Oct 23, 2009

Read-a-thon tomorrow

To those of you participating in Dewey's 24-hour Read-a-thon tomorrow, good luck! And if you're on the fence, remember, it's still not too late to sign up. You can participate for any amount of time - there's absolutely no pressure to stay up for the whole 24 hours, promise!

As I only have co-hosting duties for 6 hours, I briefly considered signing up as a reader. But I always have trouble balancing computer time and reading time, and since I'll also be cheerleading and hosting a mini-challenge, I thought it'd be wiser not to. Besides, I don't have Eva's superhero powers! Who knows, though, maybe I'll also be able to get some reading done.

Care, Chris, Debi and Eva took the words off my mouth about why the Read-a-thon is now always a bit bittersweet. Soon it will be a year that Dewey, its founder, passed away. She was an amazing person and a great friend, and I miss her terribly. But it makes me happy that she inspired so many people to devote 24 hours to reading and to geeking out together online. I think she'd be proud that we're doing this, and I know she'd want us to have fun.

Have a great time tomorrow, everyone!

*(LOLcat meant to illustrate what those of us awake at the end will be typing.)


  1. Have a great time with all your stuff, Ana. I'll be looking forward to your cheers and challenges and such. :)

  2. I think that kitty is doing a little better than I do by the end. ;)

    I do hope you'll sneak some reading in, Ana!!! Just keep a comic close by...I bet you'll be able get at least a few pages here and there in. But I know what you mean...few others have Eva's superpowers. Of course, Dewey sure did, didn't she?

    I love you, Ana. *huge hugs* And many, many thanks for all you've done and continue to do to keep our loving friend's read-a-thon going.

  3. Ana, I wish you the best time still! I won't be able to participate this time around sadly, but I'm hoping I'll get some cheering done!
    And I love that lolcat!

  4. I will be with you all in spirit! Most likely I will be up and awake for a majority of the 24 hours, just yakking and catching up with my friends. Good luck to you and to everyone!

  5. Well said, Nymeth. I miss Dewey terribly these days, but she would be oh so happy to see us all having a blast reading the day away.

  6. Very nice tribute to Dewey! Good luck tomorrow - I am not doing it because I just can't read a lot of time in a row even if I am awake, but I hope to cheer on others!

  7. This is going to be so much fun!! I'm so thankful for someone like you that has such a big hand into making this such a great experience!

  8. Well done to all you guys for organising such a brilliant event. I really wish I could join in, but I am not around. Good luck to everyone.

  9. I always want to do this, but I think I will have to pass again since my life seems to be a wee bit crazy right now! But I will try to finish my current book, in honor of Dewey. :)

  10. It's hard to believe it's been nearly a year. In ways it seems like it's been both shorter and much longer than that. If that makes any sense. I'm still a little sad that I didn't get a chance to *really* participate in the Read-a-thon while Dewey was still with us, but even some of my "unofficial" slacker participation matched me up with some of my favorite bloggers even now.

    She definitely gave us a gift, and it's a privilege to see so many people participating now and to be able to participate myself now thanks to her brilliant idea and your (and everyone else's!) hard work.

    Can't wait til tomorrow! It's gonna be a blast! =D

  11. what do your hosting duties include?

  12. LOL @ my super powers. We'll see if I get any reading done this time around. ;)

    And I miss Dewey terribly as well.

  13. What do you mean you don't have superhero powers? I don't believe you!

    Can't wait until tomorrow! :)

  14. That is probably what my typing will look like in the wee hours of the night. It's almost here!

  15. I'll tr to last as long as I can :D

  16. Thanks to all of you fro organizing this great event. I am sooo excited I can't wait. I wish I had known Dewey. She has been such and inspiration to so many bloggers. Have fun with your cheering and challenges!

  17. I was almost up the whole time last year, but this year I think the weather changes are starting to get to me. I really really hope I am not getting sick! Have fun with everything, Ana!

  18. Best of luck with your duties tomorrow! I can't participate, but will be rooting (loudly) in spirit. Hope that everyone reaches their goals.

  19. Thanks for helping to carry on the Readathon, Ana! And thanks for all you do for all of us and always with such sweetness. ;)

  20. I won't be reading much, since I'm working. But I will be cheering on in the end. Wish I could do more :(

  21. k ;P

    I'm so excited to start the readathon. I'm hoping I can stop by the library to pick up more audiobooks on the way to work, since I'm starting to love them.

  22. Amanda, thank you! You too!

    Debi: lol! I'll keep Jar of Fools at hand :D And yes...Dewey really did have them. *hugs*

    Kay, thank you so much! And there's always next time!

    Sandy, I'm sure you'll be having a WONDERFUL time :D Thank you for the good wishes!

    Andi, she really would <3

    Jill, thank you! And thanks for cheering us on!

    Staci, thank you so much. Have a great time!!

    Vivienne: I hope you can join some day in the future!

    Daphne, hopefully one day you'll make it! Meanwhile, enjoy your current book :)

    Megan, it does make sense :( *big hugs*

    J.T. Oldfield: Posting hourly updates on the official website for 6 hours, drawing and announcing winners for the giveaways that end, and just generally being around in case someone has questions or something goes wrong :P

    Eva: *hugs* One day you'll tell us your secret ;)

    Trish: Trust me, I DON'T :P

    Nicole: lol! What everyone's typing will look like, I bet :P

    Madeleine, have fun!!

    Gavin: I wish you had too...I think you'd have gotten along SO well. Did I ever mention she also LOVED Daniel Quinn? And she cared about so many of the things we care about. I hope you have a wonderful time today!

    Kailana: Awww, I hope you're not either!

    ds, thank you so much!

    Amy: *hugs* thank you too, for everything YOU do!

    Stephanie: We'll miss you! But please DON'T feel bad!

    heidenkind: kkkkkkk :P Have fun with those audiobooks :D

  23. Oh man, a year...Glad the readathon energy she put into the world continues on.

  24. My cats have been known to type that at all hours of the night and day! Looking forward to a fun read-a-thon today - thanks for all your efforts!

  25. Wow, a year already? She is still very much missed and its nice to see the read-a-thon still going strong.

  26. Thanks for being part of the group that has kept Dewey's legacy alive. This is my first Read-A-Thon and I it has made me so happy to connect with so many readers around the world. Thank you!

  27. I appreciate your hard work for the readathon. It is wonderful! I appreciate all that are involved in keeping this readathon going. As a co-host I think that you are doing a wonderful job. Keep it up! It has been so fun to learn more about the readathon as I have been visiting other blogs and cheering. I'm so glad that I could take part this year by cheering. I've read some amazing posts, added quite a lot to my TBR and all of this is fantastic!

  28. Love the lolcat, I'm feeling a bit that way right now, actually. ;)
    I think Dewey would be thrilled at how her ideas (not just the read-a-thon but the Bookworms Carnival, Weekly Geeks and on and on...) live on and continue to grow! She left us a lasting legacy.
    Thanks so much for all your hard work to make this such a fabulous event! :)

  29. Jodie: I'm very glad it does too. But it seems so surreal it's been so long :(

    Lenore: lol! Mine have the same tendency :P Thank you again for being such an awesome cheerleader!

    Naida: She really is :( But it's definitely nice, yes.

    kikiv68: Aww, thank you for the kind words! I'm SO glad you had a good time.

    Julie: Thank you SO much for the kind words - and also for being a cheerleader. I'm very glad you had a good time :)

    tanabata: I think so too. And thank *you*! This might sound cheesy and clich├ęd, but it's also true: it's the participants that make the 'thon so awesome :P

  30. Thank you for being such a great co-host for the readathon, Ana. This was my first time participating and I enjoyed it so much! I never knew Dewey, but it is so wonderful that this readathon continues to inspire so many in her memory.

  31. I always think you're quite a superhuman, you know... :)

  32. You and all the other hosts did a FANTASTIC job with read-a-thon this year! Y'all are a real tribute to Dewey :o)


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