Jan 23, 2010

Kitteh Memorial Fund

Cats are awesome

My friend Jason at Moored at Sea is organizing a fundraising for The Great Lake Bengal Rescue, a charity that tries to find homes for Bengal cats - though I can't imagine that he'd mind if you donated to an animal rescue charity in your area instead. The fundraising was inspired by Neil Gaiman's cat Zoe, whose story has had the whole internet in tears over the past few days, and also by our fellow book blogger Bookfool, who lost a beloved cat recently. Jason's post also made me immediately think of another blogging friend, Daphne, whose lovely kitty's passing last year also broke my heart.

I currently have four cats - Mi, Dia, PedrĂªs and Calvin - and their presence in my life means the world to me. Because I've been a cat owner all my life, I've had to deal with several losses over the years. I know the grief of unexpectedly losing a beloved animal very well - though I imagine that the experience is a little different for every person, just like losing a loved one is... but the point is, it hurts. It hurts not to be able to save an animal who has come to regard us with such trust.

We can't bring them back, but we can do our bit to help make sure other cats, somewhere in the world, have good lives. So if you have a little something to spare in the name of a cat you have loved, please click over to Jason's blog for the donation link. If you can't donate but would still like to help, you could always do so by spreading the word.


  1. It's amazing what a pet can mean to a person's (or family's life). I'm so not a cat person. (sorry!) Actually, I had a cat before Chad was born. We were so worried about the affect his birth would have on the puppy (Ninja was part Chow and a bit tempormental) that we didn't even consider what it would do to my cat. She freaked out so bad when we brought the baby home, we had to have her sedated. She actually tried to attack him. Then she had to leave our house. It was the last cat I had. The kids would love one, but I haven't had the nerve to try again!

    But when we lost our dog of 13 years the summer before last, it was horrible. The kids had never known life before Ninja. He had always been with us. They took it especially hard.

    Good luck to Jason and his efforts to raise money. I wish I had something more to give him than encouragment.

  2. What a wonderful cause! I'm a cat lover too. I've got five of them, all with their psychotic little personalities. Over the last handful of years, we've lost two cats and a dog...some tragically and some from old age. And it is so incredibly hard. If I know a book is about a pet dying, I can't handle it. I've turned down ARCs for this reason alone.

  3. Neil Gaiman's story is so sad! Thank you so much for putting up these links. It may seem untoward to get all upset over a pet when so many people die, as with Haiti, but I think a pet is something we can all grasp on a personal level and handle cognitively better than an unimaginable loss of thousands of people. And more than that, I think there is room for both in the human heart.

  4. Stephanie: I remember when Ninja died :( *hugs* And encouragement matters a lot too, you know!

    Sandy: I can't handle that in stories either :\ And stories that feature animal cruelty are a big NO. Maybe it has to do with what Jill said, about it being easier to grasp. Or maybe we haven't been desensitised to it as much as we have to human violence.

    Jill: Exactly! There's room to care about both.

  5. Hugs to Nymeth and all her beautiful cat :).

  6. You said that so beautifully, Ana.

  7. I would be lost with my cat, George, he is like my baby. He gets more attention than the girls.Two years ago we had to have my other beloved cat Oscar put down and it still hurts to this day. I often visit our Cat Protection League charity shop and leave things as well as buy from them to support the cats that have no where to go. It looks like I may not be able to have anymore as my asthma seems to get worse the more cats I am with.

  8. Jason, hugs to you and yours as well <3

    Debi: As did you *hugs*

    Vivienne: Oh, I'm so sorry about Oscar :( It never quite stops hurting, just like losing a beloved person doesn't.

  9. This is a great idea! I have had my fair share of cats in my time, so I know how hard it is to lose one.

  10. My fur babies are a big ray of sunshine in my life. Most especially my dog Bruce....he's a faithful friend no matter what! This sounds like a worthy cause!

  11. Ooohh! Four sweet kitties (and a doggie) -- you are so blessed. Thank you for mentioning my sweet Tiger Lily -- she was a really, really special angel kitty. Made of 100% love. I donated to my local animal rescue center after she died. If I could, I would adopt a whole bundle of the little loves.

    Zoe is just breaking my heart because how he describes her personality is very similar to my Little (and breaks my heart open all over again). Thanks for spreading the word about this great charity (I love Bengals! but black-and-whites will always be my favorite...)


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