Feb 6, 2009

Interview me Meme

I'm doing the Interview me meme that has been going around. The rules are:
1. Leave me a comment saying, “Interview me.”
2. I will respond by emailing you five questions. I get to pick the questions.

3. You will update your blog with the answers to the questions.
4. You will include this explanation and an offer to interview someone else in the same post.
5. When others comment asking to be interviewed, you will ask them five questions.
So here are the five questions Court asked me:

1. You're only allowed to read five books for the rest of your life - and they cannot be anthologies. What are they?
Okay, so I'm going to cheat here and count the single-volume edition of His Dark Materials as one book. The other four would be Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides, Fire & Hemlock by Diana Wynne Jones, Nation by Terry Pratchett and American Gods by Neil Gaiman (because it's the longest). But this would mean having to live without Ursula Le Guin or Daniel Wallace or Peter Beagle or Douglas Coupland or John Green....noooooo!

2. What one mythological creature do you find yourself relating to the most?
I've always been interested in Baba Yaga, or any other examples of the lone older woman living in a cottage and supposedly doing horrible things in the quiet of the night. So better make that all the witches Frau Totenkinder stands for in Fables. The reason is that I can totally see myself leading the forest cottage, herb garden and black cat life, and having my solitude be completely misunderstood. Yes, the witches in the stories do some pretty horrific things, but I've always wonder about a possible other side to them. Terry Pratchett deals with this so well in Discworld. Anyway, this is quite a rant...I should have gone with Bigfoot.

3. You've been very active in the book blogging community since you started your blog in 2007. Have you found that your reading habits have changed in that time? How so?
They have indeed. First of all, I read more. I didn't think I could possibly be encouraged to read even more before I started blogging, but here I am now. Secondly, I think my reading is more varied now. Some bloggers inspired be to read more non-ficion, for example. I discovered the whole books about books subgenre. Also, the world of realistic YA fiction was completely unknown to me before blogging. All I read was YA fantasy. Not to mention all the great authors I was introduced to by other bloggers: John Green, Lois Lowry (I had never even heard of her before blogging), Anne Bishop, Shannon Hale, etc. So yeah...I have a lot to thank blogging for!

4. On the topic of Stargate: Earth is being threatened by some evil alien force that not even the SG-1 team can stop! But you've been lucky enough to be among the chosen few to go on a one-way trip through the Stargate to survive. Where would you go?
Probably to P3X-774, where the Nox live. I've always liked the Nox, and I wish we'd seen more of them in the series. They're peaceful and elf-like and awesome. Plus I think I could grow to really enjoy the whole forest-dwelling but still having technology lifestyle.

5. If you could travel to any time in history and meet one famous historical person (author or other historical figure), who would you most want to meet?
Hmmm, this one's difficult. I'd love to meet Mary Shelley. I find her fascinating and I can't even quite pinpoint why. I'd love to spend an evening with her and the rest of the dark-and-stormy-nights gang, but I suspect that the magic would probably dissipate if I stayed for longer than that. But most of all, I'd love to meet someone who lived long, long ago (in Ancient Egypt or Babylonia or the Mayan Empire long before European invasion) and ask them what life was really like back then.


  1. ah, i'd forgotten all about the Nox - they were great!

  2. I love the Stargate question!!!!

  3. This was such fun to read, Nymeth!

    "The reason is that I can totally see myself leading the forest cottage, herb garden and black cat life, and having my solitude be completely misunderstood."...Oh my goodness, I can so relate to this!

    How hard was it to pick the five books?

  4. Ooh, great questions. I would have dithered forever trying to answer the 5 book question!

  5. Interesting answers. I liked your answer to question 2 and I so agree about blogging changing the way one reads. I never would have thought it.

  6. I loved this! What great questions! I don't think I could ever pick just 5 books to take with me..it would be too hard and I'd be changing my mind constantly, lol.

    Sorry Nymeth, I just don't see you as an old witch, lol :p

    My reading habits have changed so much since blogging too! I used to read ONLY SF/F/H but now I find myself reading all kinds of stuff. Especially non-fiction...I used to think that I hated it, but I quite like it now!

  7. Excellent questions! I loved your five books.

  8. Heather: They were! I miss Stargate...I haven't watched it in ages.

    Bcky: I loved it too :D

    Debi: We can be fairy tale witches together :P And what I did to pick the 5 books was not give it much thought. These were the first to pop into my mind. I knew that if I started thinking about it I wouldn't be able to decide :P

    Michelle: The secret is not to think! I guess these are my "default" favourites...books that I have loved for a while now (well, except Nation, but I knew I needed something Terry so that was it.)

    Cath: It really changed it a lot. There are so many books I wouldn't have picked up otherwise.

    Chris: Give me a few decades, and I will so be one :P And yes, I really a lot more that is not fantasy these days. It's not that I didn't like other types of books before, but I was much less adventurous.

    Alexa: Court did come up with some great questions :)

    Also, I am SAD that nobody wants me to interview them.

  9. a cottage in the woods.. sounds GREAT to me! (oh.. well.. but it has to have internet connection! lol)

  10. Awesome answers!

    And yes, the witches in stories always do get a bad rap - it would be cool to read a book based on those myths from the witches point of view.

  11. OMG, picking just five books must have been difficult! Great answers :-)

  12. What great answers. I love your comparison to yourself and Baba Yaga. I'm reading The Graveyard Book and he mentions the cottage on chicken feet and that brought up a whole host of memories of Yaga stories that for some reason I was fascinated with when I was little.

  13. Pick me! Interview me! I can't believe no one has asked you yet!

    I really enjoyed your answers. Though like Chris, I think it's very interesting that Baba Yoga was your favourite mythological creature! She is fascinating though, and no one bothers her. I can totally relate to wanting to live in the woods and tend my garden - and read, of course!

    I like how you picked your five books, I'm not sure how I would come up with them....and how you totally dodged the historical question, because I can never pick one person only either!

    So, will you interview me??

  14. I completely agree with identifying with the lone witch in her cottage with her garden and cat! I'm so looking forward to buying my own little cottage and scaring all the local children!

    Also, I didn't think that blogging would make me read more, but it really has, and I have had countless recommendations which I am so grateful for. Many from you, so keep those reviews coming! Great answers.

  15. oh I love what you said about Baba yaga. I could totally see myself in a cottage, a cat (or loads), tending my herbal garden and read lots of books beside the fire! but I hope there would be an internet connection in the cottage!:P

    I have absolutely no idea what you talking about there when you mentioned Stargate...hmm...

  16. Deslily: Yep...can't do without internet anymore.

    Court: The awesome questions made it easy :D I bet there are books like that...I should hunt them now. I think Donna Jo Napoli wrote Hansel & Gretel from the witch's perspective. And actually, Wicked is a perfect example!

    Kim: The secret was doing it without thinking :P

    Daphne: Can't wait to read your thoughts on The Graveyard Book! And yes, I always found the whole cottage on chicken feet thing fascinating.

    Susan: lol, thanks for coming to my rescue :P I was about to write you a long e-mail anyway, so I'll include the questions there :P I'm not sure if I'd say favourite, but it was the first to cross my mind.

    Mariel: lol, scaring all the local children sounds fun :P And you keep yours coming too!

    Valentina: Yeah, internet access is a must :P I'd need to keep blogging from my cottage! And I guess the Stargate answer doesn't make much sense for those who don't watch the show...sorry :P

  17. Ok yeah...I loved the Stargate question. I must shamelessly admit that I have all 10 seasons of SG-1 and the first 4 seasons of Atlantis...again, I'm a big geek.

  18. I loved reading your answers to these questions...I would have a hard time coming up with the RIGHT 5 books too...and it's funny but I can see myself sort of like a witch living alone, grinding my herbs, with my cats, knitting, and enjoying the solitude ....I love how fellow bloggers can challenge us to read outside of our comfort zone. I'm almost always happy that I've done so because I've found books that I would've never read.

    Have a great weekend!!

  19. interesting questions and answers too! The five books must be very good. I have been wanting to read American Gods, Middlesex and Nation.
    enjoy your weekend!


  20. Interview me! (Do I get to play too? Teehee)

    Those are very nice five books that you've picked. I thought of Mary Shelley too mainly because she only wrote Frankenstein. I love that one!

  21. Mary Shelley! What an great answer. It would be interesting to meet her and talk with her, wouldn't it?

  22. Matthew: That's awesome! If you lived anywhere near me I'd be tempted to invite myself over to watch them :P

    Staci: I just made it easy for myself by picking the first five to cross my mind. I love that about blogging too. And thanks! I hope your weekend was great :)

    Naida, I hope you enjoy them all!

    Alice: You do indeed :D I've send you your questions. And I love Frankenstein too.

    Literary Feline: It really would. I know a lot about her life and what she went through, but I'd love to find out a little about who she was.

  23. Can you imagine being with Mary Shelley and the gang? If I could travel back in time it'd have to be sometime in the Victorian era and of course I'd be a fancy, rich lady! haha...

  24. They're great questions and I enjoyed reading all your answers, Nymeth! This is so fun!

    Your list of five books are great and I'll have to add Nation to my wishlist after hearing so many fellow bookbloggers raving on it! :)

  25. Lovely answers Nymeth though I practically drowned in the Stargate questions (tsk tsk tsk).

    I totally feel the solitude part although it was surprising that you identified with Baba Yaga foremost. I'm so afraid of her (hahaha) and I would've related more with Frau Totenkinder. Oh dear same sentiments, different witches :P

    Interview me if you have time! I'm not getting a lot of reading and/or writing done :)

  26. Neat mythological creature! I can't really relate to any... unless you count vampires lol. Great interview!

  27. Wow - you liked Nation that much? I can't get past the first page. I will overcome!!

  28. Iliana: It would be interesting to compare the image of them that survived through the centuries to what they really were like.

    Melody: Oh, I hope you do read Nation!

    Lightheaded: I think the Baba Yaga in Fables is much meaner than the Baba Yaga in actual Russian fairy tales :P I'm still thinking about your questions...I'll send them your way soon!

    Ladytink: I like vampires too. Though not so much the sparkly ones :P

    Lenore: Terry Pratchett is one of my favourite authors (a close second to Neil Gaiman), and I think Nation is one of the best things he's written, if not THE best. I hope the book works for you when you try again!

  29. I love the fact that the blogging community not only had changed my reading and encouraged me to read more, but that it has done the same for others, including you! Great interview.

  30. On the Baba Yaga myth, you might like to check out the next installment in the Canongate Myth series:


    I was doing my orders yesterday. The moment I saw this title in the catalogue, I thought of you. Or rather what you wrote in this post.

  31. Hi Nymeth, my answers up! Thanks for the great questions you gave me. :D

  32. Serena: Yep, it does that to us all. It's great :)

    Dark Orpheus: Exciting news! Thanks for letting me know.

    Alice: Thank YOU for playing along :)

  33. I really enjoyed reading your answers. The first question would be really, really hard for me to answer!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  34. Maybe if you went back to Mayan times you could find out about the whole 2012 calendar thing. Also, interesting to see your interpretation of the 5 books--you picked books that you've read before instead of ones you haven't. I guess if you can only have 5, why risk picking a book you might not love as much.


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