Aug 23, 2009

The Sunday Salon - Favourite Etsy Artists (and a Dare!)

The Sunday

Hello Sunday Saloners. Today's post is one I've been meaning to write for ages: I thought I'd share some of my favourite Etsy artists with you so that you can covet their lovely stuff along with me, and perhaps hate me a little bit for tempting you. But feel free to retaliate by telling me about your favourites. And before you start wondering why this is a Sunday Salon post, well, they're all more or less bookish, in a roundabout way.

My number one favourite is Hidden Eloise, who has both an Etsy store and a blog. This UK artist makes, in her own words, "art of fairytales, wild bears and dark forest creatures." What's not to love? Her store has prints, postcards, stationary, pocket mirrors, etc. And though she doesn't sell them, she's been known to include bookmarks in her packages. Just saying. And she's having a sale right now.

A sample:

Hidden Eloise

(Okay, so it helps that the art reminds me a little bit of Tender Morsels. But I loved her before I read the book.)

The Mymble's Daughter makes jewellery, stationary and lovely book plates, many of them also inspired by fairy tales. Here's a picture of a gorgeous Alice in Wonderland pendant I got a while ago:

Alice in Wonderland Pendant

Blacklilypie sells cute Gothic art, paper goods and bookmarks. It's funny: hers is a kind of art that I can find myself either loving or hating, but in this case I most definitely love it. Especially the bookmarks: look at them!

Finally, at birdzNbeez you can find fairy tale-ish and steampunkish lockets and pendants. Some of them are a bit too pricey for me, but wow, I love them.

I may regret asking this, but as I said earlier, feel free to retaliate. Who are your favourite Etsy artists?

I Dare You to Accept This ChallengeIn other news, I hereby officially accept Amy's dare: she's given me a year to watch the first season of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. If I fail, I must write a public apology. If I succeed, Amy will read any book I choose for her (mwahahah). And in my turns, I must come up with a dare for someone else. I've been giving this some thought while I stroke my imaginary beard with one hand and pet my hairless cat with another, but I haven't come up with anything so far. I'll let you know, though.

But in all seriousness, Amy's dare is pretty generous, and I had been meaning to watch Buffy anyway. Too many people whose taste is similar to mine have promised that I'll love it for it not to be true!

And last but not least, I wanted to thank everyone who included me in their Book Blogger Appreciation Week nominations. You're too kind, and if I could I'd buy you all icecream.


  1. I like the idea of challenging someone to read outside her genre, but don't make me, please, please, please, don't make me watch tv!

  2. Hidden Eloise is charming, but I am much more amused at your acceptance of Amy's challenge right now. Too funny! Who came up with this idea? Happy reading!

  3. I love your Etsy inclusions (but not the subsequent temptation). I love Hidden Eloise and her work that you sent me.

    I have faith that you will love Buffy, even if Season 1 is the weakest season (whilst it found its feet). We shall convert you! I recommend watching it quickly and think there's a very good chance that you will watch all seven seasons within the year (I recently re-watched them in only five weeks).

  4. Aw, that catbat bookmark is just absolutely adorable. I'm definitely going to purchase one once soon. It would look glorious in my collection!

  5. I love Etsy! I can spend hours on that site. Good luck with your challenge!

  6. Well, not sure where I've been, but this is the first time I have ever heard of Etsy. I just checked it out and am afraid I will now spend several hours there today. I don't know whether I should thank you for the introduction or not :)

    I think the Dare sounds like a great idea. Good luck!

  7. I have not spent much time on Etsy, but Edmdesigns is one I came across.

  8. I *love* Etsy, and both Hidden Eloise and birdzNbeez are on my favorites list. I've purchased things from both that I just love. Other than them, I have waaaaay too many favorites, and spend a considerable amount of time finding more favorites. That site is temptation unto itself. And I...I am weak. :)

  9. I so so love this illustration. have to check out more.

  10. Time for me to sound stupid: What's an Etsy artist??

    That Hidden Eloise art is gorgeous, though. And it reminded me of Tender Morsels, too!

    I thought about using the DARE challenge to challenge Jason to read some modern books! But I backed down. I thought he'd probably dare me to read some poetry. Or at the end, if he succeeded, he'd make me read Dune or something...

  11. I love your blog, Ana, and definitely you as well. *HUGS*

    I don't have any favourite Etsy artist, though.

  12. Nymeth, what are you doing to me? I come back penniless from spending far too much money on books on my holiday, only to find you tempting me with Blackcat book marks and rabbit book plates. Hrrumph! They are all beautiful and now I want them!

    PS Hope you win big in the awards, you deserve it!

  13. Mmmm--I like ice cream a lot. Maybe I'll take you up on that offer. :P Anyway, much deserved and I hope you know how well-loved and wonderful your blog (and YOU) really is.

    You know, I really haven't browsed around Etsy very much. Jeane (Dog Ear Diary) has some great bookmarks on her Etsy--like the ones she's been giving away. I love her watercolors and the way she's made her illustrations into bookmarks. I'll have to go check out the other bookmarks you mentioned!

    And can't wait to hear more about the dare from Amy--too funny!

  14. Argh! Temptation! I especially love the clockwork pendants. So gorgeous.

    I can't wait to hear what you think of Buffy!

  15. Poppets are now on Etsy. And that's all *I'm* saying.

  16. Never heard of Etsy before. Thanks for mentioning it!

  17. I started rewatching season 1 Buffy this weekend after reading Amy's post about the dare. And now I want ice cream.

    I like that you have to dare someone else to do something now. Pretty soon the whole blogosphere will be dared to do something! ::hides as long as possible::

  18. I try not to look on Etsy as I'm not supposed to spend unnecessary cash and it would tempt me way too much.
    Not on Etsy but this site is great for fairytale jewelry, I'm asking for the birdcage necklace and earrings for christmas.

  19. I haven't heard of Etsy before either!

  20. Yay, etsy! I love that site. Okay, a few of my favorites: stickerella (for nerdy stickers), girlsavage (for awesome felted animals), Jess Gonacha (a local artist), and anapaulaoli (for amigurumi).

    Enjoy Buffy! It's a great show. :)

  21. OOO, love etsy. I can spend hours just looking through everything!

  22. Etsy is wonderful but dangerous - you never know what you are going to find. I have only actually made a purchase from one artist, though. What can I say, I'm a big fan of bright colours. Here's his link:

    I secretly covet Ballad of the Things, as any good fan of words should...

  23. great ETSIANS Nymeth :)
    and the Buffy challenge sounds like fun.

  24. Great! Another place to spend all my money! And I love the dare! I've not seen one Buffy episode (but I do know a bit about Cheers!). Best of luck on that one!

  25. I have a feeling that those Etsy people could become very addicting to me!! Love that artwork!! I love Buffy!! Have fun!!

  26. I can't even look at Etsy because it is too tempting. however, I *love* those postcards... so cute. Reminds me I have to start painting again!

    You will LOVE Buffy. I can't wait to hear what you think about it.

  27. Oh my! Now I've another things to look at besides books from you, Nymeth! :P Still, thanks for sharing!! :) They're all lovely!

    Have fun with Buffy! I haven't watch those too, haha.

  28. ooh yay, you'll be watching Buffy!!! Just keep in mind that season 1 isn't as good as the following ones, since it needs to set up the characters, relationships etc. I'm so jealous that you have all 7 seasons ahead of you still!!! :-)

  29. Wow…what amazing talent. Love the pendants, the Alice one and the one to the extreme right as well :)

    All the best at the challenge. I too feel you'll like the series.

  30. Esty is down at the moment so I can't have a proper look but I definitely will later. The Alice in Wonderland pendent is lovely. I'm really glad you accepted the dare and if you need someone to watch it with let me know :)

  31. It is nearly impossible to me to pick a favorite Etsy artist. My 'favorites' section is filled and ever-growing...because of course I had to add these great artists you profiled.

    Anne-Julie Aubrey and Jennifer Gordon are of course favorites, because of their artwork first and foremost but also because through interviews and continued email correspondence we have become what I would consider friends. But there are so many other artists whose work just amazes me.

  32. Hmmm the first season is not the best at all, dunno if it's the right one to start with. It improves immensily from the second on. Do you really have to start with that one? In fairness it's only 3 discs so I suppose it's the fastest option to introduce you to the series, but if at any stage you think the series it's too silly for you, try the second season at least! it gets fantastic (I think) in the third, fifth, sixth and seventh (Ok, all except 4th)...just so you know:P

    I love your etsy choices! I don't browse it too much though cause it's dangerous!!

  33. Debnance: I like watching TV series in DVD, at my own rhythm. I tend to forget how much I can enjoy it, actually!

    Frances: There's a a whole blog devoted to these dares :D I just love the idea so much.

    Claire: I'll get my hands on season one soon, promise! And yes, I can see myself getting addicted and watching them all :P

    Christina: Glad you liked it :D

    bermudaonion: Me too. It's a dangerous, dangerous addiction.

    Molly: I hope you don't hate me later for introducing you to it :P

    Charley: I shall check it out!

    Chelle: We have such similar taste in stuff! And I'm weak too :P

    Diane, I hope you like them all!

    Amanda: Not stupid at all! It's an artist of crafter who sells stuff on Etsy, which is probably the biggest handmade stuff site around (there are other nice ones, though, like folksy). I love that it has affordable art by artists I'd probably never heard of otherwise. And I'd love to see you and Jason dare each other!

    Alice: Awww, thank you and likewise!

    Vivienne: lol, sorry! Etsy IS dangerous like that :P And thank you so much for rooting for me!

    Trish: lol :P As always, you're too sweet <3 I love Jeane's bookmarks and I was lucky enough to win one of them! She's so talented.

    Memory: Sigh, isn't it?

    Jill: I knooooooooow :( I've been trying to stay away. There was a Where the Wild Things Are inspired Poppet the other day! It's probably a good thing it was in the don't-even-think-about-it price range.

  34. I love BatCat! You linked to some great items. Thanks for sharing them :o)

  35. Just reading one of your comments ... there is a Where the Wild Things Are inspired Poppet???? Eeeek! Hide my credit card from me!

  36. I never go to Etsy because I fear I shall end up buying lots and lots of stuff. :)

    Like J.T. I popped in my Buffy DVDs this weekend and while I did cringe a little, I mostly felt a whole lot of love in my heart. For the record, no show ever made me cry and laugh both so much. Though LOST comes close.

  37. I try to stay away from Etsy because there are so many beautiful things there. Thank you for birdzNbeez.

  38. I always feel so nostalgic when I watch the first series of Buffy - it has yet to hit its stride, but everyone is so young and sweet, and Willow still has long hair... Aww. I hope you enjoy it, and remember, it only gets better!

  39. Gah! I kind of hate these kind of posts, only because then I end up being seriously tempted. Etsy is a very dangerous place to browse! It's because of Carl that I'm now addicted to Lisa's Poppets and Anne-Julie Aubrey's art. :)

    Fun dare! I've never seen Buffy either but keep hearing about so think I may have to give at some point too.

    And congratulations on your nominations. You deserve every one of them!

  40. Terri B: lol! My reaction exactly :P

    Amy: I really is very tempting! I'm planing on starting Buffy soon, btw...I figure it's perfect for the fall :D

    Gavin: It's a very dangerous site!

    Jenny, I promise to remember that!

    tanabata: Me too! I keep arguing with myself about getting Just One More Poppet :P And thank you so much!


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