Nov 1, 2008

Puppy! And Bookmarks

This is Zacarias:

He's a little under 3 months old, and about two weeks ago he was found on the street not far from my house. The original idea was to look after him until a proper home could be found for him. But he immediately made himself at home here. The other dogs love him, and so do I.

Isn't he adorable?

Playing with the rest of the gang:

Also, I've been in the mood to do something crafty, so I thought I'd try my hand at making bookmarks. I got a bit carried away and ended up buying enough supplies to last me a lifetime., so I suspect that pretty much everyone I give presents to will find a handmade bookmark inside their Christmas stocking this year :P

Here are the results. These are still a bit rough around the edges (read: asymmetrical, uneven, etc.), but hopefully I'll get better as I go along.

First, autumn colours, made out of paper, fabric and felt:

Purples and blues:

And these are just laminated prints of some of my favourite public domain artwork: Arthur Rackman fairy tale illustrations and Pre-Raphaelite paintings by John William Waterhouse and John Everett Millais.


  1. Adorable! He looks like he fits right in!

  2. Aw! He's a cutie! Glad he found a good home with you. :D

    The bookmarks are lovely, too. I wouldn't be sad to find one of those in my stocking, though I don't imagine I will. ;-)

  3. With a face like that, of course you fell in love with him and have to keep him! Your bookmarks are very nice...I love the Rackham, Waterhouse, Millais set!

  4. Awe, Zacarias is adorable! I wouldn't have been able to give him up either.

    I love your bookmarks, too, especially the gold and purple one in the first picture.

  5. Your bookmarks are beautiful. I was thinking of going shopping for charms and tinklets for my bookmarks. Your bookmarks have encouraged me more.

  6. Zacarias IS adorable!!! Is he a border collie mix? My mother-in-law raises border collies and he looks just like her pups.

    And I love the bookmarks!! Do they have any type of cardboard center or are they simply fabric? I've been feeling rather crafty lately as well, but when i start getting that way I soon feel overwhelmed by whatever project I choose. I'm toying with the idea of making a baby quilt for my sister, but not sure if I really want to go there...

  7. Oh, he is so cute! I am envious. And your bookmarks are so lovely.

  8. Aw, he's so cute!

    Love those bookmarks, especially the fairies.

  9. I love the bookmarks! Great job!

    And Zacarias is gorgeous too!

  10. oh my gosh!!! what a cutie Zacarias is. And the other pups too.
    wonderful bookmarks too :) luv that one in the first pic, burgundy one on the end with the flower, its so pretty. good job with all of them! The Waterhouse one is great too.

  11. Aww who could not want him, he's adorable! If you need a home for any of the bottom four bookmarks just say the word :)

  12. Aw, he's gorgeous! And I love your bookmarks _ beautifully done and I might have to steal some of your ideas (if you don't mind).

  13. Oh my god, that dog is so damn cute!! I want to steal him :) Give him a hug for me!

    And I'm in love with your bookmarks! Will you open up an Etsy store...please!

  14. Oh Nymeth, Zacarias is absolutely the cutest little thing!!! I want to reach right through the screen and snuggle him up! Glad he's found himself such a wonderful home!

    And your bookmarks are beautiful! You're so creative!

  15. Wow, I wish I got a stocking from you! ;) You really should open an Etsy store, so I can snag a bunch of them!

    Speaking of Christmas, though, are you doing that holiday exchange again this year? If you need a helper, I'll help! If you don't want to do it, maybe I'll do it! I really enjoyed it.

    Love the puppy! SO CUTE.

  16. your puppy is the cutest!!!!!!!!
    I love him!

    and those bookmarks are wonderful, you're very talented!I'd love one:P

  17. He is so adorable, Nymeth! I am glad he is getting along with your other dogs. I like your bookmarks! Very well done.

  18. That puppy is adorable! I'm trying to talk my roommate into getting a rescue puppy for our apartment, but to no avail...

    I love your bookmarks! I agree with Chris, you need to open up an etsy shop. :)

  19. Dogs have that melancholy look on them, don't they? That's why they're so adorable! Your new little dog sure is cute. It's good to know that he wouldn't be wandering out on the streets all by himself!

    And your bookmarks are simply lovely! You need to keep making them and start your own bookmark business. :D

  20. I swear.. stray animals know when a home as the flashing neon signs on them that say "sucker" and stick around until they are taken in!!
    this home at one time had 10 cats, all strays! they have since gotten old and now down to 5 but the same neon sign hangs on this house as yours! LOL LOL

    So glad that Zacarias found you and your family!!

  21. Yay for you for taking in Zacarias! He's a doll, not to mention a very lucky little boy! Thank you from all of us who also have adopted/rescued abandoned or lost pets.


  22. Charley: He immediately made himself at home :D

    Megan: Thank you :) And if you participate on the bloggers Christmas swap (more on that soon!), who knows :P

    Robin, thanks! And yes, how could I resist those puppy dog eyes :)

    Memory: I'm quite proud of that one! The best part is that the purple bits are all nice and velvety. I've had that paper around for a long time and I knew I wanted to do something with it eventually, but I never quite knew what.

    Violet, I'm glad to hear it! I love shopping for craft supplies. I really have to watch myself, though, or else I get too excited and end up buying more than I'll ever need :P

    Trish: I'm a dog lover who actually doesn't know too much about dog breeds :P So I have no idea what he is. But I was just looking up pictures of border collies and he does look like them! The fabric bookmarks do have a cardboard centre. Except for the felt ones, because if they did they'd be too tick. Making a baby quilt sounds like fun! I really want to learn to knit one of these days. But the problem with crafts projects is that they are so time-consuming. Thanks to these bookmarks, I'm only 120 pages into the book I started reading 5 days ago :P

    Daphne, thanks, and I'm glad you like them :D

    Chris and Marg, thank you!

  23. i like the bookmarks. I really like the red one in the first photo and the green/blue one in the second photo. Very eye-popping.

    I like all the ones in the final photo.

  24. Naida: He is, isn't he? :D And thank you, I'm really glad you like them!

    Rhinoa: I'll keep that in mind :P

    Maree: Thanks! And I don't mind at all, feel free to use them!

    Chris: I will :D As for etsy, I thought of it (I'm making more bookmarks than I know what to do it anyway :P), but I need to get a little less clumsy first :P I suppose it just takes practice!

    Debi: hehehe :D He is adorable, isn't he? And I was so happy to see how quickly the others accepted him. And he's absolutely crazy about them. In a way he's more my dogs' dog than my dog :P And thank you, I'm glad you like the bookmarks!

    Dewey: Yes, I do plan on doing the Christmas exchange again! And I'm really glad you offered to help, because I was thinking of writing a post asking if anyone would like to. Let me e-mail you about it. About etsy, like I was telling Chris I just need to practise a bit more first!

    Valentina: I love him too :D And thank you, I'm glad you like them!

    Literary Feline: Thanks! It was great to see them become friends so quickly!

    Jessi: I hope you manage to convince them! As for etsy, I think I might in a while!

  25. OH, Ana! He is adorable and he has the same facial markings as oliver :)) He is a very lucky puppy to have you love him, He will give you back this love in so many ways. I love dogs.

  26. I did't see the link, I did not know you had 2 dogs, how nice well 3 now.

    Your bookmarks are so beautiful

  27. Hmmmmm, me again :) I am going to add your pets to Oliver's friends, at the top of my blog. I hope it is alright with you.

  28. yes, that pup is absolutely adorable. The bookmarks are beautiful!

  29. Josette: They really do...I love those puppy dog eyes. And maybe... someday :P

    Deslily: lol, it's so true. I have 4 cats and 3 dogs now, and all but the first two cats were strays. I just worry about getting a reputation for taking in animals that will lead people to drop them off here, because we can't keep taking them in forever. And I dread the day when I have no choice but to say no.

    Lezlie: We found him in the middle of the road, and the first day he just ran away to a field. We found him again two days later and that time we brought him home...I'm SO glad he didn't get hit by a car in that time. He was lucky! Anyway, thank YOU too for all you do for animals :)

    Serena, thanks! I'm glad you like them!

    Madeleine: I love dogs too. And feel free to add them, it's more than alright :)

    Care, thanks!

  30. Oh Nymeth! Zacarias is too cute! Look at him... Awwww...

    Those bookmarks are very pretty too. You're really good with craft. :D

  31. Zacarias is sooooo adorable, Nymeth! :) I love your bookmarks too! They're lovely & very nicely done!

  32. Awwww! Zacarias (and the rest of the crew) is so adorable!! Also, I love the bookmarks. I'm going to attempt to try some beaded bookmarks for Christmas present.

  33. Awww, he's so adorable! I'm glad he's found such a good home! :)

    Your bookmarks are great too! So fun and creative. I think my favourites are the furthest right in the first and second pictures, but they're all lovely. I haven't done anything crafty for quite a while, photos, books, and blogging seem to take all my time these days.

  34. What a cute puppy! I love his names. And your bookmarks are gorgeous. I like the ones with the artwork best.

  35. Ohhhh all your pups are beautiful! It's so awesome to hear that Zacarias found a home with you and your family.

    I love your bookmarks too, the grey and purple one is my favorite. You are a very cool crafter :)

  36. Alice: Awww indeed :) And thanks! I guess I'm not bad at coming up with ideas, but there's definitely room for some serious improvement when it comes to the execution :P

    Lisa: He is :D

    Melody, thank you :)

    Jessica: I want to try some beaded ones too sometime!

    tanabata: Thanks! I hadn't done anything of this kind in a look time either. As much as I love reading and blogging, they sure are time consuming.

    Jeane, I'm glad you like them! And his name is sort of goofy, but I think it suits him :P

    Joanne: Thank you! I'm glad we found him too :)

  37. I'm in love with Zacarias. Oh my he is soooooooooo adorable.

    The bookmarks are beautiful Nymeth! Wow you have a great talent for that. They will make absolutely great gifts-homemade are the best I think.

  38. I absolutely love those bookmarks! They are gorgeous!

    And I can see why you kept the puppy. He's so sweet!

    Diary of an Eccentric

  39. Aw, what a cute puppy! No wonder you want to keep him.

    Your craftiness is inspiring. I haven't made bookmarks since the days when my crafts mostly consisted of dried macaroni noodles, but yours look so dang cool...

  40. Oh he is so cute! If we found him I'm sure we'd have three dogs now instead of two :) And I LOVE your book marks! I love the leaf one, the red one, and of course...I love Pre-Raphaelite paintings. Too cool!

  41. Dar: he is, isn't he? And thank you! I love home made gifts too. Both making them and receiving them!

    Anna, thank you! I'm glad you like them :) And yes, he really is :D

    Kim: lol, dried macaroni noodles can be used to make some pretty cool things too :P

    Amanda: that was the exact case here...I figured that if there's room for two there's room for three :P I'm glad you like the bookmarks! And Pre-Raphaelite art is just gorgeous, isn't it?

  42. Aww, what a cute puppy - I want one! :)

    I think your bookmarks look great! See, I like things that are not all that perfect - to me that's the beauty of handmade. And, yes, crafty stuff is almost as addictive as books. I have so many rubber stamps (even though I'm hardly stamping now) and just oodles of other things. I should open a craft store. ha.

  43. wow!!! those are gorgeous! and they're all so unique. that is brillaint!

    and hello zacarias. he's too cute :D

  44. Ok, I'll keep an eye out for your email!

  45. Aw he is so cute! Love the bookmarks too. I went through a phase where I wanted to scrapbook so I got all the papers and stuff but I never ended up using them lol. So now I have tons of stuff like this just lying around... maybe I should make bookmarks too!

  46. He is so handsome! Please give him and the rest of your dog family hugs from aunty Teddy!

    The bookmarks are fab! Very impressive!

  47. Iliana, thank you so much for the encouragement. I think I'm convinced to give etsy a try. And lol, I have more supplies than I'll ever need too :P

    JP: He says hello back :P And thank you!

    Dewey, sorry that it took me forever!

    Ladytink: You totally should make bookmarks! And if you do, I'd love to see pictures of the results!

    Teddy Rose: I will :D

  48. Yea for new puppies! He looks like a lover. And your bookmarks are beautiful - certainly you should look into selling them.


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