Dec 13, 2012

The Blahs: I have them. Meanwhile, the Internet continues to be shiny.

Tardar the Grumpy Cat
I may or may not have been looking for an excuse to post Grumpy Cat for ages.

I had all sorts of blogging plans for this week, but instead I spent most of it fighting a really bad cold, hoping to avoid having to call in sick during my first few weeks at a new job. On the bright side, I seem to have succeeded, but all the reviews I had planned to write remain unfinished and will now be lumped in with next week’s mini-reviews (this is all the result of not having yet reacquired the habit of pre-scheduling posts - hopefully I will learn my lesson.) Thanks to everyone who has voted so far, by the way. I won’t give away which books I’ll be writing about just yet, but your votes and comments have made my life much easier.

I’m now even more behind than usual when it comes to reading blogs, commenting, and responding to comments here, but in the spirit of showing appreciation, I thought I’d share some of the most interesting posts I came across either earlier this week or while catching up today:
  • Both Jeanne and Teresa wrote really great posts about trying to encourage more debate among book bloggers.
  • On a somewhat similar vein, Simon wrote about the decline in comments that he’s noticed in the book blogging world lately.

    I want to make it clear that I think it’s absolutely okay to read blogs but not comment: I don’t want anyone to ever feel pressured to come up with something to say just because that’s the done thing. But I also think posts like Simon’s are really important, because it’s helpful to know that certain things are widespread trends and not the result of anything each of us has done - and sometimes it’s very easy to lose sight of that. What I take away from Jeanne’s, Teresa’s and Simon’s posts is, as Amy always puts it, “be the change you want to see”. I value debate and I value comments, so the best I can do is make an effort myself to make sure these things still happen.

  • Stefanie asks: “Do you read books that are generally thought to be good but that are, in no relation to the story or plot, offensive to you in some way?” The discussion in comments is really interesting, so make sure you click over.

  • Cass is organising a read-along of 1970s Gay & Lesbian YA next year - want to join in?

  • Lastly, Andrea K Höst’s Rough Guide to Diana Wynne Jones just might by my favourite Smugglivus 2012 post so far.


  1. I hope you feel better soon, Ana! Thank you for the links. I missed all those discussions so will have to go check them out when I have a spare moment.

  2. Thanks for sharing these links! I'm off to check out the guide to DWJ.

    p.s. One day I too will learn how to schedule in advance. Also: how to comment regularly.

  3. Aw! No blahs, boo to the blahs! Feel better, get lots of sleep and plenty of fluids! Excellent collection of links as always.

  4. So sorry you're feeling rotten. We have some sort of plague going around my office right now, so I'm on a soup-and-sleep-when-not-at-work plan myself. Ugh.

    And thanks for linking to my post!

  5. I'm sorry you're ill, especially so soon after starting a new job. I've been sick too. I hope you're on the mend soon, Ana. And thanks for sharing grumpy cat. :)

  6. Grumpy Cat! Anyway, I hope you're feeling much better soon. And I am trying my best to comment more (when it can be meaningful as well). I would love to see the comments on my own blog go up in the coming year!

  7. 1970's lgbt ya lit? That's an interesting idea. Thanks for posting these links.

  8. 1970's lgbt ya lit? That's an interesting idea. Thanks for posting these links.

  9. Ooooh! Thanks for letting me know about the 70's lgbt lit read along!! That's a fabulous idea!! Hope you feel better Ana!! Sorry you're feeling like grumpy cat :(

  10. I hope you feel better soon! I generally read a lot of blogs but sometimes do not comment. There are a few reasons -
    1) I do not feel anything after reading a post.
    2) I feel if I said something, it would sound dumb.
    3) Whatever I had to say, is already said.

    Right now I am feeling dumb posting this, but then I just wanted to say - I read your posts but on some days there could be any 1 of the reasons, I mention above, due to which I do not comment :)

  11. Interestingly, you are one of the bloggers I thought of when I thought about people who are unfailingly supportive in your comments without being uncritical. There's an art to that. I'd like to invite other bloggers who aren't as good at it to disagree with stuff I say as a kind of reality check. Sometimes blogging lets you get a bit carried away!

  12. Oh I love Grumpy Cat. Boo for being sick, but at least you got to use Grumpy Cat!

  13. Hope you're feeling better - what would we do without Grumpy Cat?!

  14. Wendy: I am, thank you :) I'm glad you found the links useful!

    Cecelia: Hopefully I'll learn as well :P But we do the best we can, and that's certainly something.

    Jenny: Thank you! I survived the rest of the week at work and I'm feeling much better now.

    Teresa: It's been the same here - lots of people calling in sick. I hope you manage to escape the plague yourself!

    Quirky BookandFilmBuff: Thank you! And isn't she adorable? :D

    Kristen: I promise to make an effort myself! You're in my favourites folder, and I need to try to say hi more often.

    C.B. James: You're welcome! Hopefully I'll be able to find the books over here and join in.

    Chris: I knew you'd love the idea. And I'm doing much better, thank you!

    Veens: *hugs* You are NOT dumb! And it's absolutely okay to feel like you have nothing to say.

    Jeanne: Thank you for telling me that - I do try, but sometimes it's hard to know how you come across. I feel lucky that my commenters are also really good at expressing disagreement without making it personal.

    Melissa: It almost makes it worth it ;)

    Vicki: I know, right? :D She's become central to my internet experience. And I'm feeling much better, thanks!

  15. I am behind in all my blog reading so I hope by this point you are well again! Grumpy Cat gave me a good laugh too :)

  16. Hope you are feeling much better by now. Grumpy Cat is adorable!


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