Oct 13, 2008

An Interlude

I've been writing nothing but lengthy book posts these days, so I thought I'd take (and give you all) a break. I feel that lately my blog is lacking when it comes to that personal feel I so love in other book blogs, but the problem is that when I sit down to write posts such as this I often have no idea what to say. Maybe I should join the Sunday Salon or some of the other weekly blogging events. That'd give me the chance to write more chatty posts that still have some structure.

Like many of you, I'm really looking forward to the read-a-thon next weekend, and I've been using it as an excuse to hoard books like a magpie. I want to post a picture of all my recent acquisitions, but I'm saving that for my pre read-a-thon post. I will say, though, that today my copy of The Haunting of Hill House arrived, and I'll be saving it for Carl's RIP/read-a-thon mini-challenge. I can't wait to sit down with a mug of coffee and read creepy stories late into the night. And if I start feeling uneasy I can come online and check on the other readers.

Speaking of spooky stories, there's a great contest over at Stella Matunita where you can win 6 Bookmooch points and at least one horror anthology. Xicanti is reading one ghost story a day in October, and for each time you comment on a review of one of the 31 Tales of Horror, you are entered in the giveaway once. Plus, if you spread the word about the contest you get three extra entries. Click here to find out more.

More cool links: a transcript of a Q&A with Terry Pratchett over at Second Life.
[12:53] ImmortalitySou Ballinger: Samantha Poindexter: Any chance we'll ever see Esk of Equal Rites again?
[12:55] TerryPratchett Morpork: I think that if the last Tiffany Aching book, which will be called “I shall Wear Midnight”, gets finished it will probably re-introduce Esk.
Fingers crossed that it does. For several reasons.

As for reading, I finished Martin Millar's Lonely Werewolf Girl today, and, not surprisingly, it's one of my favourite reads of the year so far. It has everything that made The Good Fairies of New York wonderful, only more of it because it's longer. It's a brilliant book, really. And I'm about to start Chesterton's Father Brown Stories, which I've wanted to read for years. I'm reading it for the Initials Challenge, but mystery is one of the subgenres of RIP, after all, so if the stories are atmospheric enough I'll count it for that too.

Is anyone else sad that RIP will be over in a little more than two weeks? I want to keep on reading Gothic tales, horror, ghost stories, nice and cosy and atmospheric books. I have the feeling that they'll still be a substantial part of my reading in November.


  1. You sound tired, Nymeth. i wish I could send you some of my turkey, which we are about to sit down and eat to (I'm on the little break between the turkey being done and everything else cooking!)....there is so much! then you could roll over to a seat and plunk down for the night and not move and read, read, read!! :-)
    and thanks for mentioning the mini-challenge of Carl's because I didn't know about it - yesterday nothing was up on his blog yet - and now I'm tempted. Really really tempted to join the mini challenge.
    and I'm so glad you loved Lonely Werewolf girl! It's one my mind keeps turning back to - Dominil is such a character, it's such a good book. :-) and you have Haunting Of Hill House next! Oh, lucky lucky you!!!! one of my favourite horror books :-)

  2. I would be so, so very excited if Esk made an appearance.

  3. Susan: tired as in "this post sucks and you have to be irrational with tiredness to even consider publishing it?" or just generally tired? :P I think I'm just stressing myself out unnecessarily, which is something I'm good at doing :P I haven't even been that busy lately, but I'm having even more trouble than usual managing my time effectively. But anyway, some turkey would be very, very welcome! I hope you do join the mini-challenge. It will be lots of fun! I look forward to Hill House, and I hope it's not too scary to read late at night on my own. I tend to be difficult to scare, but things are a bit different at 2am :P And yes, Dominill was great, and is it me or is Malveria one of the most hilarious characters ever written? "Foul niece!" "Dismal niece!" "Abominable niece!" lol, I'm laughing again just thinking about her scenes :P And then Moonglow and Daniel were just so human, and there was Kalix herself, with whom I could really identify at times...this book made me laugh out loud and it broke my heart. Not all that many books manage that.

    bookchronicle: Me too, me too. Apparently this information has been going around for a while, but I only found out now. My head is likely to explode if that does happen :P

  4. I love the movies based on The Haunting of Hill House but I've never read it... yet!

  5. Oh I totally understand how you are feeling! I am a bit swamped too and fill like lots of things in my life are suffering for it. I too am sad for October/R.I.P. Challenge to end. I have way too many books I want to read for it :)

  6. I have that same feeling all the time! I don't read near as much as you do, so I never know what to post about. Sometimes I just feel like posting but have no idea what to say when I sit down in front of the laptop, lol. But I loved your "chatty" post :)

    I'm so psyched about the read-a-thon!! It's going to be great. I've only officially picked out two books for it, but I know there will be more. And yes, I too am very sad that the RIP Challenge will be over soon :(

    And you know I still haven't read Good Fairies of New York! I don't know what's stopping me. I wanted it for so long, then I finally bought it...now I just have to read it :/

  7. I'm completely with you -- I think I will be continuing the RIP reads well into November. I have a huge stack of TBRs still, plus I'd like to read Northanger Abbey and re-read Rebecca, but maybe those fall into my idea of focusing more on some 'classic' books this winter...

  8. Can you please write some of your wonderful book reviews for me? I now am behind on 3 book reviews and I just don't feel like writing them, even though I thoroughly enjoyed all three books!

    I'm really excited about the read-a-thon too, and I'm planning to read at least part of both of my RIP challenge books. I just started Rebecca tonight.

    You are offcially allowed to read scary/creepy books past the end of the challenge! ;) I'll have to read your reviews and read vicariously through you, since I am a wimp and can't read anything very scary!

  9. Hey Nymeth! The R.I.P. III challenge has been on my mind and I am feeling a tad sad that it's coming to an end soon... I still have two more books to read: The Host and Monster, both are thick books. I hope I'll manage.

    Love reading your posts no matter what they are about. It'll be great to read personal posts too. Keep it up! :)

  10. Nymeth, I always enjoy reading your reviews. However, do not worry too much about not posting enough personal posts though... although I'd love to read anything you post! ;P

    I wish I had participated in Carl's RIP III Challenge. I had such a fun time participating in his first (or was it second?) challenge! But you know I'm pretty bad in catching up on my challenges... and I've only completed one this year, haha.

  11. How cool that you are doing the read-a-thon! I need my sleep and we have yardwork to do during the day so I'm out this time around. But have fun!!

    I loved Hill House, I read it for my Gothic lit class (which was really cool). Definitely post about it!

    I know what you mean about personal posts. I have kind of given up on that, but I'm trying to balance out all of my blogs to spend more time on the Book Nook so maybe someday I'll be able to post more!

  12. it's always sad when Carl's challenges are over because he puts so much into them.. not just "read 3 books" he keeps everyone on their toes and keeps the mood for each challenge peaked!

    I don't read as much as you so I have to have "chatty" posts. They are more like keeping a personal journal and not just a book journal... it's a good combination.

  13. I find it difficult to find that balance as well, Nymeth. And I think that because of the medium, the way that I see things and the way that they really are don't always reconcile. What I mean is sometimes I feel like because I spend so much time and pour so much into blogging and commenting that I know a lot of you on a personal level (and that I share myself on a personal level), but I'm not sure that's always the case. I see reviews going more toward catering toward the author and the people who are handing out the ARCs and sometimes I think the posts lose a little bit of the personal touch. I don't know what the balance is--but I love your posts anyway. :) And it's early in the morning and I'm rambling...

  14. "For several reasons."...that brought tears to my eyes. May there still be many books in his future.

    And I'm definitely with you on the not wanting RIP to end. I think much more so this year than last for some reason. But yep, I've decided that October isn't the end for me either. (Of course, maybe that goes without saying, as it seems it will take me till January to finish Dracula. I don't know why that book is going so slowly for me, because I really am loving it.)

  15. I'm really sad that RIP is soon over too. Especially since it's only recently started to feel like autumn here. I think reading gothic, spooky reads in November is perfectly acceptable though. :)

  16. Hi Ana :} I like your chat, i am the same way, do not know what to say once I stare at my laptop, well lately I have been venting....
    No reason to stop reading Gothic novels all year round...right? Try Friday Fill Ins, it's great for chatting.

    Oh! 6 BookMooch points? Am of to join.

    I finished Doris Lessing's THE FIFTH CHILD, now I have to chose a new book, always stressful :} I think I will read a Murakami novel.

    Have a nice evening

  17. You know Nymeth, I actually think a lot of you comes through in your reviews. You add such a personal touch I think to them. I know what you're saying about other blogs though. I've been thinking of joining the Sunday Salon for ages. I'm going to do it one day too. I'm just worried about boring everyone silly. lol. The read-a-thon sounds so fun. My health prevents me from joining but if I'm having a sleepless night I'll cheer everyone on.

  18. Ladytink: And I haven't seen the movie, but after I read the book I wil!

    Amanda: Like everyone else is saying, there's also November, and December, and so on :P But time seems to go by too fast, and I never have time to do everything I want.

    Chris, aww, thank you! I love your chatty posts too, I think you're excellent at them. You need to read Good Fairies! You know, it'd be a good read-a-thon option too...it's not very long at all and it's a really fast read!

    Daphne: I hope yo get to Northanger Abbey before the end of the month. But you know, I think November would be the perfect month for me to finally re-read The Witching Hour.

    Laura: lol, I always get behind too. And sometimes I really don't feel like writing and keep putting it off. I hope you enjoy Rebecca! Can't wait to see what you think of that one. And yes, I know I'm allowed to read them after the challenge :P I'll just miss the whole group spirit of the thing.

    Alice, I hope you manage to get to them. I haven't read either, but I keep hearing that The Host is a quick read despite being chunky. And thank you so much! You're too sweet :)

    Dear Melody, you too are too sweet! And as for RIP, there is always next year!

    Andrea: Thanks! And a Gothic Lit class does sound very cool! Finding a balance can be hard, can't it? My favourite book blogs are ones that are mostly book-oriented but still say something about the blogger's personality and other interests...I wish I knew how they do it :P

    Deslily: Yes, it's the general anticipation and the community spirit of RIP that I will miss the most. It feels like a big Halloween party that lasts two months and where the guests get to read :P And yes, I think it's a good combination. I love your chatty posts!

    Trish: I feel that I know you (and others like Debi, Chris, Rhinoa, etc.) on a personal level not only because we read each other's blogs, but because I always comment on your blogs and you comment too, and I feel that I'm actually more personal on comments than I am on actual posts. That's what got me thinking about this, actually...I think that the people I "chat" with through comments actually know me, but for example, if someone who doesn't have a blog themselves reads mine regularly, they won't have access to this more personal side of things. But even when it comes to book reviews, I think that when they're honest they say quite a bit about who we are. And don't worry, I love it when you "ramble"!

    Debi: I know what you mean about Dracula. I loved it, but it's a slow-going book, and I think it's actually easier to appreciate if you don't rush through it. So don't worry about how long it's taking you!

    Tanabata: We had lovely (aka chilly and rainy :P) weather in September, but now it's hot again...blah :P I want autumn to come already. And yes, the spooky reads will continue, but I'll miss the big online Halloween party for bookworms feel of RIP :P

    Madeline: Thank you :) And yes, right indeed! I always enjoy reading everyone's answers to the Friday Fill Ins...I should try that sometime. And yes, isn't that a generous prize? I look forward to hearing more about The Fifth Child! Speaking of Murakami, I got Hardboiled Wonderland & The End of the World for the Jap Lip challenge just a couple of days ago. I miss Murakami and I'm really looking forward to getting to it.

    Dar, thank you so much. And you would never bore everyone silly! You always have interesting things to say. Next Sunday I'll be recovering from the Read-a-thon, but I think that the week after that I'll try the Sunday Salon.

  19. I understand what you mean by finding the balance between the personal side of you and the book reviews. I wish I shared more of myself as well but it's hard for me to write posts that just say, "Hey, this is what I'm doing."

    I'm very sad to not be participating in the read-a-thon with out of state company in town. I will catch our twice annual book sale though. Very excited about that!

  20. Nymeth, I love your posts and I look forward to reading each one! I don't really know you, but I feel that I "hear your voice" through your book reviews :o)

  21. Hi Nymeth,
    I've decided to do the read-a-thon after all and also that i deifnitely don't have enough books to choose from on the day - so i just got from the secondhand bookstore with a whole huge bag! I'm glad to see I'm not the only one hoarding. :-)

  22. I'm a bit late in commenting, but as others have pointed out, there's a lot of your personality that's woven into your reviews and comments already...you're a sweet girl and a good blog-land friend - don't feel that you need to post specific "personal" essays, you have a good balance as it is, your posts are thoughtful and well-rounded - you write about your travels, music, family, pets, opinions...
    I can't wait to find out what you think of Father Brown, he's been one of my literary heroes for a loooog time...

  23. Natasha: I think your blog definitely has that balance. It's professional-looking but it also has a really personal feel that I love. It's too bad you can't join the read-a-thon, but the book sale sounds great :D

    Terri: Awww, thank you!

    Joanna: I'm so glad you're doing the read-a-thon too! And nope, you're definitely not the only one hoarding..I got two more books today. I'm hopeless :P

    Ken, thank you for your kind words. I just worry sometimes that I sound a bit...stiff? I'm happy and relieved to hear that you all don't think so. I'm almost done with Father Brown, and I love him! He's so humble and kind and perceptive and ironic and wise.

  24. I do enjoy your posts, and you have a blogging style all your own :)
    I am sad that RIP will be over soon, but I'll keep reading horror stories anyway.

  25. Oh Nymeth I really enjoy your reviews - I think you make them very personal actually and that's what I enjoy. I want to know why in particular the book affected the reader as much (or not!). Sometimes I feel like I just veer into posting lists of books because I'm tired and don't want to write about the books - haha...

    Now, I'm off to read your review of Lonely Werewolf Girl!

  26. Naida, thank you, it's kind of you to say so :) I think you also have a style that is very much your own!

    Iliana, thanks! And I like it when you posts lists of books...who doens't love a good list? :P But it's never just that either, you always have something interesting to say.

  27. Wouldn't be too concerned about the lack of personal touch on your posts. Every post you write carries with it your signature. It's tangible and sincere, so just write what you feel like, or take a break, if that's what you need.

    Structure is also over-rated. People should feel free to be distracted or wander. That's the fun part. :)

    But you just reminded me Carl's RIP Challenge is ending soon, and I have not finished ANY of the books because of work and life in general. Haha. Maybe next year.

    PS: I love the Father Brown mysteries.


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