Dec 26, 2008

Christmas loot!

For those of you who celebrate it, how was your Christmas? Mine was nice and quiet, and I found lots of books under the tree! Here's my loot:

I was very very happy to get mostly non-fiction and comics, because these are the types of books I'm the least likely to buy for myself. Not because I enjoy them any less, but because they're harder to find (and in the case of comics, expensive). Also, I got the two-disc edition Pan's Labyrinth DVD at last! I can't wait to see all the extras everyone says such wonders about.

Nick Hornby's brand new Shakespeare Wrote for Money is the third and final part of his "Stuff I've been Reading" columns. This one caused me to dance around the room excitedly. The bad part is that it's the last one and it's very short. The good part is that I can read it, and then read it again!

The only thing that isn't non-fiction or a comic is East, a retelling of the Norwegian fairy tale "East of the Sun, West of the Moon". Which happens to be my favourite fairy tale. I know there's no way I won't love this book. Also, the things on top of the pile you can't see too well are a 2009 Daily Planner and a gift card (which I'll probably use to get myself Fables 9).

I think I mentioned before that I have the tradition of putting a few present for myself under the tree. This year, my self-presents were Watchmen; four bookmarks that I made (all but the silver one, which was a present from my mother. The others were made with some new crafty supplies I got last weekend and that I'm totally in love with, plus with the wrapping paper my Secret Santa used to wrap my gift. It's too pretty to go to waste!); a flower brooch, also homemade (initially intended for bookmarks, but I thought it would look nice as a brooch too); and two Etsy pendants:

Aren't they lovely? In case you're wondering, yes, I did get the blue one with the cat because it reminds me of the cover of M is for Magic. And the Alice in Wonderland one is from my new favourite Etsy store. The one with the mushrooms was from a friend, and I love it to bits too.

Things that are not in the picture: What Jane Austen Ate and Charles Dickens Knew by Daniel Pool, delicious Brazilian coffee, CDs by Emmy the Great and Jeremy Warmsley, a lovely wax seal from Chris, and of course, my Secret Santa gift and the gifts from my dear friends Debi and Lightheaded.

On a non-gift related note, I wanted to bake something a little different in addition to all the traditional stuff, so I tried this Cappuccino Cake recipe and it turned out great!

What about you? How's your holiday season going so far? What was your favourite Christmas gift?

PS: I posted an update on the Christmas Swap blog: here.


  1. I too am sad that Shakespeare Wrote For Money is the last of his reading diary column collections! :(

  2. Book related, I got an iPod (to listen to audio books) and a Barnes and Noble gift card.

  3. My Secret Santa sent me a great little gift. Also, in the just-for-fun category, my mom got me a My Little Cthulhu, which horrified my wife. When I opened it, she looked at me and said, "Loren, you're [insert an age much greater than the typical consumer of vinyl dolls]!"

  4. Wow, you got a lot of great gifts. I had no idea there was a second book in the Nick Hornby series, let alone this third book--"Nick Hornby's brand new Shakespeare Wrote for Money"

    Now I have to go investigate.

  5. sure looks like you did ok ! lol. I have "East" in my tbr pile ... and you can't sneak a photo with Guylain candy in it without my spotting it! LOL..

    Have a fun new year reading those and many other books!

  6. Will have to look up those Nick Hornby books as they're new to me.

    My favourite pressies were a copy of Nation by Terry Pratchett and a boxed set of the 7 seasons of Buffy the Vampire Slayer. :-)

    Happy New Year!

  7. Looks like some great stuff! Those necklaces are beautiful - where did you get the blue cat one?

  8. A lovely, lovely stash indeed! Oh and you forgot to mention the box of chocolate for us to see and drool over :) Kidding!

    I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas plus lots of books and stuff! That blue pendant sure reminds me of the cover of M is for Magic too!

    I better get those Hornby books! Haven't read him for quite sometime now and I passed up buying Slam because I'm still waiting for the price to fall :)

    Happy, happy new year!

  9. Great books, Nymeth! I want the book East... I still have gift cards left, so I might end up ordering it!

  10. Great haul! Nonfiction and comics are my favourite things to get too, for exactly the reasons you gave.

  11. Alea: It's too bad, isn't it? But at least we got one more book!

    Bermudaonion: Anyway idea of what you'll use the gift card for yet?

    Loren Eaton: There are no words for how cool that Little Cthulhu is :D And one is never too old for Cthulhu!

    Serena: After The Polysyllabic Spree he published Housekeeping vs the Dirt, and now this. A book containing the first two parts was also published, under the title The Complete Polysyllabic Spree.

    Deslily: I'm a fan of Guylian too :D And thank you and likewise!

    Cath: yay for Nation! You know, I've never watched Buffy, but I've been told before that I really ought to do something about that. Happy New Year for you too!

    Jessi: Ooops, I meant to link to both sellers! here, and edited now.

    Lightheaded: I love me some Belgian seashells :D And I wonder if it's a coincidence or if the pendant was actually inspired by the cover. You really should read the Spree! They're books a book lover can't resist. Happy new year for you!

    Kailana: Do! I haven't read it yet, of course, but I can't imagine it not being good.

    Memory: Hopefully these will last me a while! I have to fight the urge to read them all immediately, though :P

  12. Thanks, Nymeth! Off to do some more shopping... :)

  13. Wowweee! That's a fantastic loot! I love that Alice in Wonderland's incredible. And look at all those books! Your family knows you well, huh? lol

  14. wow, you got some really nice gifts! :-) I got quite a few books myself, but will post about them once our present-giving is over, Joe and I still have our own 'just us' session when we get back to Brussels and I have a feeling that I'll get a few books from him too! :-)

  15. That's a lot of presents! Lucky you! I've read East, I think you will like it. This year I haven't gotten any books yet, I just got hiking pants and some cat toys for the cats my husband and I are getting. I'm holding off on the rest of my presents now (though I suspect my brother is giving me a used bookstore shopping spree), because my family is waiting for my sister to come in. The poor girl's flight from NY is taking THREE DAYS. Originally supposed to get to AZ on the 24th, and it's the 26th now! Ack.. the least we can do is hold up the present opening.. I feel so bad for her. We've been calling American Airlines A LOT.

  16. Is that Crow Country by Mark Cocker? Fabulous book! He's a local author in Norfolk and he sometimes does nature talks at the library. Enjoy it and Watchmen!

    I got mostly books this Christmas, including the 50th anniversary editions of LOTR. So I had a big grin on my face all day!

  17. What a lovely stack of Christmas gifts!!

    I usually buy several items for myself and hand them to my husband saying "wrap this for me!" I like your shopping-for-self tactic :)

  18. Not a ton of books for me this year (well, not a ton of "reading" books - I did get some cookbooks, a knitting pattern book, and a coffee table book - but not much to go into the ol' TBR pile... which is probably for the best!)

    I'm not a big necklace wearer, but I really like the blue cat pendant - very pretty!

    I hope you had a lovely holiday!

  19. Jessi, you're welcome!

    Chris: It helps that I print them a copy of my wishlist a few weeks before Christmas :P But hey, they always ask me to! Isn't the necklace lovely? The seller also has some beautiful Alice in Wonderland bookplates that I'm really tempted to get.

    Joanna, I look forward to your post :)

    Janicu: wow, I'm so sorry to hear that. I hope she gets home safe and sound very soon! What a way to spend the holidays. On a positive note, yay for getting cats!

    Mariel: It is! I was hoping to get at least one nature book, and I was so pleased it was this one. I've heard nothing but wonders about it. And yay for the 50th anniversary edition of LOTR! I'd be grinning all day too :D

    Dawn: Your tactic is a good one too!

    Fyrefly: Thanks! I hope you did too :)

  20. Looks like you got some wonderful gifts! My only book-related present was a gift card from Borders, from my in-laws. I love my in-laws. :)

  21. You got some great stuff!! I'm going to have to read some Nick Hornby, check out that Etsy store, and fix the Cappuccino Cake. That should all keep me out of trouble for awhile!

  22. Merry Christmas! What a nice collection of gifts, and Christmas is the perfect time for books we don't buy ourselves :-)

    My hubby got me the second Octavian Nothing book, which I would have NEVER bought myself. I would have waited until it came out in paperback. (It just came out). But so what... I'm excited to read it!

  23. Wow, you got a lot of books! And that blue pendant with the black cat is amazing!

    My family never buy me books ("what use is buying books, you can always check them out at the library"); and as a matter of fact, I'm reluctant to buy books for myself (if they're not HP books). Anyway, this year I bought myself the Italian version of The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo and can't wait to read it.

    The best Christmas present so far has come from my soon-to-be-ex employers (my contract expires in a couple days and they're letting me go). It is customary in Italy for big employers to give their employees a Christmas package full of Christmas sweets and food. There are very good biscuits in there, and 1 kg of chocolates. Alas, with my brother around, it won't last long.

  24. The blue pendant with the black cat is very pretty. I would have picked it up for myself too if I see it.

    I like your idea of setting aside gifts for yourself. Sometimes we have to remind ourselves to be kind to ourselves.

  25. I'm glad that you enjoyed your Christmas! I spent mine with my parents :)

    I love the pendants, especially the blue one with the cat, and the one with the mushrooms! I haven't heard of East, but since I love "East of the Sun, West of the Moon" I'm going to look it up.

    My favourite gift is from my Secret Santa :D

  26. Christmas was very good to you indeed! I'm thrilled to see Pan's Labyrinth. The extras are amazing. I am inspired every time I watch the Charlie Rose interview. Wonderful books and other goodies there as well, so glad you shared them with us.

  27. What great presents you got! You must be very happy with them. :)

    My Christmas was fun! My whole family got together and had a nice time celebrating...

    I did get books from my sis, two books on chess! Yikes! I was quite crazy over chess a few months ago and I guess she thought I might want some tips to play a better game. But I got a book voucher too! I can then buy a book or two for myself. Yippee!

  28. Wow, that's a luscious stack of books! And thanks for the reminder about "East of the Sun, West of the Moon." I loved it when I read it a couple of years ago, and I need to revisit it. I'll probably have my children's lit class read it in the spring semester.

  29. Bookfools: yay for gift cards and for lovely in-laws!

    Robin: The cake was so good! I want to do it again very soon.

    Kim: I'm glad you also got books you're excited about! I'm really looking forward to reading the two Octavian Nothing books.

    Alessandra: I've heard great things about The Girl with the Dragon Tattoo. I look forward to your thoughts on it. I'm really sorry to hear you're being let go... I hope you find a new and better job very soon. The biscuits and the chocolate do sound nice, though!

    Dark Orpheus: That's my logic exactly.

    Marikeno: I'm really glad you were so happy with it!

    Carl: I can't wait to watch the extras! And to watch the movie itself again too, of course.

    Josette: I really am! I'm glad you had a fun Christmas too. And aren't book vouchers the best? I got one from my brother and I can't wait to put it to good use.

    Andi: Your class is going to be so cool!

  30. You got some great stuff! I wanted to order Shakespeare Wrote for Money but decided to wait until the new year when we got home. It is sad that it's the last one.
    Love the necklaces! I've been trying to stay away from etsy but I'm not sure how long that will last. :P

  31. I didn't get that many books this year but I got a ton of DVDs lol. Love your new bookmarks! Oh I want that Alice in Wonderland necklace!!!! Gotta go check out that store now.

    My favorite gift was probably the first four seasons of Lassie.

  32. I got very few gifts, but three of them rock- a pretty necklace from my children (or my spouse), a serger, and a travel mug from Starbucks.

    I did not get a single book!

  33. I got a lovely little set of books this year! The City of Ember, The Prophet of Yonwood, The Counte of Monte Cristo, Gossamer, Birdwing, East of Eden, an illustrated Jane Eyre, and Harry, a History. As for my favorite gift - perhaps it was the tote a friend made for me, or the school years pictures frames for my kids, the Jane Eyre mentioned above, or my ipod shuffle...hard to decide which one!

    I love that key pendant!

  34. You have some really cool pressies there, Nymeth! Absolutely fab! Enjoy them and happy 2009!

  35. tanabata: Etsy can be really hard to resist, I know. I kind of want to read Shakespeare Wrote for Money next, but I know I'll finish it fast and I kind of don't want it to be over yet.

    Ladytink: The store has such lovely things, especially for fairy tales fans. You got some great presents too!

    Lisa: Sorry about the booklessness. Then again, the last thing most of us should be doing is adding to our tbr piles anyway :P

    Amanda: Gossamer! An illustrated Jane Eyre! You got some fantastic gifts :)

    Alice: Thank you!

  36. What great loot you got! It sounds like you had a nice Christmas, Nymeth.

  37. glad you had a nice Christmas :)
    those look like great presents!
    very pretty pendants and nice bookmarks.
    I think my favorite this year is what my kids got me, my son got me the new Stephen King and my daughter got me pink gloves :)

  38. Wow, all the gifts are lovely, Nymeth! I'm glad you had a wonderful Christmas! :)

  39. Oh Nymeth, I'm so happy to see your wonderful pile of Christmas goodies! Books, of course, are always fabulous, but I love your other goodies, too! And I love that you give yourself something special under the tree...and those bookmarks certainly qualify as special! They're gorgeous!

  40. What wonderful Christmas loot! I love your tradition of putting some presents for yourself underneath the tree... I think I need to start doing that too :)

    Enjoy your goodies!

  41. Not one book for me under the tree this year. :( LOL. I am looking rather enviously at your copy of Watchmen. I have some bookstore credit, so I think I'm going to pick that one up.

    Merry Christmas!

  42. Ooohh a new Nick Hornby. How exciting. I can't believe you got it before I did though! That's agreat haul. I hope to read Watchmen this year and I love your bookmarks (thanks again for mine I am using the red one at the moment).

    My favourite book was the Fables Covers that I asked Alex for. The artwork is stunning but I don't want to look too far ahead in it as I haven't read all of the graphic novels yet and don't want to spoil any of the story.

  43. Literary Feline: I did :)

    Naida: Very sweet of them! Enjoy the new King :)

    Melody, thanks!

    Debi, aww, thank you! Though the credit should go to the craft supplies I found :P

    Iliana: You should! It's a fun thing to do in the middle of the stress and craziness that the holidays can become.

    Trish: Sorry about the booklessness! I'm about 1/3 of the way into Watchmen, and wow. Definitely pick it up! It's everything I always imagined Alan Moore to be. So complex and dark and subtle and rich.

    Rhinoa: I'm done with the Nick Hornby and I can't believe there will be no more! I still have lots of novels to read, but I really hope he writes more non-fiction. Oooh, the Fables Covers book sounds gorgeous! Though I'd have to be careful too for the same reasons.

  44. I just picked up a copy of Watchmen, but I probably won't get to it until next month. I look forward to hearing what you think, though!


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