Dec 8, 2008

Secret Santa

I received my Secret Santa gift last week, but for reasons I'm sure you understand I couldn't bring myself to open it for a few days. I wanted to be in a frame of mind that allowed me to appreciate it properly. The swap will always remind me of Dewey, but I bet she'd want us to have fun with it still. So this weekend I finally opened it, and behold:

Thank you so much, Gaskella! The homemade ornaments are beautiful, and the book sounds like one I'll really enjoy. It combines two of my favourite things: urban fantasy and dark humour.

Also, I wanted to remind everyone that there's a Mr. Linky blog where you can share your posts about your Secret Santa gift and read about everyone else's experience.


  1. It looks like you got a great Secret Santa, too! The ornaments are beautiful.

  2. What a great gift! I love those ornaments :) And the wrapping paper is beautiful!

  3. Very nice! The ornaments are great, and, I agree with Chris, I really like the wrapping paper!

  4. I'm trying to hold off on opening mine until Christmas Day. It's straining my self control!

  5. the ornaments are so pretty and i love the wrapping as well..:) have fun reading the book!:)

  6. I never heard of the book before, but I just googled it and it does sound really good. And those, they are just gorgeous! Very sweet secret Santa!

  7. Wow what a great present. I love the homemade ornaments.

  8. They're beautiful! And I thought the book title sounds intriguing. I'll have to check it out.

  9. no one can really be surprised that anyone in this group gets a book for a present can they? LOL.. love the ornaments!

    christmas really wouldn't be christmas without books!

  10. beautiful! I am looking forward to this so much. In fact, it may be the one of the few 'surprise' presents I get.

  11. Those Christmas ornaments are so sweet, and the book looks really cool :)

  12. What a great gift Nymeth, beautiful ornaments and the wrapping is gorgeous. I can't believe I did this but I forgot to wrap the one I sent. Don't know what I was thinking-oh wait, I wasn't!

  13. nice!i got mine today and was really happy about it,but will have to wait till i borrow a digital camera to post about it:)
    i havent sent mine yet and feel awfully guilty but I'll drop it in the post tomorrow and hope for the best!

  14. bermudaonion: Aren't they? :D

    Chris: It really is! I kind of want to make some bookmarks out of it. I just hope the varnish I have doesn't ruin the colours.

    Kailana: I think so too!

    Charley: Isn't Gaskella talented? We should all find out if she's on Etsy and stalk her there :P

    Loren Eaton: I'm bad at that, but I admire those of you who manage to wait! And I look forward to hearing all about what you got after Christmas :)

    Ramya, thanks!

    Debi: I hadn't heard of it either, but I also looked it up and it sounds just like my kind of thing.

    Serena, so do I!

    Trish: Aren't they? And they have a lovely scent, too.

    Melody: It does, doesn't it? It looks like a quick read too, so I'll probably get to it soon.

    Steph: I'm glad you al think so too :D

    Deslily: lol, it really isn't much of a surprise :P

    Care: Same here, actually.

    Joanne: They really are! I love the cat. I love the other one too, but I have a thing for cats.

    Dar: Don't worry about it! I'm sure your person will love everything, and that's what matters most.

    Valentina: I can't wait to hear about what you got. And don't feel bad, I'm sure your person will understand. Plus it's still the 9th, so hopefully it will still make it in time for Christmas!

  15. You're a bookmark making fool! I'm going to tell your animals to stay away from you or they may just become bookmarks too :p

  16. Chris: lol! Don't go giving me ideas now :P

  17. very nice gifts! Those ornaments are so cute.
    I sent my secret santa her gift out this week :)

  18. The ornamends are so nice and precious because they are handmade.

    You wll love the book, t is by a French author I like. Great cover.

    You had more patience than me. I came back from the post office and made me some cappuchino, settled Oliver so he would not nose into the wrapping and opened your Christmas gift :}}}}}} I regret I did not take a pic of the wrapping.

  19. Wow. That is one beautiful gift! And that's even before you unwrap it to see what's inside. = )

    I hope you love your book, which I'm sure you will.

  20. I love the cat ornament! and the paper, and the book looks dark and interesting, and the wrapping paper's bittersweet, isn't it? because Dewey would have loved this, and gotten a kick out of all the gorgeous secret santa gifts going around.

  21. Wow, Nymeth, that's a beautiful package!

    I've received mine too but will be a good girl (not that you're not LOL) and open only on Christmas Day. Hehe...

    Enjoy your book!

  22. I love those ornaments! Now, can't wait to hear your review of the book - looks intriguing :)

  23. Ladytink and Naida, I'm glad you think so too!

    Madeleine: Yes..I just love handmade stuff. And the book does sound just like my sort of thing :) I'm kind of a disaster at wrapping gifts, so it's for the best that you didn't save it for posterity :P

    J.S. Peyton: The wrapping itself is gorgeous, isn't it?

    Susan: It really is. She would have loved seeing everyone thanking their secret santas, being all excited about their gifts, making new friends.

    Alice: I really admire your strength :P

    Iliana: It looks like a quick read, so I expect I'll get to it before long :)

  24. Those ornaments look great and the book looks good too. Happy readng!

  25. I love the ornaments! The book sounds interesting too, I look forward to your review when you get around to reading it.

  26. Beautiful gift! I can't believe Christmas is around the corner. Well, happy holiday reading! :]

  27. I'm truly flattered by all the compliments on my Christmas decorations - THANK YOU! It's something I've done to make pocketmoney in the past. Now I'm working, I just make them for presents etc. There are photos of more on my blog

    The paper came in a 50m roll about 10 years ago from Past Times - a UK heritage gifts catalogue. I've been using it very slowly since as it's too nice to waste on people who don't appreciate it!


  28. I love the ornaments! What a thoughtful gift!

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