Nov 11, 2008

7 Bookish Things About Me

Chris and Alice tagged me for this meme that's been going around:
  1. I always carry at least one book with me, and to avoiding it getting damaged I always wrap it in a plastic bag before putting it inside my bag.

  2. Like Naida, I make an effort to read every day, even if just for half an hour before I go to sleep. This is very important for me, and I really feel that something’s missing if I spend a day without reading. In fact, one of my definitions of “life spiralling out of control” is spending too many days in a row without having any time to read.

  3. I often turn down lunch invitations because I’d rather spend my lunch break reading. I sometimes worry that people think this means I don’t like them, but the truth is that it’s not even just about reading. I need an hour of quiet time in the middle of the day, or else I start feeling like I’m suffocating.

  4. I remember what the first book I read in English was. It was The Tale of the Body Thief by Anne Rice, and I was 15. I also remember some of the words I learned from it, like “preternatural” and “mesmerising”. After that I decided to read all of her books in English, because the writing was so much better than in the translations.

  5. Even though fantasy is my favourite genre, I’m actually a latecomer to it. I think the first fantasy book I read (if we don’t count Anne Rice as dark fantasy) was The Hobbit in my late teens.

  6. During my childhood and early teens, my access to books was pretty limited. I actually only got regular access to a library once I entered university. So what I’d do was read the same books I owned over and over again. I’d also sometimes get bored of them and raid my parents’ shelves, which resulted in my reading books like Dracula, The Lady of the Camellias by Alexander Dumas, fils or The Mother by Maxim Gorky at a young age. The first I enjoyed, the other two just bored me.

  7. Finally, like Deslily I used to work on a a-book-bought-is-a-book-read basis until I started blogging. Now I have 80 unread books on my shelves. And I know that’s still not much compared to some of you, but my point still stands: you’re all a bad influence :P
The meme has been going around for a while, so I kind of lost track of who has done it and who hasn’t. Please know that if you haven’t yet, I’d love to see your answers!


  1. Hahaha...I am an anti-social lunch reader as well. It drives me nuts when I'm sitting by myself reading and someone (usually someone I don't even know) strikes up a conversation. I'm reading here!!! It's my time :)

    And book bloggers are bad influences on me too. That and the Hatchett bag o' books...that filled up my shelves pretty quick.

  2. ha! Bad influence! I can relate.

  3. I enjoyed reading your answers, Nymeth! Your #6 answer really impressed me! I can totally understand about the turning down of lunch invitations and having some time to yourself... and my coworkers cum lunch partners understand that, although I try not to do it often! ;)

  4. I used to subscribe to the buy a book and read it practice too, but somehow I fell out of that habit. I blame online book groups and blogs. :-)

  5. Wow! 80 unread books! Suddenly I don't feel so bad. Although, I don't think anything in the world could make me count my pile of unread books right now. I might not feel so good afterwards. =)

    I've tried subscribing to the buy as you read philosophy but it last for oh... about a month. I have no willpower. I too blame blogs and book groups. =)

  6. I used to do the "a book bought is a book read" then i blogged and more than one book became a necessity, slowly many books made their way into my home :P

    Like you I need to read at least once a day, more if possible but never a day without reading, I can't even remember when this happened, probably if I had a bad migraine.

  7. Too funny!.. my first fantasy read was the Hobbit too!!! I remember I couldn't put the dang book down! lol..

    oh yeah I used to be good! buy 2 or 3 books.. read them.. go buy a few more.. repeat when necessary.. now I have 47 books in my tbr pile!!! FOURTY SEVEN!!! AGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGH! and believe me.. "I can NOT afford to be doing this!" and it's going to be really mean when it all catches up to me!

  8. I think this is the most fun I've ever had reading people's answers to memes. This one's just great!

    1. It cracks me up that you put your books in a bag...inside of a bag :p

    2. I've been known to be antisocial too when it comes to my lunch hour. Totally agree with you that it's time needed for ones self. I usually sit in my car with a book during my break.

    3. Your first English book was a great one! Did you grow up learning English as well as Portuguese or did you learn English later in life? I can't imagine reading whole books in a different language. I read some of Les Miserables in French awhile back and it was rough!

    And 4. I can totally relate to the horrible yet wonderful thing that is a TBR pile...sheesh....

  9. I'm with you on wanting to turn down lunch invites too - but I need to work with my colleagues everyday, so it's difficult. I would much rather spend the time reading though.

    And yes, bloggers are such bad influence!

  10. YOU are the bad influence, Nymeth! LOLOL

    Oh dear, I can't believe I missed this out. I am a lunch reader as well. My colleagues know not to ask me out because they already knew the answer. I will eat with my book. But as you've said, it's not that I don't like them. I adore them but I really, really must read... I think I'll go add this one to my blog post soon.

    I will also arrive at my office at 6.45 AM, sit at the coffee shop next door, dish out my book and start reading until 7.30 AM. Pure blissful morning--brilliant way to start a working day. Heheeeee...

  11. Ooh, fun. I love your answers. I'm going to go do this now. Seems like a fun distraction.

  12. I have around 60 books in my TBR too. Your no makes me feel slightly better :)

  13. haha! we can all relate to your habits! :D

    i love how you put your book in a plastic covering! that is very cute - and very sensible too...

    thats so cool that you remember the first book that you read in english - and that you actually remember the words you learnt in it! :D and what a goo start, starting with rice!

    i like the story about rereading those old books. how many times did you read dracula? you must know it quite well by now!

    i am very like you with regards to lunchtime, haha! i am very precious about my lunch break and don't easily share. thats the time for me and my books

  14. :) Understand the lunch thing perfectly! If I have a good book, I'll turn down invitations to lunch or dinner. Or go resentfully and think about the book.

    Like you and Deslily, I have changed my habits since becoming a blogger. Now there are so many great reviews and lists that I can't resist!

  15. I do 1 and 2 a well (Alex got me using a plastic bag to wrap my books in). I haven't yet turned down lunch or dinner invites to read, but I always take a book with me anyway just in case like a security blanket. 80 TBR us nothing! I like having books on my shelves waiting, it gives me something to look forward to.

  16. Loved reading your answers! I've been tagged for this one a few times and will do it probably tonight or tomorrow.

    I can still remember where I learned certain words. I learned disdain when I was in 4th grade and reading Number the Stars and then purge when I was reading Beowful in high school. There are others but for some reason those really stick out to me.

    And I skip lunch with others to read as well. Sometimes its my only time during the day to unwind because I don't generally read in the evenings--except maybe 30 minutes here and there. I also fear that people think it means something it doesn't and I don't think they really understand, but I have such a difficult time giving up that time!

    Do you still read most of your books in English?

  17. Ha ha, we are a bad influence. I swear my TBR shelves have quadrupled since I started blogging.

    I can really identify with numbers 2 and 6. I didn't really have limited library access, but my library had a strict limit on how many books kids could check out, so I always had to reread before the next trip.

  18. we have so many things in common! 1. lunch time is my favorite "bonding with my book" time as co-workers might think i am wierd, but i actually enjoy that little "me" time!:)
    2. i HAVE to read at least a couple of pages every day! no matter how tired i am, i HAVE to read something in bed!
    3. The first fantasy book i read was "the hobbit" as well! i didnt read it in my teens though.. i read it only last year!:)

  19. Amanda: lol, that drives me nuts too...especially if the person seems to assume that the only reason why I'm holding a book is so I can use it as a conversation started :P

    Care: I bet we all can :P

    Melody: With me, some people understand, others just call me a weirdo, but whatever :P

    Literary Feline: book lovers really are terrible influences on one another :P

    J.S. Peyton: And suddenly I feel WORSE! But hey, at least it's not in the hundreds yet. Other than book bloggers, I think Bookmooch is very much to blame.

    Madeline: We were all led astray at some point :P I can actually remember my last day without reading because it was last Friday! It was a crazy busy day and even my lunch time was hijacked, and when I finally got home I was too tired to do anything. But before that, I can't remember either. I hope it doesn't happen again anytime soon!

    Deslily: I was completely sucked in too! And 47, eh? Still not *too* bad, but how quickly they pile up. I'm being a terrible influence right now, aren't I? :P

    Chris: I really loved reading people's answers to this meme too! And I could really identify with most. I started learning English in second grade...I still remember my teacher. She was a really lovely British lady, and she was just so encouraging...I think she's one of the main reasons why I developed such an enthusiasm for learning languages, particularly English. Les Miserables in French does sound hard! But I bet I'd have been in trouble too if I had started reading books in English with an older classic :P But Anne Rice was the perfect mix of challenging and accessible.

    Dark Orpheus: It really can be difficult, especially when you know people will be offended and you'll have to deal with that every day.

    Alice: Well, so are you :P And that's great that your colleagues are so understanding. I wish I were as lucky! And that does sound like the perfect way to start the day :)

  20. Daphne: I look forward to seeing your answers!

    Violet: And you make me feel slightly worse! Kidding, of course :P

    JP: I think it was a good start too :D And I've actually only read Dracula twice! Once when I was like 13, and then again about 5 years ago. I want to revisit it soon... maybe for the next RIP.

    Jenclair, I'm really glad you all understand! And yep, all resistance is completely futile :P

    Rhinoa: Security blanket, that's a perfect way to put it. And you're right, that's the good side of it!

    Trish, I look forward to seeing your answers. And how cool that you remember learning words from Number the Stars and Beowulf! These days I read most of my books in English, yup. First because many translations leave a lot to be desired. Secondly because many of the books I want to read aren't available translated anyway (I think only the first 6 or 7 Discworld books were published here!) And finally, because books in Portuguese are insanely expensive - something like 15 euros ($19) on average for a paperback!

    Dewey: I clearly remember telling Dark Orpheus in my second or third month of blogging that I never had more than 5 to 10 unread books in the house. Things have changed quite a bit since then :P

    Ramya: "Bonding with my book time"...I like the sound of that! And yes, even if my eyes are closing it feels wrong not to read at least a few pages in bed. As for The Hobbit, it's never too late!

  21. You know, I think our prices are pretty good--even if the USD isn't so hot (actually, I stopped keeping up with it). But when I want to Canada over the summer I told Joy I would pick up a book for her that we couldn't find in the states (The Horseman's Graves). The paperback copy I found was $20 USD--crazy! I about died when I saw the price.

  22. I like your lunch hour habits; I know the feeling of annoyance when someone starts chatting when you are obviously reading the book you're holding in front of your face! I have very strong powers of concentration, though, and usually ignore them until they stop talking...;) I can't imagine going through a day without reading - my husband is the same so sometimes our evenings are pretty quiet.
    I just did this meme myself but really enjoyed reading your answers.

  23. Excepting the Narnia books when I was young, and Anne Rice when I was a bit older, I didn't start reading fantasy until I was 20, and didn't really become a fantasy fan until I was 23/24-ish. I'd say we're making up for lost time, though.

  24. Yeah right, young lady! You have absolutely no room for complaint. You, my dear, I feel quite confident in saying, are the hardest of all on many people's TBR piles. I KNOW you are on mine!

  25. Trish: wow, that is crazy! I think your prices are pretty good too. Very often it pays for me to order a book from, even with the shipping. And UK stores have good prices as well. I guess it has to do with the size of the market..there aren't as many people reading here, so the prices go up. Not that I know much about how these things work :P

    Melanie: Ignoring them until they go away sounds like a plan ;)

    Fyrefly: We definitely are!

    Debi: lol! I really am just returning the favour :P

  26. Fun list nymeth. I like to read on my lunch break as well :)
    The Hobbit is such a wonderful book. My 12 year old recently read it for school and enjoyed it too.

    I'm known to fall asleep while reading late at Even if I can barely keep my eyes open, I keep trying to read at least one more page.... :)

    wow 80 unread books on your shelf, enjoy those when you get to them!

  27. I just did this meme on my blog :)

  28. When I was working, I would turn down so many lunch invitations too. I preferred to go to the cafeteria on my own to read. I know people must have thought I was so anti-social but I'll take reading any time over discussing office matters! :)

  29. Like you and lot of the other commenters, I used to buy one or two books at a time, and read them before I bought any more. Blogging has completely changed that! I haven't counted my TBR books in a while, but I think it is somewhere around 65?? I think the first fantasy book I read was The Lion, the Witch and The Wardrobe. I also read and loved The Hobbit (followed by The Lord of the Rings trilogy). I don't read fantasy very much at all now though.

  30. I now have three copies of Dracula and I still haven't read it lol. I've never been able to buy a book and read it because I've always had so many in line before it. I now have over 200 unread books that I own and I just keep adding to the pile!

    I did this meme today.

  31. ahh bookworms are so alike!
    I too always carry a book with me, especially because nowadays I do most of my reading on buses or on my lunch breaks and not much at home.

    I get soooo annoyed when I've looked forward to my lunch break just for reading all morning and then someone keeps interrupting me wanting to chat. Please, can't you see I have a book in my hands? go away:P

    unlike you I always had a lot of access to many books, so I never got into the habit of re-reading.It never occurred to me even the idea of re-reading, it always seemed like a waste of time. Maybe I was spoiled with all those books bought to me and all those books that I borrowed from school and from my parents library, because I can imagine you'd have another kind of approach to reading if you only have few books to read and to treasure.

    Actually, I wish I could go back to the days when one book bought was one book read. I was much more free to choose anything i wanted to read at that moment.Obviously I didn't know at the time and always wanted to buy everything at once! now I'm looking forward to read all those on the pile so that I won't feel guilty to pick a random book and read it straight away!


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