Oct 17, 2008


I can't believe the read-a-thon is tomorrow already! Is everyone as excited as I am?

This is a picture of my cat caught in the act of rubbing his head against my read-a-thon book pile. I'm convinced that he meant it as a form of moral support. In fact, I'm certain that tomorrow he'll be by my side all day, having his very own sleep-a-thon while I read, read and read. The books on the pile are the following (I included their opening lines too, because I really did love Debi's idea, plus I realized that doing so made me even more excited about reading them):

  • Fantastic Stories by Terry Jones
    "A young boy named Ben once ran away to sea. But the ship he joined was a very odd one indeed."

  • The Owl Service by Alan Garner
    "'How's the bellyache, then?'"

  • Tom's Midnight Garden by Philippa Peace
    "If, standing alone on the back doorset, Tom allowed himself to weep tears, they were tears of anger."

  • The Birds and Other Stories by Daphne du Maurier
    "On December the third the wind changed overnight and it was winter."

  • Gathering Blue by Lois Lowry

  • Messenger by Lois Lowry
    "Matty was impatient to have the supper preparations over and done with."

  • The Figure in the Shadows by John Bellairs
    "Lewis Barnavelt stood at the edge of the playground, watching the big boys fight."

  • The Letter, the Witch and the Ring by John Bellairs
    "'No, no, no, NO! I Will not wear that silly uniform!'"

  • The Haunting of Hill House by Shirley Jackson
    "No live organism can continue for long to exist sanely under conditions of absolute reality; even larks and katydids are supposed, by some, to dream."

  • 31 songs by Nick Hornby
    "So we were doing this thing, this launch party, for Speaking with the Angel, a book of short stories I put together to raise money for my son's school, and we - the school, the publishers of the book, me and my partner - were nervous about it."

  • Goodbye, Tsugumi by Banana Yoshimoto
    "It's true: Tsugumi really was an unpleasant young woman."

  • Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson
    "It is my first morning of highschool."

  • Fables: The Mean Seasons by Bill Willingham
    "New York city."

  • Fables: Homelands by Bill Willingham
    "Once upon a time (actually, the day after Snow White [clever but spoilerish bit removed], and Bigby Wolf [same]) a man named Jack set out to find his own bold new direction in life."
Most of these books are short (under 200 pages) and many are children's or YA. I figured those would be ideal for the Read-a-thon. I'll of course be lucky if I get to read even half of them, but I want to have plenty of choice. In addition to these, any book on my tbr pile is a potential candidate as well. I also might try to finish Raymond E. Feist's Faerie Tale, which I'm really enjoying so far.

Today I realized that I had miscalculated the time zones, and I won't be able to do the RIP mini-challenge after all. Not only will it be early morning for me, but it coincides with the beginning of my shift doing the official posts over at Dewey's blog. But it's okay; I will still celebrate the spirit of RIP by saving my spooky reads for when it's around midnight in my timezone. And I will be cheering you all on when the official mini-challenge begins.

I also have an assortment of caffeinated drinks ready, including coffee, cappuccino and moccha, and several types of flavoured black tea. Also in the picture is my favourite herbal tea, but as it tends to make me sleepy it's probably a good idea to leave it aside. As for snacks, I have chocolate, cookies, carrot cupcakes, croissants that I plan to fill with a delicious guava jam I got in Brazil, and also healthy food like cereal bars, fruit and low fat yoghurt. What about you?


  1. Awh your kitty looks just like my Lilly monster. I finally got around to reading Speak last week. I really enjoyed it.

  2. Hehe, I just did my own pre-readathon post and it looks like we'll both be reading some Fables! I'm so glad you have the Bellairs books in there! They're great books...I absolutely love them. And I love all your caffeinated treats :) I haven't seen those Lipton teas over this way. We do have these cool little pyramid bag Lipton teas though. I'll be drinking lots of tea and coffee tomorrow. My favorite teas are PG Tips and Bigelow's Constant Comment...I'll definitely be having some of that tomorrow!

  3. Oh, I wish Max hadn't left yet so I could show him the picture of his buddy! (I'll have to show him Sunday.) I think you're right...Pedrez is as anxious to get started as you are!

    Your snacks sure do look healthier than ours...Rich went to the grocery yesterday and brought home cookies and soft pretzels and mini peppermint patties for us. Good thing I'd requested a cantaloupe so at least we've got one healthy to nibble on.

    I'm so glad you posted those first sentences...I just think they're so fun to read! I love the "How's the bellyache, then?" one! Did you find it as hard as I did to not then just keep reading?

    Oh, that's just not right that you can't do Carl's mini-challenge. You shouldn't be penalized because you're doing Dewey and all the rest of us such a huge, generous favor! Maybe Carl will read your post in time, and let you be a part since you'll be doing the reading during your "witching hours"...we all know he's a pretty nice guy, after all. :)

  4. I have no idea how you can all read so many books in one 24-hour period.

  5. Wooohoo! What a great stack! I'm lusting as we speak over the FAbles volumes (of course), and Speak is great!

  6. Ooh, so fun. I am sick and so can't stay up reading like I'd like, but I will definitely be doing my own little readathon as I have all week! What a great stack you've got! You'll love the Bellairs books.

  7. Good luck on the read-a-thon Nymeth. That's quite the stack of books. Too cute about your cat giving some love to your books.

  8. Sharonanne, I'm really looking forward to reading Speak :)

    Chris: Gotta have some Fables for the Read-a-thon :D I remember your reviews of the Bellairs books, and I'm sure I'll love them. I enjoyed the first one a lot and I have no idea why it took me so much to get these. The pyramid tea bags are neat, aren't they? We don't have those tea brands over here either The Lipton teas are basically black tea with different kinds of fruit or herbal flavours. As long as it's got caffeine I'm happy :P

    Debi: I wish Max had seen it too! Believe me, I will be leaning more towards the non-healthy snacks :P I anticipate the consumption of large amounts of cookies :P I have some cantaloupe too, though, as well as apples and carrots and other healthy things. I did find it hard not to keep reading! Especially The Letter, the Witch and the Ring and Goodbye, Tsugumi...love those opening lines. Don't worry about the R.I.P mini-challenge, I'll still be having lots of fun, and I'll definitely still get some spooky reading done. Carl is certainly as nice as they come, but I realized today that I'll be drawing the winner of the prize pack, so I'd feel a bit weird to be participating anyway :P But I'll still be celebrating the spirit of RIP!

    Serena: I'm not sure whether some can - I certainly can't. My goal is not to read them all, it's only to have several books available so that if something is slow-going or doesn't work for me I can replace it easily.

    Andi: I'm really excited about reading those 3 in particular :D

    Daphne: I really think I will! And sorry that you'll still sick :( I hope that you at least manage to get lots of rest and do some reading.

    Dar: isn't it cute? :D And thank you!

  9. I'm really excited, too! I haven't read Speak, but I saw the movie and really enjoyed it. I hope you like the Fables GNs - that's my favorite current comic book series (now that Y: The Last Man has ended).

    Happy reading! I'm sure I'll be stopping by and commenting tomorrow in-between books. :)

  10. You have my absolute support in the read-a-thon! i really, really want to do this, but... I don't know - I think I don't have the guts or something. I'm still deciding though. I'm giving myself until midnight to decide. Whatever I do, I'll check in to see how you're doing. Good luck and have fun!!!!

  11. Was thinking I might read the Owl service too, if I feel like it and have time...
    I did my shopping today for snacks, only I ate half of it already so will have to go again in the morning. Read-a-thon only starts at 1pm for me!
    I bought pot noodles, tuc crackers, vanilla pudding, doritos cheaps (but they are gone already...), orange juice (gone too), grapes (the only healthy option), earl grey tea and instant coffe!
    I can't wait!!!

  12. I'm counting on my husband to pick up readathon snacks at the store tonight! I don't have any specific books in mind for my off-duty shifts except Frankenstein for Carl's mini-challenge.

  13. I still need to hit the grocery for snacks--still not entirely sure what I'll get. Your stash looks really yummy (not a big fan of tea, though).

    Isn't it fun to read with cats? I'm sure Maggie will be thrilled that I'll be lounging all day and night so that she can get her cuddle time in while I'm reading. I love it!

    I'm sorry to hear you won't be doing the RIP mini-challenge. Debi informed me of it this morning so I popped by the bookstore this afternoon to pick up Coraline. I'm sure you approve. ;)

    Yay!! So excited too. :D

  14. Your pool looks great! I really got a lot out of The Haunting of Hill House, Speak and the Fables books.

    And mmmmm to your snacks. :)

  15. Hi Ana :}
    I wondered if anyone put up books they wanted to read and thought about you and voila! I feel better I wrote up 2 books I want to read Should a book become boring, I have more on my night table. I will be reading one in French and a Canadian short story novel. Ah! yes Chris, I have those piramid shaped tea bags,just whish they would wrap them individually, I noticed they loose some flavor.
    Till tomorrow :}

  16. Oh I am so sorry, You have a beautiful cat. Oliver will join me also for a sleep-a-thon except this is my idea, his is to bring me toys to play with, like throwing a ball over and over and over.........:P

  17. That's a great stack of books you've got there. Have fun reading!

  18. Look at all those books! Have a great time reading this weekend, Nymeth! Good luck!

  19. Enjoy the Read-A-Thon. Of your titles, I've only read Speak. I didn't particularly enjoy it since the subject is pretty grim, but I thought it was powerful and had an important message.

  20. Have fun with your books Nymeth! They look great!

  21. Jessi: I loved the first 4 Fables books! I bet I'll love these two as well :) And I didn't know there was a movie of Speak. Good luck for you too!

    J.S. Peyton, it's still not too late :P Thanks for the good wishes!

    Valentina: Oooh, I should have thought of getting grapes. And it's been hard to avoid eating some of mine ahead of time too :P Vanilla pudding sounds wonderful!

    Dewey, I hope you manage to finish it! I heart that book.

    Trish: It really is wonderful. Mine is settled down already waiting for me to start (well, not really, he's sleeping and doesn't care what I do, but let's imagine he is :P) And yes, I definitely approve of you getting Coraline :D I hope you enjoy it!

    Xicanti: I'm really looking forward to reading those!

    Hi Madeleine! I'm so glad you're joining the fun. I haven't noticed the flavour loss in the pyramid tea bags yet, but I only started using them recently. That's too bad! And thanks on my cat's behalf :D

    Bookfool and Literary Feline: Thanks :D

    Charley: Yes, I've been told that before...I imagine it to be a difficult book, but it definitely sounds worth reading.

    Alessandra, thank you! You have lots of fun too!

  22. Hi! I have Gathering Blue and Speak as possibles too! :-)

    I'm glad you're doing this too, I'm not aware of anyone else in more or less the same timezone!

  23. Hi Joanna! There's actually quite a few of us in Europe: other than the two of us, we have Valentina, Alessandra, Rhinoa, Bart, Mrs S, and probably others I can't think of right now. I hope you have a wonderful time :D

  24. hi Nymeth! Have fun reading! I'm cheering ya, - Care

  25. those books look great and i think you've chosen the best kind! they're nice and breezy!

    good luck!

  26. Great pile, Nymeth, and I personally hope you get 4 of them read during the readathon! Any more completed and you will be queen....I didn't join the Cheerleader so I'll dropping by to cheer my favourite bloggers instead!

  27. Cute pic of your kitty! I just left Jiro sprawled out on the bed where I was reading!
    I didn't think of Banana Yoshimoto. I have Goodbye Tsugumi too somewhere. I think short books are a good idea. I'm trying to finish Grotesque first, but it's long. I suppose I'm making a bit of progress though.


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