kelly, Heather and Andi, and we're all really excited about it. Join us?

  • The Lizzie Bennet Diaries DVD? Yes please!

I haven't been blogging or commenting all that much lately, and that leaves me feeling like I haven't talked to any of you in forever. What are you reading at the moment, and what was the last really great book you read? I'm almost finished with Before and Afterlives, a new short story collection by the always excellent Christopher Barzak; and I'm also reading The Spirit Level because Homeland left me craving more political writing. So far, so good: it actually helped me conceptualise things in ways I hadn't before, and the possibility of coming across new ideas and new ways of understand the world is a huge part of why I read.

I'll leave you with a picture of my backyard I took yesterday morning:

Daffodils covered in snow

A whole day later, the snow still hasn't stopped and the layer is much thicker. What is happening? Have we somehow entered Narnia? As someone who spent most of her live in a temperate climate, I used to not really understand how anyone could possibly dislike snow, but I take it all back. I'm so tired of feeling cooped up by the cold weather, and so ready for spring.


  1. Oh! You've got daffodils! one of my very favorestt flowers. We still only have the green shoots of promised daffodils... But I know they are coming. Thanks for the links. have a lovely week.

  2. I won't have time to do the comic course, but it sounds great and I look forward to you blogging about it.

    I'm reading Seraphina and am loving it. :-)

    I haven't been blogging about books much, I need to do some reviews... I have been blogging though and am happy with the other stuff I'm talking about, so I guess it's all good in the end!

  3. Since we've been married we've never lived anywhere that gets an appreciable amount of snow, so our son wanted to go to college somewhere that gets snow. It only took a couple of years for him to get over it and move south again.

  4. Hey! I graduated from Ball State! If I didn't have three million things going on right now in my life, I would totally do that course (especially with my alma mater). And yes, I could count the reasons why I love Jill's blog so much...her help in increasing awareness of certain issues are just one.

  5. Oh what a beautiful and sad picture of the daffodils! I hope they escape unharmed! And thank you for the link to my post and for the other links, all of which are wonderful and about which I wasn't aware! :--) (well, except for the Lizzie Bennett DVDs which I agree are just a must!)

  6. I am so ready for spring. We don't have blooms yet but we do have snow. Sigh.

  7. As far as female sleuths go (side note: Anne Perry kind of makes my skin crawl), I'm actually quite interested in Baroness Orczy's influential Lady Molly of Scotland Yard, one of the first novels to feature a female lay detective. She does get a polite and proper ending, of course, but still, I love seeing foundational works.

  8. That comics course looks awesome! I wish I had the money to participate. :(

  9. aw the cold will go away and leave you with heat soon enough I'm sure!

    Thanks for the great collection of links!

  10. Most of our daffodils aren't even up yet; fortunately we don't have as much snow as you, but it's still really cold!

    I'm off to go check out your links!

  11. Love that photo. :) Your daffodils are so purdy! Wonder what other flowers you'll discover in your new yard as spring and summer arrive.

    The comics course sounds awesome! (Nothing like stating the obvious, huh? :P ) Wish all the comics didn't add up to so much money. :( Of course, who am I kidding--even if I could afford it, I'd never get my act together enough to follow through.

  12. I am so over the winter! It is supposed to snow AGAIN tomorrow, and I am just so, so tired of it. I want the sunshine and warmth to come back!

    Side note to Clare's side note: Anne Perry makes my skin crawl too because I know her backstory. But maybe her books are delightful.

  13. Wonderful post, Ana! I am quite intrigued about the fictional female sleuths! The 'Gender through Comics' course looks so wonderful! Hope you have fun! Hope you will also post about it later - would love to hear your thoughts on it. Hope the snow clears up soon. The picture you have posted is so beautiful but it is nice to have the sun back.

  14. I sympathise. As much as snow means I can snuggle up in a blanket with a book...I really want the sun and flowers to come out now!

  15. I'm so into this "feminism" article already! Great links. Also, I'm quite jealous of your daffodils-- haven't gotten any flowers here yet. I can't wait until forsythia season.

  16. Right now I'm reading Vera by Elizabeth von Armin and Painted Faces by... I forgot. I think you'd find both interesting, though!


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