Feb 11, 2009

N! (And on blog awards)

I'm doing the letters meme that has been going around lately. Kailana gave me the letter "n", so I will now list ten things I love that begin with "n":
  • Nottingham - where I studied abroad last year. I loved it. Those were happy, happy months

  • Neil Gaiman - you saw it coming, didn't you?

  • No More Shall We Part - my favourite Nick Cave album.

  • Nick Cave - because it's just too easy.

  • Neutral Milk Hotel - okay, I could probably fill this with nothing but "n" bands I love, but I won't because that would be cheating, kind of. But them I just have to include. Also! Yesterday John Green said that Neutral Milk Hotel play a huge role in the book he's working on at the moment. They pretty much set the plot on motion. I might have screamed a little. He says he's not sure if this will survive until the last draft, but I so hope it does. I shall read the book using my Neutral Milk Hotel bookmark and be gloriously happy. (Yes, I have one. I also have a Nick Cave bookmark, now that I think of it. Coincidence?! Yes, actually.)

  • Nerdfighters - I never got involved in the community, but they're awesome and I secretly stalk them all. Yes, all 18,269 of them.

  • Norwegian Wood - Indisputable champion of Books That Made Me Cry. My favourite Murakami, and one of my all-time favourite books. (I like the song too.)

  • Nature - It's beautiful and we need it and we are part of it. Despite the unhealthy amounts of time I spend in front of the computer or sitting around reading, I'm actually very much an outdoors person.

  • Nemo - Still my favourite Pixar movie. I also have fond childhood memories of the Captain. I should read Verne again.

  • Noodles - Yummy. It wouldn't feel right not to include a food item, and sadly Nlasagna or Ncheesecake are not words.

Want to play along? Just ask me for a letter in the comments.

Something I've been meaning to bring up: I want to thank everyone who's been nominating me for blog awards over the past few months. I can't tell you how happy you've made me, or how much I really appreciate it. And I want to apologize for not passing them on anymore. I hope you all understand that it doesn't mean I'm not thankful nor that I don't love you. Quite the contrary - I love too many of you! The book blogging community keeps growing, plus I keep discovering exciting and previously unexplored corners of it, and my reader keeps growing dangerously. You probably know how this goes. Anyway, I suspect this sounds awkward, and you might be wondering why I'm bringing it up at all, but I just wanted to make my new I-really-really-appreciate-you-including-me-but-I-can't-bring-myself-to-pass-them-on-anymore policy official. Thanks for understanding!


  1. Nymeth ~ And don't forget Npizza! :-) I think we all understand about the awards. Congratulations on all you've received though!


  2. I have to admit that I don't know who Nick Cave or Neutral Milk Hotel are. Or nerdfighters for that matter. I'm feeling ancient right now.

  3. Lezlie: Gotta love npizza :D And thank you!

    bermudaonion: You are not ancient! Sorry for not explaining. Neutral Milk Hotel are a 90's band. Nick Cave is an Australian musician. Also screenwriter and novelist: he wrote the script for The Proposition and a novel called And the Ass Saw the Angel. And the nerdfighters are an online community created by John Green and his brother Hank.

  4. I'd love to participate. Hit me up with a letter -- any letter!

  5. Great N's! I understand the blog award thing. It is time consuming.

  6. Nymeth - I am planning on checking out that band and some others you have mentioned - especially now that there is the John Green connection. I completely agree about passing awards on - I find it stressful and difficult because I love all the blogs I read and find it too hard to choose (and to figure out who has gotten what, etc.). But at the same time I'm always so pleased and honored about the awards. :-)

  7. My all-time favorite "N": Nymeth!

    (And thanks to BermudaOnion...now I don't have to once again admit how totally un-hip I am by asking the same questions. Oops, I just did. Oh well.)

    I totally agree with you on the "award policy"...the last thing I would ever want to do is hurt someone's feelings by inadvertently leaving them out. There are just too many wonderful people out there to mention everyone every time. Time is waaaaay too precious...if I'm reading someone's blog, it's because I want to and because they have a lot to offer, and I hope they realize that without awards. Know what I mean?

  8. You are adorable. Nlasanga. Too funny.

  9. Cool. Give me a letter. Hahaha. Challenge me ;p

  10. I'd never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel, so I youtubed them and ended up listening to a song called 2 Headed Boy - wow I like this. It reminds me of being a teenager and going to house parties where there were always boys with guitars in corners playing their own versions of Nirvana or Pearl Jam - good times!

    If you'd so kindly toss a letter my way, I'd love to play :)

  11. ha ha ha! I gave you 'n' so you could say Neil Gaiman... Nice, huh? lol

    I cheat on this letter meme thing, I see other people used random.org or whatever! Oh, well...

  12. Heh, Nlasagna and Ncheesecake would be on my list too. And nature is beautiful when I tear myself away from the computer to go outside. Sometimes I just look around and am in awe (usually springtime!).

  13. Mmm....Ncheesecake! My favourite!

  14. I love love love Nick Cave. His albums are so moody in all the best ways! I bought Alex one of his books which he is looking forward to reading and I beleive he has a new one out now or very soon.

  15. You got a great letter!

    I LOVE Nick Cave's music.

  16. Nerdfighters? Should I be scared?

  17. I did the N word list and I know realize that I left off NYMETH as one of my favorites! I apologize.


  18. Great N's, Nymeth! :D
    This sounds so much fun.

    I get what you mean about those award things! I'm also afraid to hurt someone's feelings if I've left them out so most of the times, I'll write at the end of my posts that I'm also thinking of all my blogger friends too. And here I think your idea is so much better! :)

  19. I do the same thing with awards now, although I just got a wonderful award started by a Jane Austen blog that I'm considered breaking my rule for. ;)

    And this meme has been too much fun-I want to play too! E-mail: astripearmchairATgmailDOTcom.

  20. all of your awards are well deserved. Congrats!

  21. Because I adore John Green I now must listen to Neutral Milk Hotel...what kind of music do they play? I'm old and clueless!!!

  22. yummy noodles! I constantly go back and forth on the awards! It's a good way to pass out link love, but I hate to leave anyone out.

  23. What a fun list!! I keep seeing this around. I guess I really should play too!!

    I love Nick Cave!!

  24. Fun list! And the Nlasagna and Ncheesecake totally made me smile! Mine would also have to include Nchocolate. LOL.
    And I feel completely the same about the blog awards. Love the name you've given your policy! :P

  25. Never heard of Neutral Milk Hotel - will try and find some music on the web now!

    I want a letter too please, this looks like fun! ;-)

  26. Amanda: I give you "f". Have fun :D

    Chris: It is, and plus I always worry about making someone feel left out. I worry too much, I've been told :P

    Darla: I'm glad I'm not the only one who finds passing them one stressful :P I'm a worrier.

    Debi: Awww :D And you know, if there's something I've never been and will never be, it's hip :P And yeah, that's my main concern too. I'm so glad I'm not the only one who overthinks these things, lol. But I do know just what you mean.

    Daphne: Awww, thank you :D

    Dark Orpheus: I give you "w". Enjoy it :P

    Joanne: Two-Headed Boy is one of my favourite songs ever. That whole album, In an Aeroplane Over the Sea, is based on Anne Frank's diary. And just in case this sounds depressing, it's not. It's sad sometimes, but so full or urgency, so full of life. And I toss you an "l" :P

    Kailana: You did? lol, thank you :P

    Meghan: I know that feeling of awe. I love it :)

    Marg: And mine :D

    Rhinoa: They really are! And I didn't know about a new book! Exciting news.

    Lenore: He's great, isn't he? :)

    Chartroose: Noooo! They're good people :P

    Care: You're too sweet :D I swear, you and Debi spoil me.

    Melody: I doubt you of all people hurt anyone's feelings, even if unintentionally! I always notice how you make sure to include those disclaimers and not make anyone feel left out :)

    Eva: An exception every now and then won't hurt ;) And I've just sent you your letter.

    Serena: Thank you!

    Staci: You're not! It's hard to describe them, but here are a few samples. That whole album is based on Anne Frank's diary and it's just beautiful. I have a hard time listening to it without crying. For so many reasons.

    Amy: I like the link love too, but I guess I do a bit of that with my "other blog reviews" magpie ways :P

    Stephanie: I give you "g"! And I told you this before but I'll say it again: I love your taste in music :D

    tanabata: lol, how could I forget nchocolate! And I'm glad you like it :P

    Joanna: I've just given Staci some links :) And I give you the letter "v"

  27. Congrats on all the awards and don't feel bad! I can hardly keep up with what I've got going on. Nothing wrong with that! Clearly a lot of people find you deserving :-)

  28. Lol, now I have Disney's Robin Hood Not in Nottingham stuck in my head. Best in the movie in my opinion.

    I haven't really been passing them on either lately.

  29. I have to confess that I have been forgetting to add them even to my blog (not that I've gotten many, far from it!) but mine looks so busy already. I appreciate the ones I've been nominated for (I do believe you gave me my first one, way back when!) and when I lost my first template, I haven't replaced them. SO I like your solution.

    And I just asked Kailana for a letter, though it's later in her blog so she may not find it, so can you send me a letter? thank you!
    Oh, and you forgot nchocolate, heavenly food of all!! lol

  30. Kim, thank you so much :)

    Ladytink: I watched that many years ago...I can barely remember it. I should watch it again...I bet I'd appreciate it a lot more now :P

    Susan: I know; how could I forget nchocolate! If Kailana doesn't find it, I give you "x"! Just kidding :P I give you "e"

  31. fun list of things! gotta luv Nemo, Dory cracks me up :)

    'I-really-really-appreciate-you-including-me-but-I-can't-bring-myself-to-pass-them-on-anymore policy official' lol! I know what you mean :O)


  32. A great list of answers for 'N'. :D

    Nature sounds fantastic! I love nature photography.

  33. "I might have screamed a little." I absolutely do this too and then get a little embarrassed, especially if hubby catches me. And now I definitely need to put Norwegian Wood on the list--why do I love books that make me cry!? :) I've been ignoring Google Reader for about 2 weeks now, and reading through your posts makes me realize how much I missed you!!

  34. Naida: Dory is cool :) And lol, I'm glad you all understand :P

    Alice: I love it too :)

    Trish: Aww, I missed you too! Norwegian Wood is an usual book for Murakami: It's a completely straightforward story :P

  35. Wow! I'm shocked Neil Gaiman made the list! ;P

    Diary of an Eccentric


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