Jul 17, 2009

The contents of my desk

...let me show you them.

I had pretty a crazy week: by Tuesday at lunchtime it became obvious I wasn't really going to do anything but work and (maybe) sleep for the rest of the week. So I wound up taking a short blogging break. I promise to return to my regularly scheduled book blabber on Monday, but in the meantime, I thought I'd show you the place from which I blab at you. I'm pretty sure this is a meme, and I think a long time ago Rebecca tagged me for it, but it's been so long I no longer remember for sure. Sorry!

the contents of my desk, let me show you them

Bookish things:
  • Three books I've finished but have not yet written about: The Wolves of Willboughby Chase, Slow Storm, and 84 Charing Cross Road (which...I'd yell WHY DIDN'T YOU TELL ME IT WAS SO GOOD, but to be fair, you did. I should have listened sooner.)
  • The bookmark I was using for the last book I finished.
  • That's actually all, unless the eraser I use to clear my notes once I've typed all the passages I want to type counts. I could use some book darts!
Non-bookish Things
  • Empty coffee mug from this morning. I know. It'll be gone soon.
  • That Green Man used to be on the wall right above the computer, except one day it fell and my heart seriously missed a beat. I couldn't believe my eyes when I saw it was not only not broken, but it hadn't been damaged at all. Random fact: I bought it the day of the very first read-a-thon.
  • Cat-shaped wrist support. It's not actually all that useful, but at least it's cute.
  • Two computer mouses (mice?) I use the big one or the little one depending on how my wrist is doing.
  • My wrist brace. A life saviour this week.
  • A bunch of 80's Disney stickers I found when I moved.
  • Watermelon gum.
  • My ancient cellphone - it's something like six years old. It still has a black and white screen, and I'm fine with that.
  • Headphones and a pen drive.
  • Ticket stubs from the last three concerts I went to: Antony & The Johnsons, Wilco, and Kaki King (as you can see if you click to enlarge the image, the last one is signed!) They're waiting to be put in my concert ticket stubs folder, which goes back some ten years. Hey, I never said I wasn't a dork.
  • A box with CDs inside and a webcam on top, and...
  • ...a box of floppy disks! Yes, from the days before pen drives! I was going to throw them away in my move, but then I decided to keep them for, you know, historical reasons.
I'm no good at tagging people, so you know how it goes: if you'd like to show us what's on your desk, I'd love to see it. Have a great weekend, everyone. I will do my best to catch up with responding to comments and e-mail and with blog hopping soon.


  1. I'm going to sound completely out of my head here, but i had to stare at your picture for about 10 mins before I could spot the green guy. That wasn't what I was expecting, haha!

  2. I knew it was either a Green Man or it was a really lumpy cookie. :) I should get some book darts, too! I was just thinking that I needed some way of marking passages in the library books...

  3. Nymeth...Loved seeing your organized desk. I am going to post my mess...just because I am so random.
    I'll tell you about it on my blog. LOL

  4. Be good to that wrist - we want you blogging for a long, long long time.

  5. I'm so impressed by how little is on your desk!

  6. Everyone's right...you are so neat! I used to be. I really miss it frankly. :/

    Ooooh, three Ana reviews to look forward to! :D

  7. Well this was just fun! I have a collection of concert ticket stubs that go back to 94. Starting with The Cranberries :p And I agree with Debi, you are incredibly neat!

  8. Your desk is so tidy! And I haven't read 84 Charing Cross Road, although I enjoyed the movie :)

  9. Your desk is so nice and neat. :-) Mine right now is rather cluttered. It could use some straightening.

  10. Your desk is very neat, Nymeth!
    I look forward to your reviews on those books soon! :)

  11. I like your 2 mice - they immediately caught my eye.

  12. As everyone else has said, you're far too neat! :P

  13. Wow, I'm amazed by your desk's neatness! Mine is crawling under piles of books to read :P

  14. My, you are so tidy! I wish my desk looked even a little bit like that.

  15. God your desk is neat. It'll probably take me three posts just to describe everything that's on my desk. (I really should clean it.)

  16. So is the Green Man personally significant, or is it a gift, or religiously important? Unless I'm prying.

  17. You know, I never thought of myself as a neat freak, but your comments about how neat my desk is have me wondering what kind of HORRIBLE SQUALOR you're all living in :P I guess it helps that the desk is smallish, so I can't accumulate too much stuff on it anyway.

    Sorry for not replying to comments one by one...I'm just so behind on everything! I <3 you all, though.

    Jason, you're not prying at all! Personal significance because I got it when I was studying in England and I remember that time fondly, and hm, more personal significance because I like all the folklore associated to the Green Man figure.

  18. I bought some book darts recently but haven't even opened the package yet. Going to do that now and try them out!

  19. Hmmmmm, I am taking a break from blogging but I think I can do this, I wonder if I should clean my desk first or not ;D

    I also have super pics of my bathroom, I went out to shop for food and came back to my trash all over the floor (oliver), I will let you know when I do this.

    My ex is back to his same same and cut my health insurance again. Now I have to go back to court...I am a bit depressed which is why I am not Blogging but I am reading a lot for a change, it helps. Things are not going to look good this time around for him, a nice little place is waiting for him.....how do things get so ugly...wish I had stayed in France :(

  20. You must type a helluva a lot if you need so many wrist paraphernalia!

  21. wow that desk area is pretty organized

  22. Lenore: I really need to get myself some!

    Madeleine: *hugs* I'm so sorry to hear things have been difficult for you again :( And lol, Oliver. I just WON'T say what my cat did yesterday :P

    alwaysdream: It's not that I want to, but I have to work on the computer a lot, and I had tendinitis recently. So if I don't watch out, I might get worse again.

    Serena: Now I'm really curious to see all of your desks :P

  23. You are so neat! Could not spot the cat-shaped wrist guard, but I think I want one! Do mind that wrist, blogworld neeeds you!

  24. Geeze Nymeth could you be any neater ;) I got tagged for this awhile back but I swear my desk is like a biohazard area!
    At first I thought the green man was some sort of weird sea sponge - then I put my glasses on :P

  25. My goodness Nymeth, you sure have a neat and organized work space. I start out that way but it never lasts. lol.

  26. What? No cat on your desk? For shame--what kind of book blogger are you? :) Your desk is very neat and organized. I cleaned mine after taking those last pictures and it is already messy again. What can I say?

    Good luck with all the school finales. Hopefully tomorrow (monday) you'll be in the clear?

  27. Your desk is so neat and organized! And it's size wouldn't be an excuse for me to keep it neat, that's for certain. I'd have every square inch of a small desk covered by now :) I'm remembering now that I've been wanting to read 84 Charing Cross Road for ages!

  28. Nice. I have kept some floppy disks too, one day I'll show them to my children and say, 'Look, we used to stores data in these things' :)

    Your desk is very neat Nymeth. Are you sure you didn't cheat and clean up the desk before clicking the snap? :)

  29. My desk is like a zoo. It's terribly, horribly messy. Not for public viewing. LOL!

  30. I love your Green Man. I don't even have a desk right now, I just have a sofa that is covered in my bits and pieces which Alex calls my "nest". He jokes that when I change seats or comfy areas I make a new nest and never clear up my old ones!

  31. Every time I see this meme I want to do it, but I don't have a computer desk. I do have a sewing table, which I would show in all it's messiness (judging by your desk it would give you a heart attack) but the room the sewing is in is also our playroom/storage room and I am SO NOT taking a picture of that.

  32. Oh your desk looks so organized - can you come over and help me with mine? :)

    I am drowning in paper.

    Hope your wrist is feeling better by the way! I've had to wear a wrist brace a few times and it's not fun. I

  33. ds: It's between the books and the computer mouse - easier to see if you click to enlarge! And awww :D I promise to take care!

    naida: Thanks; I like it a lot too :D

    Joanne: Notice that the picture doesn't show the rest of the room ;) Believe me, I COULD be neater :P

    Dar: This happened to be a good day, but it doesn't always look like that :P

    Trish: lol - one of my cats likes to nap over the computer screen, but he wasn't around when I took the picture. I've been done with school since the 6th, but I'll be working until the end of the month. It's better than doing both, though!

    Belle: Do read it! It's a wonderful book.

    Teddy Rose: If so many of you think so, I have no choice but to believe it :P

    Violet: lol, I didn't! Promise.

    Alice: A zoo, eh? I'd like to see that :P

    Rhinoa: lol, your nest...I bet the kitties share it :P

    Lisa: lol, it wouldn't! I'm really not a neat freak, I promise.

    Iliana: It's doing better, thank you :) Last week was a bit rough, but it hasn't hurt in a few days now.

  34. Fun to see your little computer corner. I kind of envy you since I don't have a desk right now. I still need to organize the room properly and make some space. For now I'm just using my laptop wherever I can find room, on the sofa, the bed, etc.

    Glad to hear your wrist is better.


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