Oct 8, 2008

Dreams Made Flesh by Anne Bishop (and BAFAB Winner!)

Dreams Made Flesh is a collection of four stories from the world of the Black Jewels Trilogy. The first, “Weaver of Dreams”, is quite short, while the other three are novellas, each focusing on one of the main male characters from the series: Lucivar, Saetan and Daemon.

“Weaver of Dreams” takes place “long, long ago”, and it’s about the origins of the Jewels from which the Blood get their magic power.

“The Prince of Ebon Rih” takes place between the events of the second and the third books in the trilogy, and it’s about how Lucivar and Marian first met and got close to each other.

“Zuulaman” is a sinister story from Saetan’s past, from the time of is marriage to Hekatah. It explains not only what drove them apart, but also how the High Lord of Hell came to be so feared.

Finally, “Kaeleer’s Heart”, my favourite of the stories, takes place after the events at the end of the trilogy, and for this reason I can’t say much about it without spoiling the third book for those who haven’t read it. So I’ll just say that we get to see Daemon, Sureal, Lucivar, Saetan and other old favourite characters, and that even though it has its dark moments, it’s ultimately a very sweet and satisfying story.

The mood of Dreams Made Flesh is somewhat different from that of the Black Jewels Trilogy. This has to do with the fact that what we have in this book are the stories behind the stories. What they give us a peek behind the curtains. And if Dreams Made Flesh is not quite as enthralling as the trilogy, it’s because what is at stake in these stories is never quite a matter of life or death.

These stories have their share of intrigue, but mostly you know from the start that everything will end up okay (with the exception of “Zuulaman”, when you know from the start that things will not be okay. Still, the horrifying details are very much a surprise). These stories are also much more explicitly erotic than the trilogy ever was. And while they are still dark fantasy, they are mostly made of those slower, less tense moments where you basically get to see the characters interacting with one another.

Which is fine by me, because that’s exactly what I wanted from this book. I wanted to spend more time in this world, and Dreams Made Flesh allowed me to do just that. So while I wouldn’t recommend it to newcomers to the series (not only because of the spoilers, but because if you don’t already know the characters, it will be much less gripping), fans of the trilogy will most likely find this book a very satisfying read.

I just love spending time with the characters. I can’t wait for Tangled Webs to come out in paperback.

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Alsoooo. Look what I'm currently reading! *points to sidebar* That's right, I got my hands on The Graveyard Book at last! I wish I could do nothing but read it all day tomorrow, but unfortunately my day is going to be sort of busy. But you know what, that's okay. Because I know that, like Chris, I'm going to be really sad when I finish it, and I don't want it to be over too soon.


  1. I loved The Black Jewels trilogy and this is on my wish list for sure (my ever-expanding wish list) and I'm totally green that you have The Graveyard Book; I don't even think it's been released in my part of the world yet Enjoy!

  2. Oh ! i know what you mean. When I have a realy good book in my hands I do not want it to end, sometimes I will put it of reading, I liked THE THIRTEENTH TALE so much. I am in dire need of a great gothic novel to get lost in, after all when stressed one does not need to read more of life's possible disasters. I have THE GHOST WRITER by John Harwood on my night stand and will start to read it after or between THE DIVING POOL.

  3. I enjoyed this one quite a bit too. It was a nice change of pace from the original trilogy and yet it still had many of the same elements and characters that I loved about the full length novels.

  4. I didn't realize the stories in this collection were from the Black Jewels universe, very cool, I suppose now I will need to get the series finished. I read the first one and loved it, but I have been slacking off lately on most of the series I follow.
    Great review and congrats on getting a copy of the Graveyard Book :)

  5. I'm sure getting a lot of new book recommendations from you. This series sounds fascinating-something else to look into. Great review as usual.

  6. Ever since your review of A Fine and Private Place, I've been dying to read it. I can't believe I've won. Thanks.

  7. I know it's weird, but I read this first although I haven't started on the trilogy yet!!! ;P I can't wait to get Tangled Webs too... and like you, I'm going to wait for the paperback to come out (hopefully soon).

  8. Congratulations to Serena on winning the book!

    My copy of The Graveyard Book came in yesterday. Yahoo!!

  9. Maree: It hasn't been released here either, but I was too impatient and pre-ordered the American edition, and then Amazon told me they wouldn't ship it until November. So I cancelled and had to order from somewhere else and wait for another week...but it's finally with me now! I love it as much as expected so far :D

    Madeleine: The Ghost Writer is on my wishlist. I have heard lots of interesting things about it. I look forward to hearing what you think!

    Literary Feline: Yes, it really did. This is such an enjoyable series :)

    Book Zombie: Me too. Which is why I decided not to start any new ones until I catch up. Let's see how long that'll last :P

    Dar, thank you! And book recommendations are what book bloggers are for :P I get lots of great ones from you too!

    Serena, you're welcome! I really hope you enjoy the book.

    Melody: If you enjoyed it then you'll surely love the trilogy even more!

    Alice: yay :D Have you started it yet? I'm a little less than halfway through and so far I loooove it.

  10. Hi Nymeth, I haven't started on it... I hope to do so as soon as I can. :)

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  12. I'm so glad these stories were just what you hoped they'd be...you just gotta love it when that happens, don't you?

    Your glee over The Graveyard Book has put the biggest smile on my face! Enjoy ever delicious minute with it, Nymeth!

  13. I'm glad you liked Dreams Made Flesh. I found it a really nice way of continuing the world Bishop created, without getting too bogged down in one plot. It allowed us to have some of our questions answered regarding the background of these stories. Lucivar's story was my favourite, as I wanted to know more about his background. But I like the balance of light and dark in all these stories. Enjoy Tangled Webs when it comes out.

    I've got another 2 weeks to wait for the Graveyard Book so am enjoying another Gaiman classic instead!

  14. Alice, I really look forward to hearing what you think :)

    Debi: Indeed you do! And thanks, I really am enjoying every minute :D

    Mariel: I pondered waiting for the UK edition after all the Amazon shenanigans, and I even prefer the UK cover, but in the end I caved. And yes, you said it perfectly about Dreams Made Flesh. I preferred the last story, but Lucivar's was really great too.

  15. I read the Black Jewels Trilogy and now I think I will have to read this one to catch up! Really good review, Nymeth! and just so you know, I am avoiding your Graveyard review until I read the book myself, later this week I hope....


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