Oct 18, 2008

Read-a-thon: Hours 10 and 11

Books Read These Hours:Fantastic Stories, Goodbye, Tsugumi
Pages Read These Hours: 61, 33
Total Pages Read: 263
Books Completed: 2
Mini-Challenges Participated In:2
Time Spent Reading this Hour:30 minutes, 35 minutes
Remaining Time Spent... Eating, talking to boyfriend on the phone, making coffee, visiting other participants
Total Time Spent Reading: 4 hours and 20 minutes
Mugs of Coffee/Tea drank: 4 and counting

Comments: I had some really yummy fruit salad!And some more coffee, of course. Plus I finished Fantastic Stories by Terry Jones, a collection of lovely and hilarious fairy tale-like stories. I am now reading Goodbye, Tsugumi by Banana Yoshimoto. I had read a book of hers before and I didn't really enjoyed it, but this - this I definitely do. I love the narrator's voice. It's so honest and intimate and conversational. And I love the sense of melancholy in the story. So far, the book's not really gloomy, just sort of nostalgic and funny and tender and all that.

At around midnight I want to start The Haunting of Hill House, so I'll probably end up putting this book aside temporarily.

How is everyone doing? I'm not tired yet, but asked me again in a couple of hours :P


  1. I'm starting to get a little tired now. Cats have been wanting attention but gone back to sleep again (oh to be a cat). Will have to catch up on reviews next week as I am behind by 4 so far including 2 from today. Glad you are staying awake as I think you are an hour ahead of me.

  2. I am definitely tired! I think I'm going to take a short nap! I've been wanting to read Goodbye, Tsugumi for awhile...anxious to hear your thoughts!

  3. So you liked Tsugumi? I must remember to pick it up when I go to the library on Monday.

    (I've recently discovered the shelves where they keep Japanese books)

  4. I'm starting to feel a bit dizzy. I don't know if it's because I'm tired or too much computer...hmmm...But can't take a nap or it will be the end of it:P
    maybe a short break!
    I wanted to do some creepy reading too around midnight, but I'm enjoying my book now so I'll see...
    keep up the great reading!

  5. It's great that you're not tired yet! I'm not either, but I am a bit more restless than I was several hours ago.

    I plan to read a "scary" book at midnight too, but for me, that is still 6 hours away!

  6. I was doing good until my husband joined me for coffee :) I'm definitely going to have to plan better next year. I'm drooling over cappuccino picture though.

  7. Hi Ana, hmmmmmm, time to put annother pot of coffee on for me, your coffee selection looks yummy

    happy reading

  8. Great job. I'm glad you're enjoying your current read. Oh goodie, The Haunting of Hill House-that'll be good. Perfect for nightime.

  9. wow, thats alot of reading, enjoy it :) Haunting of Hill house sounds good.

  10. Oh that coffee looks sooooo delicious!! The Haunting of Hill House will make a great midnight read! Is there a movie based on the book?

  11. so you finished your faerie tale book? how did you like it? i have to agree with the other commenters, your coffee does indeed look quite tasty. :)

  12. hey, i think i like this book!

    better check the book shops for this title. :)

  13. Ooooh... I have the Cappucino one too. Kept it in the office for coffee break :)


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