Feb 5, 2011

Library Day of Action

Rosie the Riveter says Save Our Libraries
(Photo Credit)

(I love these WW2-inspired library campaign posters so much!) If you’re in the UK, don’t forget to take a few minutes to show support for your local library today. And if you’re elsewhere in the world, well, you can never show your library enough love, can you?


  1. I feel a little guilty (and very disheartened) when I read about the struggles of libraries around the world, especially in the states and U.K. Libraries are constantly under attack, first from technology, the net, Google, etc, and now funding cuts because it's one of the last institutions in the world that are free and with no catch. Libraries in Australia are doing o.k. in comparison to what's been going on around the world but I still fear what is in store for us in the future...

  2. Wish I could come to the UK and show support! :--)

  3. Thanks for the heads up about this, Ana. Have a great weekend!

  4. Was glad to see this on your blog- I made a post this morning about how libraries have influenced my life- http://abigailannreading.blogspot.com/2011/02/how-library-has-impacted-my-life.html

  5. We can not let our libraries be a thing of the past..great pic!

  6. I do my best to support my library, in fact I should probably go there less and leave some books for other patrons ;)
    I hate that libraries are struggling so much, but mine is doing fine, it's the central library for a bif city and if people don't come for the books, it's for the dvds.

    The posters are so great btw!

  7. Mae: No guilt! It actually makes me happy that over there at least libraries are doing well. This whole situation is so complicated. Money is needed to run libraries, of course, and I have no doubt a lot of people find themselves in the impossible position of having to pick which vital service to cut. But it's disheartening that libraries are so often seen as non-vital, and that on top of that they're most often threatened in the exact areas where they're needed most. Having grown up without access to a public libraries myself, it depresses me to see how much is being taken for granted. All this to say: Hooray for Australia, and I hope that the future brings nothing bad.

    Jill: Aw, I wish you could! I'd invite you over and show you my books while we were at it ;)

    Stephanie: Thank you!

    Darren: Aren't they awesome? :D

    neeuqfonafamai: Loved your post!

    Staci: I really really hope it never comes to that!

    Bina: I should probably do that myself ;) I'm glad to hear that yours is doing fine! Over here it's not so much low usage rates that are causing trouble, but the fact that local authorities are struggling with huge budget cuts and don't know where else to save money. As I was telling Mae, it's complicated :\

  8. I wish there had been something near me! As I understand it my local, which is the large "discovery centre", isn't in danger of closing but apparently several in the county system in less populated and underserved areas are in danger of reduced access and/or closure. It's so disheartening, and I have to remind myself every time I go into my large, buzzing library that there are so many more in danger. It makes me so, so happy to pay 50p to request in a book from another branch. :)

  9. Kate: Fortunately none are threatened in Manchester either at the moment, though if you consider the metropolitan area that's no longer true. And yes, it's exactly in those less prosperous and populated areas that a library is most needed, though this isn't of course something you can measure in figures.

  10. Thanks fro posting this. Even in the U.S. library funding is being cut to alarming levels, and it both shocks and saddens me to hear about the things they are doing.

  11. UK libraries are one of my favourite places. In fact, it was often my home away from home. I do hope that they dont close, I think the world would be a poorer place without them.
    No, I am back in SA and have discovered a library which is just lovely:-)Has new books coming in weekly and a huge childrens section and as far as I know, I dont think it is on its way out.

  12. I love that poster!
    And yes, I've been visiting our public libraries now more than before. ;)

  13. Ladytink, I'm glad to hear you're a fan :)

    Zibilee: I've seen some of that on the news and Twitter. I'm sorry things are rough over there as well :\

    I'm so not a blogger: I am in awe of UK libraries - especially coming from somewhere without a public library tradition. I'm glad you found a good one close to you!

    Melody: The posters really drive the point home, don't they?

  14. I love my library and support it every way I can, whenever I can!

  15. I'm glad to hear it, Kathleen!


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