Oct 31, 2008

R.I.P Wrap-Up and a Few Links

For this year's R.I.P Challenge, I read a mix of books from my original Peril Pool and books I found along the way, often thanks to other blogger's reviews. My favourite reads were definitely The Graveyard Book, A Fine and Private Place and Lonely Werewolf Girl. All three are among my favourite reads of the year so far. In fact, they are all new additions to my all time favourites.

But I also loved Rebecca, We Have Always Lived in the Castle, The Vampyre, The Black Jewels Trilogy, Northanger Abbey, and let me stop now before I end up naming all the books on my list :P Though some had their flaws, there wasn't a single one that wasn't worth reading. I also really enjoyed the sense of community that Carl's challenges always create. I'm already looking forward to RIP IV!

To those of you in parts of the world where it is celebrated, I wish you a very happy Halloween!

Now a few links: you might remember that some time ago I (as well as several other bloggers) posted about FieldReport, a website where aspiring writers can post their non-fiction work and get feedback, and possibly some very generous money prizes. Well, the deadline to qualify for the $250,000 grandprize is almost here - it's the 15th of November. There is also a $25,000 TeenReport prize, so if you know any teens who enjoy writing, be sure to let them know.

Still on Fieldreport, I enjoyed this Guardian article about them.

And still on the Guardian, I loved this review of A Canticle For Leibowitz. I haven't read the book (though I'm quite curious now), but what Sam Jordison says about how most of the Respectable Critics who praised The Road were eager to deny it had anything to do with a sci-fi tradition is so true. And he says it so well.

Finally, I've been a follower of the webcomic Questionable Content for years, but after this I love it even more :D


  1. Congrats on finishing the challenge! I missed it this year, but I guess Coraline will have to count unofficially. I definitely need to get my hands on Rebecca--glad you enjoyed it so emuch!

  2. sounds like you got some great reads in for this challenge.
    R.I.P. is fun.
    Enjoy your weekend :)

  3. You read a lot of good books for this challenge! I want to read Lonely Werewolf Girl, but haven't got to it yet...

  4. Some really nice books here Nymeth. I think I will participate in the next RIP challenge too. When does it start?

    Also, I have given you an award here

  5. It's always a bad day when the latest QC doesn't post before I go to work! ;)

  6. congrats on finishing RIP (like there was any doubt?? heh)

    the one thing I miss alot when carls challenges are over is going to Mr Linky and reading all the reviews!

  7. Trish: thanks! And there's always next year. I hope you enjoy Rebecca!

    Naida: Thanks, you too :)

    Marineko, I really hope you enjoy it. I couldn't have loved that book more.

    Violet: Aww, thank you :D And RIP always starts on the first of September and goes until Halloween. You really should join next year!

    Bart: hehehe :D

    Deslily: I know! I always miss that a lot too.

  8. You read some great books for the RIP challenge this year. I hope to read A Fine and Private Place as well as Lonely Werewolf Girl next year. Black Jewels should be in your most enjoyed list too though :p

  9. OMGosh...was that Questionable Content written just for you or what?!! Very cute!

    Congrats on all that fine RIP reading! This is one challenge that just flies by way too fast!

  10. Congratulations on finishing. I need to post my conclusions to this challenge. I had a lot of fun with it.

  11. Rhinoa: I really did love the trilogy, but I loved these three even more! I'm glad you plan to read Lonely Werewolf Girl, as I'm thinking of picking it for our challenge :P

    Debi: lol, it looks like it was :D I was so thrilled to see it. And you're right, it does fly by very fast.

    Framed: thanks!

  12. Congratulations in completing your RIP III challenge!

    I completed mine too and will be updating it soon. :)

  13. Congrats on completing the challenge, Nymeth! I participated the previous one and thought it was fun... it's a pity that I'd have to miss it this time around! Hopefully next time... :)

  14. Thanks Alice and Melody! And Melody, there's always next year! Hopefully you'll be able to join the fun then :)

  15. Congrats on finishing your challenge! I really want to read Lonely Werewolf Girl and the Graveyard Book. Hopefully I won't wait until next R.I.P. challenge to get to them :)


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