Aug 16, 2009

The Sunday Salon - Operation Climb Mt TBR Begins Now

The Sunday Mount Hood

Hello Sunday Saloners. I know you've probably heard me say this before, but I'm determined to do something about my out of control tbr pile. (Yeah, yeah, you say and snicker.) No, seriously: I've never had as many unread books in the house as I do right now, and if my Life Plans go well, I'll be moving away to go to library school in less than a year. I won't be able to take all these books with me, not at first anyway, so the reasonable, logical thing to do is to focus on getting them read now.

I know myself, though, and I know that a complete book buying ban is not likely to work. I also know that one of the keys to success is to establish reasonable goals. And so, inspired by Memory's tbr rules, I decided to come up with some of my own:
  • No impulse buys. No more getting a book just because I like the cover, or because one of you made me want it, or because I feel the sudden need to own it right now.
  • I am allowed to continue to use Bookmooch as long as I have points. However, I will not buy bargain books just to add them to my inventory and get more points.
  • I will not enter giveaways - an exception will be made for both Persephone Week and Book Blogger Appreciation Week, because I'm not made of iron. But after that, they're out. And even during these, I'll only enter giveaways for books I really want to read.
  • No more review copies. I receive very few, but a book here and a book there still add up.
  • Now for reinforcement: I'm allowed one new book for every twenty I knock out of the tbr pile.
  • These books, however, will have to be books I know for sure I'll read within no more than a month of their arrival, rather than books I'll doom to tbr purgatory for who knows how long.
  • I'm allowed three new releases until the end of the year. This means I have to choose the three I want the most between Unseen Academicals, Her Fearful Symmetry, Juliet, Naked, Ash, Liar, The Little Stranger...oh dear.
  • An interesting twist I thought of: when I get the shakes, which will inevitably happen after a few months of not buying books, I'll allow myself a poetry book. Maybe this will motivate me to finally get those Mary Oliver or Billy Collins books I've been meaning to get my hands on for ages. However, I can't do this more than a total of three times.
  • I'm allowed to buy books that are on my challenge lists and that I don't own yet only when they can't be replaced. This is the case with Moon Called by Patricia Briggs, for example, which Rhinoa picked for our mutual challenge. However, the ones that can be replaced will be.
  • I have the habit of always buying books when I travel, and if I happen to go anywhere in the next few months, I'll allow myself a few days exempt from the rules. However, I will not get more than a total of 5 books per trip. This won't be much of a problem, as I'm most likely staying put for a long while
  • I want to keep on reading comics and non-fiction, and I don't have many of these on my tbr pile. So if I completely run out and the library can't help me (which sadly is always the case with comics), I'll be allowed one for every ten tbr books I get read. The rule about reading them within a month still applies.
  • And because a good behavioural plan also requires penalties: If I cave and buy a bargain book (which I'm defining as anything under €5), I'll donate a Bookmooch point to charity.
  • If I cave and buy a non-bargain book, I'll give away one of my books on Bookmooch. This could have the perverse effect of making me want to fail so I could get points to acquire yet more books, and so to make it an actual penalty and not a disguised reward, I'll make it a book I really don't want to part with.
Wish me luck! And please don't laugh at me if I fail spectacularly.


  1. Good luck. My TBR pile is insane right now, both virtual and physical, and with starting school in a week, I have no idea how I'm going to deal with it. I have to convince myself that it's not the end of the world if I don't read everything right away. If I don't (convince myself), I'll never get anything else done, and I really need to get back to writing.

  2. oh my Nymeth.. I wish you very good luck. I'm not even giggling here because I know how hard this is even for someone like me who doesn't come near the amount of reading you do!! But your reason is very valid and if you "challenge yourself" as well as you do other challenges.. You will do this and you will succeed!! ...
    umm. good luck. :o)

  3. good luck nymeth! you can do it :)
    great set of rules too.

  4. Good luck, Nymeth! I'm not giggling either, I'm in the same predicament, except I think I have more books than you (if your LT catalog is accurate). I should probably do something similar, but I can't really afford new books now that I'm not going to have money coming in for who knows how long, so my circumstances might do it for me.

  5. I have the shakes just reading this post! I got a shiny 40% coupon in my email the other day and I'm itching to use it. Even though you saw that HUGE tower of books I bought over a two week period. I have more unread books that I've ever had either, but I don't indulge in very many things, so I've always kind of been OK with it. My husband, however, is a different story. He is always reminding me how ridiculous it is. And truly, he's right.

    I like your rules and I not knowing anything about PBS I think it's hilarious that you'll buy bargain books just to get points. :)

    You mentioned library school in less than a year--is that when the ban will be lifted??

  6. Would we laugh at you? >:)

    Seriously, good luck.

    Thankfully, whilst my new book intake is still slightly higher than my read-rate, I have managed to slow it right down. (For now at least).

    Cutting back on the library use has also allowed to chip away a little at what is in the TBR pile already as well.

  7. What steely discipline! My approach to my own tbr pile? Read faster. Not working out very well. What a surprise. :)

    Good luck with your plans for library school. An excellent profession (says a librarian)! Where do you want to go?

    Happy reading!

  8. Good luck! This post is heart-breaking in a way but I wish you the best of happy success! Just try to put yourself into that same eagerness for the books already in your tbr that was there when you initially got the books (did that make sense?) I need to do the same thing. I must want the books I already own!!!

  9. I have tons of unread books, too, but I'm not as strong as you. Good luck!

  10. I wish you the best of luck with your mount tbr climb. I know exactly how it is and self-imposed bans seem to make the whole thing a lot worse for me...and then I will power. The rules you've set are reasonable, good rules.

  11. Good luck! I really need to work on my tbr pile too, but I know I couldn't follow rules this strict! Especially review copies - that is what is really getting me right now, I have WAY too many and I feel obligated to get to all of them.... ugh.

  12. I wish you every success but I am relieved that Persephone Reading Week is exempt from your ban on giveaways!

    I will, just for you, try not to read anything altogether too wonderful and not write about it in a way that tempts you from your resolve.

  13. Good luck indeed! I just recently purged my TBR pile because there were books in there that I knew I didn't want to read right now (not that I'm reading much right now, sadly) and they were just making me feel guilty. Now I've decided that for every library book I take back, I only get to take one out. And no more impulse books for me, either. It's hard, though! I'll be cheering for you.

  14. Good luck with your TBR therapy. I like your set of rules, you're pretty comprehensive. And why would we laugh? All of us are stuck in the same jam as you are.

  15. This is a very ambitious goal! I don't think I could do it myself, even though my TBR pile is also teetering!

  16. I admire you!!! I will have to take on this idea in 2010 (I'm so weak I can't even start now!)

  17. Wow. A lot of rules! You can do it though! And if not, you'll have a good time and read a lot of good stuff while trying. :-)


  18. Your TBR rules sound so much saner than the ones I came up with. (And don't worry if you fail, which I'm sure you won't, we won't snigger at you. Well, I won't. That I can promise you.)

    Good luck, hun! *huggles*

  19. I am in awe of your plans. I too have more books sitting on the shelf than ever and that is after joining Bookmooch and giving away so many. I'm planning an A to Z self challenge but will only include books that I actually own. If I don't have that letter, I'll just have to skip it. As for acquiring more books, I find Bookmooch seldom has books on my wishlist available and If I can avoid Barnes & Noble and Amazon . . . It's just so hard.

  20. Good luck Nymeth! I'd love to do this as well but I am so weak! lol. I just bought some books the other day. Anyhow I hope you succeed and I promise not to laugh if you don't. lol.

  21. What a thorough plan! I think it will inspire success.

    I look forward to reading all these upcoming reviews.

  22. That's a great set of rules! And with enough exceptions to allow for some splurges. Good luck!

    I keep trying to set some limits for myself. I'm only allowing myself the following right now:

    1. Books that are not available at the library. I can get these from swap sites or from online booksellers if I happen to have points or a gift card, or I can enter giveaways for them, but no outright purchases.

    2. Review copies of books by favorite authors or well-regarded authors that I've been wanting to try.

    3.LibraryThing Early Reviewers.I allow myself to enter for anything that looks moderately interesting because so far the algorithm has done a good job of findin good fits for me, and it is a fun way to try something I wouldn't allow myself to purchase.

    4. Book club books if I can't get them from the library in time.

    5. The Booker longlist.

    I also try to read at least one, preferably two, titles each month that have been on my TBR pile for two years or more. (This helps to with getting some variety on my blog.)

    These rules haven't done much to reduce the size of my TBR pile, but they have kept it from growing too much. I'm trying to keep it under 200 It's at 201 now, with a couple of books in the mail. Maybe Frances's read faster approach is the answer for now.

  23. One new for every 20 from the TBR! That's harsh!

    You do not have to read every book you acquire. You do not have to read every book you acquire. Repeat after me: I am a grownup. I do not have to read every book I acquire. I am a grownup....

  24. You know, until last week I was actually doing really good with not buying books. I had a rough week, though, so I was justified. :) Good luck figuring out three books to treat yourself with. I think I already have more than that pre-ordered (Fire, new Fables, new Patricia Briggs, new Maria Snyder...). This week isn't starting off very much better than last week, so I will be sticking clear of the bookstore. Instead I spent like an hour on the library website... Will that mean way too many books out from the library? YEP! But, at least I don't have to pay for them.

    Good luck with your goals!

  25. It sounds like you've really thought this through, good luck! In my SS post today I'm giving away a prize for showing your TBR, this seems like it would be a good motivator for you too.

  26. You're an inspiration to us all! :P I am getting sad from not being able to buy books - fortunately my library is wondrous and fulfills (most of) my reading needs.

  27. We only snicker because we're in the exact same position! I have so many books that I haven't read and very little self-control. Good luck with your mount tbr climbing!

  28. Oh Nymeth, you're so courageous! I could never do something like that, not with such strict rules! I applaud what you're doing; I really should follow your example! My TBR piles are out of control, too. I wish you all the luck! :) You can do this! You can do this!

  29. I am soooo very impressed! I keep trying book buying bans, but I always fail spectacularly...but I never put nearly this kind of thought into it all. You've made it all sound so very reasonable this way. Not easy, mind you. But reasonable. Perhaps if you meet with success, I'll have to take a few of your ideas and work up a plan for myself. Perhaps. No promises. ;)

    Ummm...please tell me you won't refuse gifts though...I have a book to send you as soon as we're back from vacation. It's small, I'll knock it out in no time.

  30. This post and the following comments both twists my heart and makes me smile. I am sure there are people out there who would just scratch their heads at all of this! :)

    Good luck! I need to do this too. I've thought of using Lenore's first chapter technique and I recently did purge several books, but my shelves remain jam packed, and I still have stacks on the floor.


    Good luck! And know I'm laughing with you not at you. Okay, at you because know way could I even come close to sticking to this.

    Are you in the US? I know a place that could house your donations and a volunteer librarian who would be most passionate about encouraging readers to read your donations.

    Love your post!

  32. Library school! Oh Nymeth, I can just see you as a librarian! Where is your school located? Can your animals come with you? (Books can be replaced, animals can't!) I'm really excited for you!

    As for your challenge to not buy anything new, and then your rules for when you can: excuse me, dearest one, I feel a snicker (hee hee ) coming on. NOt because you won't succeed, but because already your list of books you really want to get and read is longer than you're allowing yourself to get! Maybe what you could do is put your books you aren't going to read in the coming year in boxes, or put some in bookmooch, thus garnering lots of points for the books you do want this fall. Your TBR pile wouldn't get any bigger, and you'd get to read what you really want to. I'm so virtuous, aren't I? (nope, that wasn't a laugh escaping my lips! honest!)

  33. Sounds reasonable to me. Good luck! I've found my TBR Rules really helpful. They were tough at first, but I've had good results so far.

  34. Well, the rules sound promising, but books are like an addiction, you just feel the need to have more! Anyway, good luck:)

  35. Wow that's quite a few rules. You need to start a spreadsheet to keep track - or even better stick a piece of poster paper up and every time you take a book off of MT.TBR slap a funky sticker on the poster. (my kids had these for chores and then when they had so many stickers they got a treat) lol :)

    Good luck, you'll do great I'm sure!

  36. May the force be with you and the book gods on your side.

  37. You're braver and more resolved than I am...good luck. I'm looking to you for guidance and inspiration. Seriously. If I jumped off the top of my Mt. TBR right now, I'd be either dead or in extreme traction.

  38. Many huzzahs for you, Nymeth! As an apostle of The Middle Shelf, I wish you godspeed in your goal setting.

  39. Ana, good luck and best wishes and hope you do well! I sincerely do. I'm in the same predicament and seriously have been contemplating this a couple of weeks now. I put together a number of books I've read that were okay but not my faves, and an even bigger number of books I'd gotten for free or at library sales that I just have because of the bargain, not because I really want to read them.. and then put them all in a big bag, so that one of these days (probably next week or the one after that) I'll head over to a used bookstore and trade them in. For around 20 books I might get credit to buy two or three. Which is fine by me as I'll probably get ones I truly want to read. Other than that, I refuse to purchase at the moment until I've whittled down my tbr pile, as I miss my pre-blogging days when I purchased right before or right after I've finished a book so that each time is filled with great excitement and anticipation for whatever I'm reall in the mood in, not forcing myself to be in the mood for whatever's on my pile at the moment. I see no sense in stocking up so much if they're not going to get read for months. ALthough I'm very guilty, but need to change the over-acquiring habit, too. It's getting on my nerves. Anyway, I really wish you all the luck. ANd happy library school!!

  40. This is a great master plan! I hope you can stick to it! if you succeed you're gonna be a great source of inspiration!
    I haven't bought books in a long time because of me being broke, but I have acquired new books in other ways. But this summer really made me think about the foolishness of having all those unread books and I'm definitely gonna work on it!

  41. Those are some tough rules, but at least you've allowed yourself a little room for a few new books. Good luck...we'll be here to support you (without giggling)!

  42. Oh good luck, good luck, good luck! I think book cutting meausres are the hardest rules to follow after exercise resolutions.

  43. Ah, what a strict list of rules. I'm sure you can stick to them. I guess I really should come up with some sort of plan since the piles of books I own and have not read keep growing and growing..but only after I go to my favorite bookstore next week and use the great gift card I was given at the end of the school year. Hee Hee..

  44. Not a bad idea. As you know, I've been wanting to get control of my TBR pile, too, but I didn't really think of making rules to help me do it.

    I'll have to consider this a bit more and see what rules I come up with. :)

  45. OK, I put my money where my mouth is. You are officially on my blogroll. And I'm pretty sure I'm lost in the shuffle here...43 comments? Are you kidding me? Wanna lend some to me!

    I love your commitment here. Whether you actually follow through or not is inconsequential. I have joined the Random Reading Challenge to force myself to dig into my pile. And unless I am biologically unable to say "no" to an offer, no more ARCs for the rest of the year. I have enough books to read for the next two years without any help from the library, giveaways or ARCs. Enough already. Gotta finish the challenges, gotta get to those books that are screaming my name!

  46. Ha, I can so relate! I used to pick up great bargains just to have books to swap on Book Mooch or PB Swap. And I've pretty much quit accepting review copies, until I can seriously whittle down my TBR pile. Good luck!

  47. Good luck, Ana!

    I have like 700 TBRs in my "mountain" right now and it's still growing. How on earth I'm ever going to finish them all is something that I'd need to give serious thoughts to. But then again, A PASSION FOR BOOKS says something else all together and that sort of killed all my guilt. I'll talk more about that later. *GRIN*

  48. Hmmm, I'm tempted to just adopt your same rules as they seem to fit my problems exactly, LOL. Only it really seems too much like punishment, LOL! Though aren't I really just punishing my poor books by buying them and then just shutting them away in boxes and leaving them unread? :( Poor little books :( Anyway, good luck!!

    Oh, and for something completely off topic, have you heard this new song that Scarlett Johansen and Pete Yorn did together called Relator? It's actually really good! When I heard that Scarlett Johansen was singing I didn't have high expectations, but I love the song!! It's so catchy, lol.

  49. I wish I've more self-restraint like you, Nymeth! One of the things I can't resist is buying books!!! And it doesn't help if I find some of the books I wanted via BookMooch or used bookstores. And I'm picky when it comes to review copies because I've to like the book I'm reading, right? :P

    Good luck, Nymeth! And no, I won't laugh at you because I know how hard it is to NOT adding more books to our Mt. TBR pile!!! ;)

  50. Oh, I do wish you luck. I tell myself I need to do this every few months or so - but, every time I fail. I'm sure you will have more willpower than I do!

  51. Good luck, Nymeth! I put myself on a book buying ban last year. And for the most part, I've done really good. This year, I've only bought maybe 12 books. That's pretty good, isn't it??

    Of course, I've gone insane with the library books. And I still have so many books at home that I haven't read. I'm too scared to actually count them, but I'm quite sure it's in the 300 - 400 range. If not higher.

  52. Wow…love your rules. Although they do look difficult but attainable. I have also reduced my review copy numbers to a huge extent. Hope you succeed :)

  53. I hear ya! I've never had this many unread books in my house either! Lucky for me, I just bought my house so won't be moving any time soon, so won't need to get rid of anything, hmm..... Good luck following your rules - I REALLY want to believe in you, but, speaking as an addict myself, I can't quite believe it'll happen. :-)

  54. Amanda: Thanks! I keep telling myself it's not the end of the world too, but all these unread books I really want to get to are making me anxious. Also, good luck with your writing!

    Deslily: Thank you for the encouragement :D

    Naida, thanks so much!

    Meghan: It's accurate except for the *cough*8orsoontheirwaytome*cough* :P One of the reasons why I wanted to get it under control now is because it's still small enough to be manageable. And I'll soon be in the same situation...I'll be done with my job at the end of September, and then who knows when I'll find a new one. That'll surely make buying fewer books much easier, at least :P

    Trish: Enjoy your coupon, you :P The way Bookmooch works is, a domestic mooch "costs" 1 point and gives the owner 1 point. An international one costs 2 and gives the owner 3. Because I give away lots of Portuguese books that are only mooched domestically and then use the points to mooch internationally, I tend to run out of points pretty quickly. That's why I've been known to buy bargain books that I know will probably be mooched internationally to add them to my inventory and get those shiny 3 points :P As for the ban, it depends...either when I leave (the plans aren't really very concrete yet) or when I get my tbr pile under 30 books, which seems reasonable :P

    Bart: Yes. Yes you would :P The fact that I'm currently library-less will at least encourage me to focus on my own books.

    Frances: I've been trying the read faster approach too, but not with much success so far :P As for library school, I have the MA in Library and Information Management at the Manchester Metropolitan University in mind. I'll have to talk to one of my professors, who helped me when I studied in the UK before, and see if I can make what are for now vague plans more concrete. Thank you for the good wishes!

    Care: That does make sense! And that's one of the reasons why I want to go back to my pre-blogging a-book-bought-is-a-book-read system. The best time to read them is when I'll all excited about them.

    Bermudaonion: I'm just about to start to see whether or not my will is strong :P Let's hope it is!

    leaningtowardthesun: Thank you! I thought that allowing for some exceptions would make the rules easier to stick to. Let's hope I'm right!

    Heather: lol, I know. Good luck working on yours!

    Claire: lol, thank you :P And I just couldn't resist making an exception for Persephone Week. I've been looking forward to it for so long!

    Kiirstin: I just might have to do the same. The majority of them are ones I actually want to get to, but in a few months I'll see if there are any I'm avoiding.

    Hazra: It would be friendly, fellow addict laughter :P

    rhapsodyinbooks: Hopefully if I succeed I'll help inspire some of you :P

    Beth: lol, I procrastinated for months too.

    Lezlie: Exactly! :)

    Shanra: Thank you! *hugs back*

  55. I can relate! But I never buy books, so my TBR is a "library list" of books I'm "dying to read." I hope your goals work out for you.

  56. I have to make rules for myself too so the buying doesn't go out of control. I made it simple for myself though. I made a rule not to buy a new book over $7, a used book not over $2-3 (AUD) - depends on the rarity and condition of the book and how much I want it. For new book, I first have to ask myself if I'm going to read it (almost) immediately or if it just goes to tbr pile. If the answer is no, not immediately, then I wouldn't (SHOULDN'T) buy it. It seems to work relatively well for me so far!

  57. Framed: It is hard! All those books calling our names :( Good luck with your attempt too!

    Dar: lol, thank you :P

    Molly, thanks for the encouragement!

    Teresa, thanks! Your rules sound very reasonable too, and I'm glad to hear they're at least keeping your tbr pile from growing even more.

    debnance: lol, I know I don't have to, but I want to because there are so many books I actually really want to get to, only all those *other* books keep getting in the way. Plus, I'll regret leaving them all behind when I move :P

    Kailana: Yes, you were more than justified! I hope I don't feel down for the next few months, as buying books is often my way of coping too :P

    Lisa: I'd love to post a picture, but I actually don't keep my tbrs separate from my other books. I always figured that having them all in one place would make me too anxious :P

    Jenny: lol :P Hopefully the exceptions will keep me from getting sad too.

    Alyce: I'm not sure if I can do it yet or not, but I guess we'll all find out soon :P Thanks for the encouragement!

    Debi:'s a deal, I will if you do too. There's something I've been meaning to send you, along with your long-promised mixed CD!

    Amy: lol, it's a weird sort of problem to have, I know :P But I knew you'd all understand.

    Susan: lol :P Thanks for the good wishes. I'm in Portugal, and sadly in my small town there aren't many places to donate used books too. But you know, that'd actually be a better idea for if I cave: to donate the books rather than put them on Bookmooch. I will of course keep your library in mind :D

    Other Susan: It's all very vague at the moment, but I'm thinking of Manchester, which has a 1 year program. MAs here are all two years, so I'd be saving some time. And plus I know I'd enjoy living abroad for a while again. Sadly the animals won't be able to come, but I know my family will take good care of them. But this is still all very vague at the moment. I'd do what you suggested, but sadly those books I REALLY want to read are hard to come by in Bookmooch...I'd probably have to wait for years!

    Memory: Thank you! You've been an inspiration.

    Andreea: Sigh, I know. But I shall stay strong :P

    Joanne: I totally will start a spreadsheet :D The reinforcement power of crossing out something in a list must not be underestimated :P

    Lena: lol, thank you :P

    Bybee: I'm not sure if I'm brave or not yet..I guess we'll see in a few months. And lol! I decided to tackle my mountain before it got THAT high :P

    Loren Eaton: Thank you!

    Claire: I so wish there was a used bookstore here I could take books to! But then again, I'd probably go there often to *buy* books too :P And yes, I miss that a lot too...I really want to go back to reading books when I'm excited about them, not months or years later. Thanks for the good wishes!

    Valentina: Good luck to you too!

    JoAnn: A few giggles are allowed ;) I tried not to make them TOO strict, but I guess I can always make some readjustments if they turn out to be so hard they make me want to quit.

  58. Good luck to you - that's certainly a lot of rules and stipulations! Which probably helps, without boundaries I guess it'd be too easy to break the rules! I hope you can stick to it :)

  59. Ana, you are truly inspiring. I have such good books all around me which at one time I wanted, so ii know they are good reads.

    I am presently entering giveaways, but only for books I want to read. Also I am going to read books which ask to be read and have been waiting patiently for me to become reasonable.

    I wish you lots of luck and hope I can accomplish the same

  60. Great plans. I like how you incorporated some rewards system for yourself in there and anticipated that you are going to have some problems and have planned for them. So many people set goals that are so rigid that they set themselves up for total and complete failure.

    I'm sure you don't want to hear this (what book lover does) but the easiest thing I've done to eliminate the temptation to buy books is staying out of the bookstore! I've only been twice in 3 months and haven't purchased anything either time.

    I've also checked ahead of time for books I wanted to read and have put myself in the library queue early so that I get them right away when they come out.

    I am also doing one of the things you are doing, which is I've anticipated some books that I definitely want to buy and have been planning and budgeting for them. One is Her Fearful Symmetry. I definitely want to read that during the R.I.P. Challenge!

  61. Good luck! I probably need to do the same thing with my unending stack of library books. (Up to 44!!)

  62. Good luck with your quest! You can do it! :-)

  63. That's a lot of rules! Do you think you can follow all of them right out of the gate? I think it is good you made an exception for BBAW. I like that you said one for every 20 you knock out. That is what I need to do. I basically replace every book I read and mail off on Bookmooch so my pile is not going anywhere at all! I have stopped taking review copies though. Too many is stressing me out! Good luck with this and just e-mail me if you need some encouragement! :)

  64. Wow! You've really given this some thought. Good luck! You're stronger than I am! :)

  65. I am very impressed. I wish I had your will power. I have just come back from my holiday with 25 new books!

  66. Michelle: Thank you! I hope I can too. I have at least survived the first week :P

    Madeleine: Thank you, and best of look for you too!

    Carl: Sigh, how I wish I had access to a good public library. I actually don't go to bookstores very often. My town only has a couple, and they're too overpriced for me to ever be truly tempted! There are some good ones in the nearest big city, but the last time I went there was in February (I remember because I was reading Tender Morsels on the train :P) So yeah, it's mostly online shopping that has been the bane of my existence :P

    Lu: Eep! I hope they're good ones at least :P

    Marie, thank you!

    Rebecca, I hope so! I tried not to make them too harsh and to add some rewards, or else I know I'd never make it. And I may take you up on that offer of encouragement :P

    tanabata: We'll see if I am :P But thank you!

    Vivienne: If there were charity shops near me I wouldn't stand a chance either :P I look forward to hearing what you got!

  67. Good luck with this. I like that every 20 books cleared you are allowed another one that you have to read within a timeline. I tried to go cold turkey about buying books but have failed miserably. Will give this some thought as my husband is getting a little mad at the amount of stuff we have around the place at the moment.

  68. In order to keep my TBR pile from getting out of control, I have a rule I try to follow-do not buy more books in a month than you read in the prior month. Of course this motivates me to read more!


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