Jan 7, 2009

An unscheduled break

A short one, though! Now made even shorter by the fact that I'm writing this post instead of doing the many other things I should be doing. I have so much I want to write about. I want to go on and on about how much I love Nick Hornby. I want to do Eva's bookshelf meme. I want to finish and then blab at length about Watchmen. Unfortunately, with finals and pressing work deadlines, it will all have to wait.

Things will get better next week. I'll still be busy, but I won't have as much to do simultaneously, which means I'll be able to do that thing called reading for more than about 30 minutes a day. Actually, I think the internet is more to blame here than all the things I have to do. I spend most of my breaks glued to the computer. It starts with "oh, let me just reply to comments for five minutes." Then it proceeds with "now I'll catch up with e-mail for another five". The next stage is "now let me visit the 367 awesome people whose blogs I love", and the result is, well, a little more than five minutes.

But I also want to be reading! I really want to finish Hero before Friday so I can submit my review to Renay's Bookworms Carnival on GLBTQ literature. The deadline is on Friday, and you know you want to submit a post too. I think I'll actually manage to finish it, though, because even with minimum reading time I'm already more than halfway through. It helps that it's so good. Reading it side by side with Watchment has been interesting, because both deconstruct/comment on the superhero genre, though in different ways. But more on that next week!

One last thing before I go off to do the Things I Should Be Doing: Kate is giving away a copy of Persepolis! You know you want it. Leave her a comment before the 11th to be entered.


  1. Hey, thanks for the plug! I hope your week calms down.

  2. OMG! I know, surfing blogs is so addictive even when I know I should be reading all my shiny books. Going back to them now... I swear!

  3. Ah, the Things I Should be Doing list ... that can get long, can't it? Especially when there are blogs to read, Free Rice to be played, online jigsaw puzzles to do ...

  4. We'll miss you! Get all your stuff done and then hurry back. :)

  5. Here's to a calm week to come. Have a nice short break.

  6. Arrghh the blasted Things I Should Be Doing! I've been thinking of using a kitchen timer while on the computer but I figure I would probably end up throwing it out a window :)
    Have a great break, hope you get everything done.

  7. Good luck getting everything done! :)

  8. After you made the "don't know what direction my life is taking" comment the other day I started to write up a big one about this and that and the other and wondered if you were still in school--I ended up not leaving it because I know you don't like to get too personal on the blog. Guess this answers my question. :) Is this your last semester or do you still have a bit to go?

    Have a good break and good luck with finishing the things you need to do. I don't miss finals at all, although sometimes I do miss school...

  9. Hope you have a nice, productive break and get all those pesky Things You Need To Do done. I have a few of those Things I should be getting to, too. But, alas, it is as you say. As soon as I sit down at the computer for 5 minutes, it seems like *hours* pass before I get back to even thinking about doing any of the Things I Should Be Doing!

  10. I understand how you feel about the internet, Nymeth. It's so addictive, isn't it? ;)

    Hope you've a good break! I'll be having a short break next week too as I'll be away for a vacation. :)

  11. Hi Nymeth, have a good break!

    I wish for more time... so when that is not an option, I sleep less. But that is not a good thing to do on a long term. I've been thinking about taking a break too and maybe I'd do just that. There's just too much to do but so little time.

  12. Good ole finals... I imagine I will find myself faced with them again, but right now I am sure enjoying not having to take them anymore! Good luck on everything! (I ordered my books. ha ha)

  13. Hi nymeth, enjoy your time off. I know exactly how it is, it can get so hectic online. 5 minutes turns into 10, then 15...then an hour later...lol....still online.

    good luck with your finals :) and enjoy your reading.

  14. I hope your break is good.

    I won't be TOO heart-broken if you don't finish Hero in time for the carnival. ;)

    I have more submissions for this carnival than I thought I would, considering I thought I would have zero. It's pretty awesome. :D

  15. I really hope next week comes soon! It makes me sad to think that you have so little time for reading. And with studying for finals, it's not like something you can do, check off the list, and move on. You just gotta keep doing it until the dang tests are behind you.
    I've never heard of Hero. But you've certainly left me intrigued...can't wait for your review!
    Good luck, Nymeth!

  16. hope you get all your stuff done - and looking forward to your thoughts on nick hornby and your rant over "watchmen"!

  17. It starts with "oh, let me just reply to comments for five minutes." Then it proceeds with "now I'll catch up with e-mail for another five". The next stage is "now let me visit the 367 awesome people whose blogs I love", and the result is, well, a little more than five minutes.

    *Laughs* That sounds so familiar.

    There's rant about Watchmen? Looking forward to it! :)

  18. Hi Ana :)))))) I am back and do not forsee any PC problems, bought a new laptop a good one and hooked up to a good ISP who will do house calls for very little. So I have to catch up with all the new memes etc... I moved so this took a lot of my time but I missed participating so much. I am so happy to be back and missed you a lot.

    Good luck with the finals and hope to see you soon online


  19. Procrastinating on the internet is recently my favourite occupation!if only I could get paid for that:P

    concentrate on your study and do your best,but don't stress too much!I'm looking forward to reading all your wonderful reviews!

  20. Hey, have a good break. Hope finals and work go well for you and I'll look forward to you getting back and talking all about all the great things you mention.

  21. Hope you're having a great break. Here's an award for being the best!


  22. Have a good break, I hope you get everything done.

    I'm posting my review of Watchmen up this weekend assuming I can tear myself away from the new Nick Hornby which arrived this morning!

  23. Kate, you're welcome! This week's over, and the next one will be better :)

    Lenore: lol! I know, I know.

    Maree: It really can. I try to forget exactly how long :P

    Daphne: Not done yet, but next week will be less hectic so I should be able to catch up with you all :)

    Serena, thanks!

    Joanne: lol! I'd end up throwing the timer out a window too.

    Eva: Thanks!

    Trish: I wish you'd posted it! I'm kind of weird...while I tend to be vague and not volunteer much, I don't actually mind answering questions people ask me. Especially not you, one of the bloggers I feel closest to. This is still the end of the Autumn/Winter semester. The Spring one, which starts in February, will be my last. And thanks for the good wishes!

    Megan: I know! I completely lose track of time. I blame you all for being so entertaining :P

    Melody: Totally. This is why I'm resisting Twitter, for example. One more thing to keep up with - aaaaah! Have a good vacation, Mel!

    Alice, thanks! I'm sort-of-back-but-not-really :P You know, I am often tempted to skip sleep altogether, but I know I just can't focus on anything if I have less than 6 hours, so I avoid doing it.

    Kailana: Thanks! And I can't wait to hear what you think of them.

    Naida: ...then 3 hours later :P I know, I know.

    Renay: *I* would have been heartbroken, though :P Fortunately I did finish, and I'm so glad to hear you've been getting submissions!

    Debi: The worse is over now...next week will still be busy, but more manageable. I'll be able to actually read during my lunch time again! Also, if my weekend goes well I'll write lots of posts to use throughout the week, so you won't even notice I'm around less :P And I apologize in advance for the inevitable addition of Hero to your wishlist :P

    JP: Please ignore that I said "rant" :P

    Dark Orpheus: I should edit this post and retitle it "In Which I Reveal the Full Extent of My Ignorance" :P I didn't realize the negative implications of "rant" and actually meant go-on-at-lenght-because-there's-so-much-in-this-book-I-want-to-talk-about. It has now been replaced by the more neutral "blab" :P

    Madeleine: You're back! I had been wondering about you. You were missed too!

    Valentina: If there were career opportunities in Procrastinating on the Internet my life path would be defined :P And thank you for your wise advice. This week's went well. Only two left to go!

    Carl, thank you!

    Vasilly: Awwww, thanks :D

    Mariel: I couldn't put the Nick Hornby down either. I swear, I love him so much I could explore. I'll write my thoughts on that one this weekend too, hopefully.

  24. Oh--I was just babbling about how my sister is having the same type of crisis right now. she graduated a year and a half ago, spent a year in Argentina doing nothing, and still doesn't have a clue. But, as much as my parents give her a difficult time, I really truly believe that you'll (she'll) find what's right for you. Maybe not right away, but eventually. I basically got a second degree I'll never use (except for random knowledge about literature) because I didn't know what to do after i got my first degree. If my husband hadn't asked me to work with him (which didn't work out, but I stayed within the profession), I have NO idea what I'd be doing. Life is frustrating, sometimes. babble babble babble...

  25. Trish: This is actually my second degree too...first I did psychology, and ended up realizing that working in the area was definitely not for me. I embarked on a second one under the impression that I'd develop a clear idea of what to do with it along the way, and hey, here I am now :P Thanks for your encouragement, Trish. I don't often talk about this because mostly I get "You don't KNOW? At your age?!?!" and that doesn't help much. So it's good to know you understand and even know someone in a similar situation. Life can indeed be frustrating. Good luck to your sister!

  26. Oh I definitely understand, at least to some degree. After I first graduated (with an English degree), I thought about being an editor. I really like some aspects of editing, but decided that I wasn't really cut out for it. So, I decided to go back to school (for another English degree). I thought about teaching for a long time. Then back to editing. Then teaching. Then I stopped thinking about it. :) Finally, my husband convinced me to do insurance of all things. Turns out to be what I really enjoy--even though he wants out now. :P So, he's 28 and has no idea what he wants to do either!! And secretly, I'd like to eventually just work part-time when I have kids. I've never really had a lot of drive to be a professional...

  27. I know, time just flies away when you are at the computer doesn't it. Here's hoping your next week will have a bit more time for reading :)

  28. I hope you enjoyed your break, Nymeth! I took a little one too, although mine was in the planning. It is hard to break away sometimes, isn't it?

  29. Trish: I like the idea of being an editor too, but it's not an easy market to get into...at least not here. Teaching has been growing on me lately, though. I just couldn't imagine myself as a teacher before, but now I'm not so sure. Ah well...we'll see. Good luck to your husband and to you!

    Iliana: It really does. I swear, I'm terrible...when I'm working at the computer I have to unplug the internet cable, or else I get nothing done :P

    Literary Feline: It is...you're all too addictive :P

  30. I think you'd make an excellent teacher! Have you had a chance to do any teaching? It is a lot of fun but also some work--I truly believe teachers are really special people. I think that maybe one day I'd like to teach at a community college level, but not today. :P


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