Jul 15, 2012

What do you mean, there are no more episodes of Buffy for me to watch?!

Buffy season 6 cast

How can this be?! *shakes DVDs like a cereal box, in the hopes that one last forgotten episode will fall off* Nope, it seems that I really am done. What am I supposed to do with myself now?1 It took me under a month and a half to get through all seven seasons of Buffy, and although I know this is a very different sort of experience than watching it slowly as it first airs, I honestly wouldn’t have it any other way.

This is another hot-in-the-grips-of-the-story type post, so please bear with me as I squeal excitedly, talk about my feelings, and occasionally resort to caps locks. Needless to say, there will be very explicit spoilers in this post — sometimes in all caps — so if you’re not done with your first viewing of Buffy, please look away now. (And while you’re at it, go finish watching it and then come discuss it with me, kthxbai.)
  • First of all, how can it all be over? I’m now watching the second season of Angel and I’m extremely glad there’s more of the Buffyverse for me to explore, but still, it’s just not the same (or at least it feels that way for now). Angel’s great and all, and I’m enjoying season two so much more than season one. But there’s no Willow in Angel and I so need more Willow in my life.

  • After a first viewing, I think my favourite Buffy seasons are 2, 3 and 5. My least favourite is 1, and the one I have the most mixed feelings about is season 7, though there was plenty about it that I loved (more on which soon).

  • Updated list of favourite episodes: “Family”, “Fool for Love”, “The Body”, “Hush”, “Who Are You”, “Storyteller”.
  • Season 6 seems to really divide opinions, but I liked it just fine. The obstacles are less clear than in previous seasons and for most of it the characters are drifting, but that’s actually part of the appeal. As Memory so well put it, for once the Big Bad they all have to face is life.

  • I love Tara and Willow in season 6. And in season 5. And in pretty much every episode they’re in. Also, their first on screen kiss was amazing. I was annoyed that for so much of seasons 4 and 5 we’d have fade to black where a straight couple would certainly have been shown kissing (though not annoyed with the series’ creators, I should add, as I realise they were dealing with network restrictions and ridiculous double standards), but I loved than when it finally happened, in the middle of “The Body”, it wasn’t in a titillating or male-gazey sort of way at all.

  • Speaking of which, “The Body” is as perfect an episode as you all promised – especially Anya’s monologue. I kind of knew what was coming (not because I’d been spoiled for it, but because Joyce’s illness made me suspicious, and the old “lull you into a false sense of security before delivering the final blow” trick didn’t work on me), but that didn’t lessen the episode’s impact in the least.

  • Returning to Tara and Willow: How perfect a scene is this?

  • Which brings me to: TARAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA! NOOOOOOOOO! Say it ain’t so! The thing is, deep down I knew this was going to happen. Over the years I’d come across a good share of discussions of fictional gay and lesbian couples that mentioned Buffy and Willow as an example of a couple that meets with a tragic ending, and I hadn’t completely forgotten – so much so that when Gloria got Tara in season 5, I thought that was going to be it. But then she was just fine, and the old lulling-you-into-a-false-sense-of-security trick completely worked this time – mostly because I wanted it to work. I was in such deep denial than when it finally happened, I was completely taken by surprise. Similarly, I’d seen enough pop culture references to Dark Willow to know that this was going to be A Thing, but whoa. I watched the last few episodes of season 6 in complete shock.

  • All this to say that while I completely agree that the trend Tara’s death contributes to is disturbing, I still love these characters and their story so much. Tara and Willow kind of made me feel like I do when reading Wilkie Collins’ novels: I deliberately erase the disappointing and problematic ending from my mind and focus on all the middle bits, because what they offer, the possibilities they raise and the ways in which they’re challenging are so amazing and exciting.

  • And because I know Memory is dying to know, here are some thoughts on Spike: I think he’s a fascinating and incredibly complex character, I think his relationship with Buffy is really interesting, and although Buffy + Angel is still my dream pairing (be still my heart), I believe Buffy is a much better show for having split them up.

  • Having said that, there’s so much to his storyline I still don’t know how to feel about. The thing I keep coming back to is what the Buffyverse tells us about how much moral agency vampires are supposed to have. I know the official answer is none, but there are small moments throughout the series that challenge this; little things that Spike does before his end of season 6 transformation that contradict the idea that before getting his soul back he had no choice but to be evil. All the reasons why I sympathise with Spike kind of fall apart if I don’t take this aspect of the Buffyverse at face value (and this completely goes for Angel too, of course), and yet I have trouble accepting it completely.

  • This is something I’ll be mulling over for a while, and I know I could write a whole essay on the implications of accepting the fact that vampires have no choice. But I bet plenty of people much smarter than me have done it before, which is why I find the idea of diving into the world of Buffy studies so appealing.

  • As I hinted before, I feel so conflicted about season 7. First of all, I’m still in complete shock and denial about Anya (why? WHYYYY?!). Secondly, though I love the idea of many Slayers sharing the power and changing the arbitrary rules of the game at the end, I wasn’t always comfortable with how so much of the season evokes the old horror movie trope of a gigantic girl slumber party where one of them occasionally gets killed in a gory way (I wonder if this is what Jenny meant in her comment?). But to be completely honest, I suspect that one of the reasons why I can’t make up my mind about the final season is because I can’t separate my feelings about the ending itself from my feelings about the fact that it’s all over. I need time and distance before I can clear my thoughts.

  • Final thoughts: Buffy the Vampire slayer is not perfect, but it’s interesting and complex and rich enough that it can be read in multiple ways – which is pretty much my definition of good storytelling and good art. Sometimes it gets things wrong (as I explained recently, my number one source of frustration it its ambiguity towards female sexuality), but even its flaws are more interesting to discuss than those of many other shows. I know I’ll be returning to it many times in the future, and I can safely say it has earned a firm place among my absolute favourites.

  • One final thing: as I said above, I’m dying to explore the world of Buffy studies, but it will probably be a long while before I manage to get my hands on any books. But in the meantime there’s the Internet, which is a wonderful source of excellent and free meta commentary. All this to say that if you have any Buffy links to share, I’d be eternally grateful.
Now off to watch some more of Angel and sulk because it’s not Buffy.

1 Some of you will no doubt say, watch Firefly! Watch Angel! Read the comics! To which I reply, I know, I know – I’m working on it. But allow me the dramatic rhetorical question anyway.


  1. Yay! I'm so glad you enjoyed Buffy so much. Angel has its good moments, but it never gets as good as Buffy at its best does.

    As far as Spike goes, one of the things I noticed on a second viewing of the series is that almost from his first appearance Spike is more "human" than the other vampires. He's more life-affirming, more loyal, and generally just a better guy, despite the evil :)

    The idea of moral agency among Buffyverse vampires is, I think, more complex than it appears at first. I mean, you've got your ring-leader sadists (Angelus), your minions, your vamps who rely on willing volunteers. There is a gradation there, I think. What they can't help is their appetite (indeed their physiological need) for blood. And the lack of conscience keeps them from caring that they have to kill people to get it. I think Spike initially starts to seem good because he likes being happy and feeling good. When being around Buffy starts feeling good, he starts to change himself to make that happiness more attainable. The other vampires seem to only find joy in death, but Spike's just not like that.

    His whole arc is so complicated and at times pretty muddy,
    partly because I think the Buffyverse view of vamps and demons evolves over the course of the show. Spike's change was, I think, a response to his popularity as a character and Joss's need to do something to keep him around. But overall it's pretty impressive how organic and correct it feels, right from the start.

    And with Tara, I remember the controversy when the episode with her death first aired, and my impression at the time was that Joss Whedon was genuinely unaware of the troubling subtext involved in the way it happened. The conversation around her death made a lot of people, myself included, aware of some of those trends and the problematic implications. I mention that not to make excuses, really, but just to show how much awareness has shifted and how Buffy was a big part of that.

  2. I'm with you on preferring Angel to Spike for Buffy, 'ship-wise. I thought I might be alone in fans of the show on that point. (Not that I'm a die-hard fan, exactly.)

  3. Yay Buffy! I'm so glad you enjoyed the show. And yes it is not perfect but it's also almost been ten years since it ended and I feel like some TV has actually gone backwards since then, so... (if you ever watch TVD I'll be so curious on your reaction to it)

    I have mixed feelings about season 7 as well, and it's weird because I LOVED Buffy/Spike the first time I watched the show and when I rewatched about a year ago, I had a lot of different feelings. (I mean obviously their dynamic in S6 is effed up, but S7 is pretty shippy. But also I found the potentials kind of annoying, lol. And while theoretically I think the idea of making all the girls slayers works as an ending to the show, I don't know that I really buy it. (like wow finally after centuries of slayers they figured this out!)

    I don't love Angel as much as Buffy but it's still pretty good and should help ease the loss. :) Also, Fred!

    oh I like season 6 fine, but it's not my favorite and the darkness makes me not want to revisit it v. often. Tara and Willow, Spike and Buffy were both pretty unhealthy to me in that season. Plus sad Buffy :/

    My favorite season is 5 followed by 3 so yay for similar taste :)

    lol I just read about the some of the fandom reaction to Tara's death. It was intense! I remember she was in the opening credits for that episode, too. Joss can be cruel. And while there might have been some poor decisions around the framing of the death, I can understand why they did it from a storytelling perspective.

  4. oh lol just saw Hannah's comment. You are definitely not alone, Hannah, I think it was a pretty major ship war, tbh.

  5. Speaking of moral ambiguity -- thoughts on Faith?

    I'm SO GLAD you watched it all -- I knew you would love it. It says something about the show that I've watched the entire thing three times (with a few years inbetween each viewing) and it is amazing and heartwrenching and funny and surprising every single time.

  6. Hahaha, it's been a number of years since I watched Buffy but I remember being hooked and having endless conversations about the Buffyverse with my best friend. I do have mixed feelings about the last series though but I actually think that Spike is one of the more interesting characters in the series (even though I didn't like him much at the beginning). And yes, Buffy and Angel will always be my favourite couple only because there is a flavour of tragedy attached to them. I've been thinking about picking up the comics too. Soon, hopefully!

  7. Teresa:

    The conversation around her death made a lot of people, myself included, aware of some of those trends and the problematic implications. I mention that not to make excuses, really, but just to show how much awareness has shifted and how Buffy was a big part of that.

    Yes, this is such an excellent point. There are several little moments where the series "shows its age", but the fact that things have changed noticeably in the decade since Buffy ended does have to do with the fact that it existed in the first place, and it's useful to remember that. I also see what you mean about how the universe changes and evolves as the series progresses - the change from season one to season two is a very stark example of that. The fact that I'll be thinking about it for months to come is a sign of its complexity, and that's always a good thing in my book.

    Hannah: I'm glad I'm not alone :P Having said that, after season 7 I totally get the appeal of Buffy/Spike.

    Amy: Yep, still more progressive than a lot of what's there at the moment unfortunately (and I mean this more widely than TV-wise). Good point about how it took them a while to figure out that there could be more Slayers, but I did love the scene where Willow figured out it - it was very satisfying in a very basic girl power sort of way :P

    Daphne: I wrote a little bit about Faith here, and now that I've seen the whole thing I still sympathise with her and am glad they redeemed her. The way sexuality was used to signal she was "bad" really bothered me, and I'm glad that in the end there was much more to her character than just "rogue Slayer".

    Sakura: I totally agree about Spike being one of the most interesting and complicated characters. It thought me a while to warm up to him as well, but in the end I really did.

  8. I loved Buffy, and I really must rewatch it at some point. I started to a couple of years back but never got the whole way through for some reason.

    To be totally honest, although Angel is a far more flawed series in many ways I prefer it to Buffy. I think that in many ways Buffy is more black and white about the world, albeit that evolves and changes, but Angel is all complexity and shades of grey and what it means to be human, or have a soul.
    Plus puppet Angel is just wonderful.

  9. You're FINIHSED! Good grief. lol I am still on the second season!! I didn't read your post because I don't want to spoil things, but I will be back when I do... Someday...

  10. Buffy is awesome! So glad you liked it. I definitely prefer the Buffy/Angle pairing, but maybe that's because I always wanted Spike all to myself :)

    You should read Buffy the Vampire Slayer and Philosophy. There a a couple essays that are just brilliant (also a couple I found repetitive, but still worth the read.)

    I've also read the first six volumes of the comics. So good!

  11. That was fast! You should watch Chuck. :)

  12. I am so torn!!!! I can't begin to express how much I love reading your passionate posts, and I want to read this so. fucking. badly!!!!!!! But I also really want to go into this show knowing pretty much nothing, as I currently do. What's a girl to do?!!

  13. Your enthusiasm is wonderful, Ana, and I love that you have fallen for this show so completely! It really is a wonderful one of a kind show, and I'm sorry to say, nothing has really taken it's place, though I know lots of people like a couple airing now, they aren't as cool as the Buffy characters are. Really, and the writing and the dialogue - sometimes over the top, but it almost always hits the mark just in the comments and digs Buffy says every episode, in how the characters talk and relate to one another. Some of the storylines don't work, and as you know I am not fond of Tara, though I did like the Willow witchcraft thing and how she dealt with Tara's death was astonishing and real and tragic. I still don't like Tara! lol I love Willow though, and I think a tiny part of me wanted her to be with Oz too. There, I said it, I'm probably the only person in the world who wants it! She and Oz had fun, whereas she and Tara had a soul connection, they really were friends as well as lovers. I liked the lesbian part (and thought it was about time) though I didn't like that it was tied to witchcraft - that seemed to me a bit of stereotyping, but then Joss only had so much to work with, and that was an amazing storyline to work in there.

    I'm so happy you enjoyed it so much, Ana!

  14. :D Buffy posts from you make me SO happy.

    The idea of vampire morality is interesting, mostly I think that the vamp as parasite which removes all humanity thing had to be established because of Angel's back story. Just me, but I think I'd have found it hard to swoon and take Angel as the pure, good love interest when he wasn't vamped out if it was allowed he'd had any moral control during his vamped out years. It's much easier to see Spike's character working in exactly the same way on me if he had some moral control and abandoned it of his own free will, because he's always a conflicted, messy character struggling with demons and issues of his own making. Angel doesn't quite work like that, he's the afflicted one and all my sympathy for his pain feels kind of based on things being outside of his control. If it makes sense Angel works as the tragic hero of modern times (undone by fate and fate alone) while Spike is more the tragic hero of ancient times (undone by his own key faults and fate)mixed with the complicated, psycopathic/self-destructive tortured anti-hero that's such a current popular (male) character type. It's easier to accept that Spike might have an active moral side which he shrugs off and still care about him, but because Anegl's character is coming from a different archetype he gets held to higher standards in my mind and can fall much harder maybe....

    You could totally follow your ctudies of vampire morality into TVD. That show has a facinating set up for vampire choice.

  15. It's been a long time since I watched Buffy but it was, and may still be, one of my favorite shows. When I come across it, I always watch it. I can't help myself. I'm so glad you enjoyed it.

    There are a lot of details about the show I don't remember but I agree with you about Buffy and Angel belonging together. I actually sort of like Spike, and his stretchable morals (as far as vampire morals can go I guess), but I had trouble with that relationship. Willow and Tara though were perfect! I cried all through that episode and almost gave up the show but then Willow went all badass and I couldn't look away. And Giles, I just loved Giles. Annoying as he was. :)

    Now I want to go back and start all over. Maybe I can find a marathon on one of my cable channels.

  16. I watched this show religiously when it was first shown at which time I was a teenager. Reading your thoughts though I realise how much I'd forgotten. I really think rewatch is in order.

    I do still miss this show. I have just finished watching a new show Grimm, one of the creators of which also worked on Buffy. It was rather amusing my thoughts on it will be up on Friday.

  17. I totally agree about the sexuality thing, it's the one thing that bugged me. Other than that, I'm a total Buffy worshiper.
    Season 6 is my favorite one because indeed I thought that the fact that their most difficult "big bad" to fight was a) life itself, b) three idiot geeks, c) one of their own, was the most clever thing. And it pushed each character to their limits in a very interesting way.
    Season 5 is very high up there too.
    And I'm sure you'll get to love the Angel show too. From mid-season 2 it really becomes interesting, and don't even get me started on season 4! ;-)

  18. Yay! It has been so much fun reading your enthusiastic Buffy posts. They took me back to when it was on TV and I had to wait to see what happened from week to week and season to season. The Angel series started off with promise but I lost interest sometime during season 3 I think it was. Firefly on the other hand, totally awesome and if you haven't seen it you are in for a treat!

  19. I've never seen Buffy! Oh my. Don't worry, I probably won't, so the spoilers aren't spoiling me. I've been watching Angel for a while now, it's just fluffy fun :)

  20. I'm saving this post 'til later. A couple of friends have been pleading with me to watch Buffy and now I know I must:)

  21. So, so, so glad you loved it. I haven't watched Angel yet, but I should. I think Ana, Spike, Willow and Giles are all my favorites. I think season 2 and 3 were probably my favorites.

    The Body and Hush are both brilliant! I thought season 6 was so good in the sense that it showed the dark side of the characters. Inner turmoil and struggle is fascinating.

    And yes, you definitely need to watch Firefly... and Doctor Who (starting with the 2005 reboot) if you haven't already. You'll love it.

  22. *sigh* I remember feeling the way you are feeling. I remember that feeling so well. I think I disliked Season 7 more than you did (cause I disliked it pretty significantly because of how much I hated Kennedy and all the weird sex stuff and souly Spike was the boringest ever), and that helped with the sadness.

    Anya's the best right? ANYA. I wanted everything good to happen for Anya, but then, you know what happened? NOTHING GOOD FOR ANYA.

  23. wait, did I miss the part where you started (and finished!) watching Buffy??! *squeeeeeeeeeeeeeee*

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  25. Oh I wanna dance the Snoopy Dance because you're into Buffy now!

    Have you been it watching on DVD? Because you could go back now and listen to the commentary if you haven't already:P And then start the series (skipping 1) all over again ;)

    Except for you being a Bangel shipper, we have a LOT of feelings in common (Willow! And Tara! and Willow and Tara! there aren't enough exclamation marks)

    I'm ambivalent about condemning the show's portrait of female sexuality. The points you're making are completely valid and I agree to a certain extent, but if you put the show into its historical context, it was pretty radical. It challenged a lot of stereotypes. But in doing so it also reinforced others, I can see that.
    About S7...I know that the intent for this season was to go back to the show's beginning (and one of initial prompts for it had been to reverse the horror movie stereotype of the stupid virgin blonde girl who gets killed in the first 5 mins of the movie)
    So, you saying:

    "I wasn’t always comfortable with how so much of the season evokes the old horror movie trope of a gigantic girl slumber party where one of them occasionally gets killed in a gory way"

    is probably what Joss was trying to achieve, in order to subvert it. If he succeeded is up for discussion.

    Ahhhhh there's so much to discuss!!!

    Jul 18, 2012 10:51:00 PM

  26. I have a scholarly Buffy book I'd be happy to send you. Email me and I'll get it out to you. There's a contact page on my blog.

  27. Fence: While I doubt I'll personally come to love Angel more than Buffy, I'm starting to see what you mean. The ending of "Epiphany" from season two was just amazing.

    Kelly: Take your time and all! But I'm always here to discuss whenever you're done - I can't imagine ever tiring of Buffy talk :P

    Loni: I'm hoping to read that soon, actually, as someone very kindly offered to send it to me :D

    Tasha: Thanks for the suggestion! I've been making a list of TV series to get to for when I'm done with Angel and feel all lost :P

    Debi: You can always come back to it someday if you decide to give Buffy a go :)

    Susan: Yes, the dialogue was great. I also loved the moments of humour among all the darkness. And it's okay to like Willow and Oz better than willow and Tara! We can appreciate how ground-breaking the non-heterosexual pairing was without necessarily being invested in them as a couple. In this case I actually was, but that has happened to me with books and etc before.

    Jodie: Yes, I can definitely see what you mean about Angel and Spike being different character types despite the fact that they exist in the same universe. Iris and Amy have been tempting me into TVD too... it's on the someday list :P

    Amy: I know, I just couldn't tear myself away from those last few episodes of season 6! Poor Willow. And Giles was the best too - such an adorable know-it-all :)

    Jessica: I tried Grimm a few months ago, but sadly it didn't work too well for me :( But it was only one episode, so perhaps I should give it a second chance.

    Larissa: It really was - at first you can't take Warren, Jonathan and Andrew seriously, but then... eek. And it's often like that in life - it's not big epic things that have tragic, far-reaching consequences, but idiotic everyday things pilling up. About Angel, I've heard VERY mixed things about season 4 and can't wait to see what happens that causes such strong reactions!

  28. Stefanie: Hoping to get to Firefly very soon! I'll keep you all posted.

    Marie: I don't know if I'd describe it as fluffy, but yes, it's been a lot of fun :)

    Gavin: Yes you must! It took my friends pleading for over 3 years for me to finally cave, but now of course I wish I'd done it sooner.

    Melissa: Yes, I agree completely about season 6. And thanks for the recommendations!

    Jenny: Kennedy didn't really work for me either. I mean, I was glad there was someone new for Willow and that she was allowed to grow to care about this person without having to pretend Tara hadn't mattered, but Kennedy specifically as a character didn't win me over. And ANYA! Why not all the good things for Anya? SO UNFAIR >:(

    Valentina: I guess this would explain why I suddenly like all your Buffy gifs on tumblr ;) I have the first three seasons on DVD, but I rented the rest and had to return them already :( I could always watch those three with commentary, though :P You make some good points, though I think "condemn" is too strong a word for the questions I raised about female sexuality. It wasn't unfailingly horrible or anything, and the areas where it could be better can be discussed without us losing sight of all the ways in which the show was ground-breaking. And yeah, I imagined that all the horror tropes were intentional. I think the subversion worked better with some storylines than others - but again, always an interesting conversation to have :D

    Average Jane: I told you this over e-mail already, but let me just restate that you completely made my day :D

  29. Just wanted to make sure you know that Joss Whedon did Season 8 of Buffy in comic book form! Not sure if that's what you were referring to as Buffy studies books, but there you go. :-)

  30. hi! i've also finished watching buffy a couple weeks ago. i remember i had just finished the first season when you made that first post about the series.
    i've gotten completely hooked to the show with that angel/angelus plot, i was really depressed about it hahah. but now i must say i'm completely "spuffy" hahahh. i love spike and his history!, i think he's one of the most complex characters. though i have the same problem in understanding how far a vampire does not really have a choice, it's bothered me a lot when spike thinks he's missed his chip and goes try to kill a woman right away. but i'm not sure if he'd go through if he could. and also he didn't try to do anything to buffy (except for that horrible rape-attempt scene, but he didn't go through it as well, i guess we could say..).
    but overall i think that the fact that he has chosen to get his soul back is what makes him so admirable for me. for angel it's a curse, not a choice, i guess, and when he's angelus he doesn't wanna know a thing about soul. at least not the angelus in buffy, i haven't watched the angel series yet. i'm not that excited about it, but i'm definitely going to watch it anyways. after all, it's buffyverse :D

    and for tara's death, i didn't really see the point, i thought it was kinda bad that she and willow, as a lesbian couple and all, had to had this tragic end, like you said. but i guess they wanted to make bad willow comes up!..

    which brings me one thing i really didn't like about willow's history: the addiction plot. i thought it was kind of weak, because at first, before the episode "tabula rasa", it seems that she's just like being obsessed with power, and not wanting to let that control go. the thing about controling tara's mind, for me, was a serious issue that should've had been more discussed in the series, i think. it was all about not wanting to deal with the other's point of view, and wanting to have power over every aspect of her life etc. but then, suddenly, it's more of an adittion problem, like something she cannot really control, because of the "trips" magic gives her. for me it's changed a bit what the story was about, it gave me the feeling that we had some stuff yet to be solved.
    also, i had a really hard time trying to like willow in this season, and i think that one of the reasons is that the developpment of her history was not very good for me.

    and for season 7 i'm in the same place as you, mixed feelings cause it's the last one and all. but i can say i didn't like much all those "potential ones", they were really annoying, and i completely hated everyone (especially dawn and anya) when they told buffy that she should leave the house. i mean, i can understand they would have problems with buffy's attitude, but that whole thing was just too much for me. i really was a child watching that episode, cause all i could think was "i hope you all die screaming for buffy to get back" haahah.

    anyway.. i'm really sorry for this long, long comment, but i guess i'm still in the buffy craze hahah. and i'm sorry also if my english is not very clear, i'm a little slow.

    ah, and i've heard that the best books about buffy were "why buffy matters" and "seven seasons of buffy", i'm still going to buy at least one of them. but i really wanted to discover academic studys on buffy, i think it has a lot to be discussed.

    bye :D

  31. Amanda: I do know about the comics and I'm excited to pick them up :D When I said Buffy studies I meant the collections of essays about the show - there are a few different ones out there and they sound super interesting.

    Bárbara: First of all, please don't apologise! It's been over a month since I finished the show and I still want to talk about it for hours with pretty much anymore who'll listen :P I'm always up for a good Buffy chat. You're right about Spike - he's a really interesting character, and although some of the things he did are hard to process (still not over THAT scene) I like what they did with him overall. I agree with you completely about the addiction plot, btw - I think that making magic about power/control is infinitely more interesting than making it a heavy-handed metaphor for addiction. It's not that you can't tell interesting stories about addiction of course, but the way this one was handled was out of synch with the rest of the show (usually they don't go for clumsy one on one correspondence with real world issues) and I just didn't buy it overall.

    About Angel, I honestly started watching it for the Buffy crossovers alone, but by the end I really grew to love it in its own right. It's not quite up there with Buffy for me, but it's still a great show with plenty of characters you grow to love and an awesome mythology. Season one is mostly episodic, but after that it begins to have an overall story arc and it REALLY sucks you in (despite some TERRIBLE storytelling choices in the latter seasons). Plus there are plenty of unexpected appearances by characters from Buffy - including one in the final season that I suspect you'll love :P I finish watching it yesterday and to be honest I'm as bereaved as I was when I finished Buffy.


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