May 31, 2009

The Sunday Salon – Awesome people doing awesome things

The Sunday

Hello everyone. How are you all? I’m afraid I don’t have all that much to tell you today when it comes to books. The end of the semester is keeping my busy, and thanks to required reading, reading for fun has been going slowly.

And in case any of you noticed that I haven’t been commenting on other blogs as much as usual, there’s another reason for that: I’ve been having persistent wrist pains from using the computer so much. I was told that I could try painkillers, but if I numbed the pain and strained my wrist further, I’d risk a serious lesion. And considering all the work I have to do before the end of June, I really can’t afford that. So the solution is to take it easy, and perhaps to try and use the mouse with my left hand whenever possible. If I'm not around as much in the next few weeks, that's the reason why.

The BookDepositoryBefore I move on to awesome people doing awesome things, there’s something else I wanted to tell you: I recently decided to join The Book Depository’s affiliates program. That means that if you click over to their site from my blog and buy a book, I’ll get 5%. I don’t expect it to make me much, but I’m a poor student and every bit helps.

Also, I want to support the awesomeness that is The Book Depository. I don’t care if this sounds a little weird, but they’ve actually made a huge difference in my life. Free shipping! Almost all the books I want to read! And did I mention free shipping? I live in a place where books aren’t always widely available, and if they are, they tend to be very expensive. So being able to order anything I want for affordable prices has made a very big difference. No more pining for books I'll never be able to find! Getting three books for the price I used to pay for one!

Anyway, I know it’s no big deal, and that several bloggers have joined affiliate programs before, but I wanted to let you know anyway.

Moving on:
1) I’ve mentioned this before, but in case you missed it, the very awesome Renay has put together a YA book tournament called Nerds Heart YA. The idea is to give YA books that for some reason didn’t get the attention they deserve some love. The tournament is happening this summer, and Becky announced the short list a few days ago. I’ll be –eep!—judging the finals along with Chris. I can’t wait to see what we’ll be reading.

You can follow Nerds Heart YA on Twitter for links to past and current reviews of the books on the tournament, as well as of books that didn't make the short list, peanut gallery links, info about the judges, etc. And if you’re not a Twitter user, you can also follow via RSS.

2) Amanda at the Zen Leaf is hosting the GLBT challenge, which goes from July to December. We have six months to read six books in any genre that deal with GLBT themes or that were written by GLBT authors. Exposure! Visibility! Discovering awesome new-to-me authors! Oscar Wilde in the button! How can I say no?

3) Susan at Black-Eyed Susan runs a library at a nonprofit organization, Alternatives for Girls, which helps homeless or at-risk teen girls and young women. She’s currently running a book drive, so if you can afford to give a little, or just help by spreading the word, it’d be great. Please visit Susan for more details.

That’s everything for today. I hope you all have a great week!


  1. Oh my goodness, Nymeth, I am sooooo sorry about your wrists! Sounds like you're making the right choice in avoiding the painkillers so you don't do further damage unknowingly, but sounds so painful! This is like Chris's migraines...I just want to be able to take away your pain so badly, but am, of course, helpless to do anything. Please, please, please take it as easy as you can! Which, of course, means you don't need to comment, answer comments, etc. We will all understand--just take care of yourself!

    Sounds like a gift certificate to the Book Depository will make a good prize for the blame game, huh? Good to know.

    I'm sooooo excited about Amanda's challenge, too! I made a list of six books, but then I had to go back and add like 20 more many I want to read! And of course, this challenge will undoubtedly add a bazillion more. Which is really a good thing. :) Oooh, and Nymeth, this is a good opportunity for you to read some Mary Oliver...not only would you get to read some good poetry, but you'd be making Susan and I very happy. :)

  2. Oh, ouch! I hope you feel better :)
    I saw the GLBT challenge, and I'm already mentally compiling a list, even though I had no intention of joining any more challenges.
    On the other hand, I've been meaning to re-read The Passion by Jeanette Winterson. What IS a girl to do? (yes, that's a rhetorical question)

  3. Sorry to hear about your wrists! Keep taking it easy, and I hope they'll feel better soon!

    Oh, and I'll be sure to continue to not write posts on my blog, so you won't be tempted to try and comment. See how selfless and giving I am with my blogging? ;-)

  4. I can't wait until it's my turn in the nerds heart ya tournament! I'm so excited. It's going to be so much fun!!!

  5. Aw thanks for the shout out Nymeth! I hope your wrists feel better. :(

    Oh, and Debi, I plan to hold this once a year so your extra list of 20 is a wonderful thing!!

  6. I didn't realize that you were a student?! How exciting. I wish I could stay in school for-EVER! LOL. What are you studying??

    Also, do take care of your wrist. I have mad carpel tunnel syndrome (years of waiting tables through college, plus computer work, plus my internet play makes my wrists very sad). Don't I look fabulously cute when I wear braces on both arms?!? :P

    Finally, you've hooked me on another challenge (GLBT). I adore Wilde. I agree, it's impossible to say no!

    Take care and have a relaxing (as much as possible) Sunday.

  7. Thanks for the links. I didn't know about these efforts and I'm definitely interested.

    Thank you so much for the support and post here. To all donors, we gladly accept your gently used book donations. We don't have a budget. I have become very resourceful acquiring books through trading sites, book closeouts, library sales and donations. Our mailing address is on my blog.

  8. Oh, blech, wrist pain is no fun. I've got recurring tendonitis from knitting too many heavy blankets, but luckily it doesn't affect my typing ability (much.) I hope yours clears up soon!

  9. Stopping by to say hellow to my friend,

    Have a nice week ahead Ana



  10. I hope your wrists get to feeling better--you don't have carpal tunnel, do you? I try to be very good about keeping my wrists upright while typing, especially since my right hand is prone to cysts (had one surgically removed several years ago). There are ergonomic pads you get can, have you tried that? anyway, take it easy.

    I'm really excited about Amanda's challenge as well, although I have no idea what I'll read except Fingersmith.

    Hope you're having a good weekend and good luck with your end of semester stuff.

  11. I'm sorry to hear about your wrists too! =( I think you were wise not to take the painkillers and do more damage, but here's hoping the pain goes away when you can rest them.

    I think I need to give up on challenges - they always sound so exciting but I never complete them! =( I'm sure I've left a similar comment on your blog before, too.

  12. Urgh, wrist pain sucks! I've been there. You take it easy over the next little bit.

    I love the sound of the GLBT Challenge. I'll definitely be signing up for that one.

  13. I'm sorry to hear about your wrist, Ana. I hope the pain will ease and do take it easy...

    I would have to check out the Book Depository. Thanks for highlighting it. :)

  14. :( I hope your wrist gets better Nymeth. Have you tried a brace for it? Don't know if that would help, but it sounds right :p

    Good for you on joining The Book Depository's affiliate program! I do Amazon's affiliate program, but I haven't even made $10 since I started months ago :p I do love the Book Depository though! They're just fantastic! They let me send books to my friends overseas for much cheaper than US shipping would be ;)

    I'm so excited about Nerds Heart YA!! I almost want to read along with all of the judges so I can follow the judging and actually know what the books are about. I can't wait until our round, but I'm very nervous about that too :/

    And finally, I hadn't heard about Amanda's challenge!! That's a great one! I'll have to join for sure!

  15. I am so sorry to hear about your wrists. You take it easy. I will have to take a look at The Book Depository - it sounds very interesting.

  16. I'm so sorry to hear about your pain! Hope it clears away soon. I've been over to the Book Depository, but I don't know, their prices don't seem that cheap to me. When you take into account the free shipping though, it must be a good deal.

  17. Hope you have a great week, too! I am looking forward to reading our book together! I still haven't started it... Oh, well! lol

  18. Debi: aww, thank you for the good wishes! Typing is actually not a problem. I have one of those desks where the keyboard is at a lower level, and the position is comfortable. The problem is all the clicking I have to do to segment sound waves on Praat..and of course, further clicking to blog hop doesn't help :P I need to see if I can click with my left hand, and learn some handy keyboard shortcuts for google reader. You know, I actually don't think TheBookDepository has gift cards :( Quite the omission, isn't it? I hadn't realized that Mary Oliver qualified for the challenge, but now that you told me I'll make sure to include her! One you really need to read is Girl Meets Boy by Ali Smith! What's 20 plus one? :P

    Maree: I had no intentions of joining any more either, but Amanda has led me astray :P And your comment reminded me to include Oranges are Not the Only Fruit on my mental list!

    Megan: Nooooo! Don't do that! We miss you, you know!

    Heather: It really will be lots of fun :D

    Amanda: I'm happy to hear you plan to host it every year!

    Christina: I used to wish I could stay in school forever too, but after what feels like forever, I'm ready to move on :P I'm close to finishing my second degree, in English. My first was psychology. Next stop: library school? But not right away. Internet play and computer work are definitely not kind to our wrists :(

    Susan: You're most welcome. What you're doing is fabulous.

    Fyrefly: Yeah, the doctor mentioned tendonitis, and I suspected as much :/ Typing is okay, but clicking gets really painful.

    Madeleine: Thanks for the kind wishes, and likewise!

  19. Nymeth - Sorry you are in pain. Sounds like you need a rest from the keyboard. Try arnica cream, available at food co-ops or health food stores.

  20. Trish: No, it's just tendinitis. My keyboard is at a good level, so typing is okay, but the position of the mouse is really no good :/ I got a nifty little cat-shaped wrist supporter, so we'll see if that helps :P And an ergonomic keyboard might be useful too. Fingersmith is a great choice for the challenge! I haven't decided what to read yet either, but what works best for me these days is to just decide as I go along. And thanks for the good wishes!

    Meghan: Thank you! I have said the same about challenges, but then a shiny new one comes along and I just can't say no :P

    Memory: I look forward to seeing what you'll be reading!

    Alice: Do check them out! I don't know what I'd do without them.

    Chris: First of all, thank you again :D You're the sweetest! I seriously can't wait to read the books. And I'm nervous about judging the finals too. But I'm sure we don't screw up too badly :P

    Scrap Girl: They have a great selection!

    Jeane: I guess it depends on what you compare it with. I know that in the US you guys can get books for less, but over here the average price of a book is 15 to 20 euros - $22 to $28, can you believe it? And sadly my town has no second hand bookshop. Amazon has better prices, but they charge a lot for international shipping, so The Book Depository really is my best option. Well, and BookMooch :P

    Kailana: I plan to start tonight before I go to bed!

    Gavin, thank you so much for the tip!

  21. Once you're done with school, will your wrist get a break? And any idea if it will get better if you're able to give it enough time off?

    Oooh, I'm so glad you mentioned Ali Smith...I hadn't thought of that book...I have really wanted to read it since you reviewed it!!! In fact, I did get it out of the library before, but didn't get it read. This time I will!

    Well, "crap!" about the Book Depository not having gift cards. But perhaps you can just tell me what books you'd like from there instead. Or you could be daring and let me pick for you when you win. Notice I said "when" not "if"...I can't see anyone catching up to you before the end of June! Anyway, I went over there earlier today, and it looks like a fabulous site! And I didn't think their prices were bad at fact, there was this book that Rich wants (but won't be getting anytime soon!) that costs $160 at Amazon, but only $112 at Book Depository. Anyway, I'm babbling here. :) But I did want to ask you...for you to get the percentage, we just need to get there through your link, is that right?

  22. I hope your wrists feel better soon!How much longer do you have until school is over for the semester or quarter? During the last weeks of school, I was counting down. I didn't know book depository had free shipping. I'll be sure to use them. Have a great week. Take care of yourself.

  23. I knew you said yesterday your wrists were bothering you. Seriously try the ergonomic keyboard. I didn't realize how much it would help until I used one. As much as I click on the mouse, it was the keyboard that really got to me.

    I saw the GLBT challenge. Looks like a great one. And I'm totally excited for the NerdsHeartYA judging. Thanks again for "hooking me up" with that one!

  24. Sorry to hear about your wrists! I hope you find a way to ease the pain, and they feel better very soon.

    I'm completely with you on The Book Depository. Imported English books can be pretty expensive in Japan too, so they've made a huge difference in my life as well. The free shipping is fantastic! I just discovered that they had an affiliate program a few days ago and promptly joined as well. I don't expect to make much either but every little bit really does help.

  25. I'm so sorry to hear about your wrist, Nymeth! I hope your wrist feel better soon! You take it easy, ok? :)

    I don't know anything about The Book Depository but you bet I'm going to take a look and who knows what I might buy?! :P

    I hope you've a great week ahead!

  26. Free delivery worldwide??? wow...thats something isn't it? I don't buy books online but if I ever do, I might give this a try and I'll make sure that 5% goes to you Nymeth. Thanks for the site link, I'll go surf now.

    Hey btw, there is a set of wrist exercises you should do if you use the computer for long. If I feel even a slight strain in my wrist, I know it's time to do those. Please take care.

  27. Sorry to hear about your wrists---I work on a computer all day and it's always scary when my wrists start to hurt and I'm afraid I'm doing permanent damage.

    You might want to try a program like Workrave ( so often (you can configure the time settings) it reminds you to take a break from typing. I have it set to give me a 30 second break every 10 minutes, and a five minute break (with guided stretching) every hour, and it really helps.

  28. I'm so sorry to hear about your wrists. Take care and feel better soon.
    I keep hearing about The Book Depository and need to go take a closer look. Also the GLBT challenge.

  29. Dear Nymeth, take care of your wrists, especially with end of term and papers due, etc. though I've missed your comments already! *sniff* you know I'll be over here when I'm on. I wish I could be there to bring you tea and prop up books and make you comfortable! I know, you have a boyfriend, but still, friends are fun too! :-D

    Hmmm, it looks like there are some new challenges up that are new to me, and I'm going to check them out after this.

    I have to go check out the Book Depository. My husband will be gratful that, if I continue to buy books as therapy, I find some way to get them a bit cheaper! LOL
    But especially for you, in a location that English books aren't so easy to get to, it sounds like a fabulous find for you. I'll have to go check it out, for the British Books I want that I can't get over here. (thanks!)

    And have you been able to find any Mary Oliver yet?

  30. Oh poor you, that sucks! Hope the pain is manageable and that you're ok with all the work you still have to do!

    Thanks for the Book Depository tip, I've never heard of it and I spend so much money on amazon, it's crazy. We have a similar problem getting books in English, I can't wait to check them out! And I'll be sure to always go there from your site. :-)

  31. Sorry to see you're having wrist pain. Take care of yourself!

  32. I'm really sorry about your wrists, please take care of yourself!

  33. Debi: I think about a week away from the computer will heal it for sure, and come July I just might have to do that. I definitely could use the rest. Girl Meets Boy is perfect for the challenge, and also a very fast read! It's a win win situation :P I will definitely let you pick the prize for the blame game - I couldn't trust you more :D And yes, all you have to do is enter it through the little button on my sidebar. Thank you!

    Vasilly: The semester ends at the end of June. I know it sounds late, but it only started in mid February. These last few weeks will be tough for sure, but I'll live - we always do, don't we? I hope you're having a great week yourself!

    Stephanie: I'm going to Office Centre to look for a keyboard today - and also a smaller mouse, which I think would help.

    tanabata: It does help, and plus we're supporting a site that has done so much for us!

    Melody: Thank you! Hope you had fun browsing through The Book Depository!

    Violet: It is something! They don't deliver to every country yet, but they do cover many and keep adding more. Thanks for the tip about the wrist exercises!

    Chris: Thank you so much for that link! I really need to be reminded to take regular breaks. Most of the time I just forget to. And the exercises will help for sure!

    Jaime: Thanks! I'm currently wearing wrist braces and that's helping some.

    Susan: Sorry that I haven't been by yet! Today I will for sure. I've missed you a lot, you know! I haven't found a Mary Oliver book yet but that's really because I haven't looked. I'm sure The Book Depository has them, and I hereby promise you and Debi that I will read her this year!

    Joanna: You'll love The Book Depository for sure! They've saved me a fortune!

    Bermudaonion and Marineko: thank you. I promise I will.

    To whoever bought six books through my affiliate link: THANK YOU! You rock :D

  34. Nymeth, take care of that wrist! You certainly don't want to make it worse and painkillers are so hard on the stomach and stuff. You can't live on those. Hopefully with some rest it'll heal up. Take care of you!

  35. Just take it easy! We'll be here when you're back 100%. :) Great links!


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