Apr 18, 2010

1930's Mini-Challenge Reviews

The 1930’s: A Mini-challenge

Because more people than I had anticipated signed up for the mini-challenge (thanks to everyone who joined!), I decided to put up a second Mr Linky, where you can leave your reviews and easily check out what everyone else is reading. I'm still planning a link-round up at the end, though, and definitely a giveaway or two. Happy reading, everyone!

  1. Andreea (The Brontës Went to Woolsworth)
  2. The Book Affair (The Remains of the Day)
  3. Canadian Bookworm/Cheerful Weather for the Wedding
  4. Helen (Ill Never Be Young Again)
  5. Nymeth (Lady Rose and Mrs Memmary)
  6. The Book Affair (Mary Poppins)
  7. Page247(Cold Comfort Farm)
  8. Nymeth (The Group)
  9. The Maltese Falcon by Dashiell Hammett (Birdie)
  10. Esthers Inheritance, Sándor Márai,
  11. Park Benches & Bookends (Tender is the night)
  12. Winifred Holtbys South Riding (Buried In Print)
  13. Andreea Mrs. Tim of the Regiment-D. E. Stevenson
  14. Andreea (Miss Pettigrew Lives For A Day)
  15. Margot (Gaudy Night)
  16. Margot (Murder On the Orient Express)
  17. The Reading Life-The Waves

  1. The Diary of A Provincial Lady
  2. Andreea (Miss Hargreaves by Frank Baker)
  3. Fence (Address Unknown by Kressman Taylor)
  4. The Book Affair (The Secret Scripture)
  5. Carolyn (Hons & Rebels by Jessica Mitford)
  6. The Glittering Burn (A Handful of Dust)
  7. The House in Paris (Birdie)
  8. Our Town by Thornton Wilder (Christina reads!)
  9. Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day (Christina reads!)
  10. Nightingale Wood (Christina reads!)
  11. tanabata (The Big Sleep)
  12. The Thin Man (Christina reads!)
  13. Carolyn (Love in a Cold Climate by Nancy Mitford)
  14. Carolyn (Miss Pettigrew Lives for a Day)
  15. (Violet) Goodbye Berlin, Christopher Isherwood.
  16. Bina @ Ifyoucanreadthis (Cold Comfort Farm)
  17. Carolyn (Miss Buncles Book)

  18. This linky list is now closed.

ETA: Here's a new Mr Linky as well as a list of the books reviewed so far, as the first one seems to have expired:


  1. I finished the 1930s Mini Challenge - had a great time with it and now I'm just relaxing with everyone else's reviews. I've picked up a few ideas for 1930s books I'd like to read next year.

    Thanks for starting this!

  2. Just found out a while ago that you can enter books that are set in 1930s, not only published in, so I have a couple to submit! Will be back for one more soon :)

  3. Just wanted to say that thought the Mr Linky has expired, feel free to leave me a comment with links until next Sunday, the 25th. I'll do the final wrap-up then, and I'll still include any links left here.

  4. ...and also include you in the giveaway, of course!

  5. Hi Nymeth! I'm a bit late and I see that Mr. Linky is closed so will leave you a link to my review of Jamaica Inn for the challenge.


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