Sep 1, 2008

Two Things

First, for Terry Pratchett fans:

a) How incredibly awesome is this? My favourite bit: Just before he left he said '& I still aten't dead'.

I love him.

b) 10 days to go for Nation and The Folklore of Discworld! And I've just pre-ordered my copies! Excitement, excitement.

c) Am I the only one who had no idea that there was an illustrated edition of The Wee Free Men coming out? Have I mentioned how much I worship that book lately? According to Amazon, it's a sumptuous, illustrated edition (...), packed with extra material, add-ons and special finishes. What's this extra material they speak of? I must have this! Ahhhh! It's coming out in a month and a day. More excitement!

Natasha at Maw Books
is dedicating the month of September to reading and blogging for Dafur. There are several ways in which you can get involved, the simplest of which is to spread the word about this campaign. Natasha is also donating 10 cents for each comment she gets in September, so make sure you drop by. Click the button to find out more, and click here to watch a video of Natasha speaking about this campaign and asking for your help.


  1. I like the lok of the illistrated Wee Free Men and the Folklore of the Discworld book. the Tiffany Aching books are my favourites of his and will be interested to see the pictures.

  2. LOL! You're enthusiasm is certainly catching! Pratchett seems like a really neat guy and I love the Pratchgan--too funny. I still need to hop back onto my reading and finish The Light Fantastic--maybe I'll be able to squeeze that in this month.

  3. If you like Terry Pratchett and other fantasy works, may I suggest another one to look at? "Outcasts Of Skagaray" is a fantasy adventure which I wrote because I felt for the abandoned and unwanted
    children of the world. If you want to preview it, there are sample chapters on If you want to visit my blog, it's You would be welcome. I would be delighted if you read my book. In any event, best wishes.

  4. Awesome is correct... that was absolutely amazing, thanks for sharing the link.

    I didn't know there was to be an illustrated Wee Free Men either. I don't actually own that one so that'll be the perfect excuse to buy myself a copy. Yay.

  5. My best memories of visiting and staying in England was that perhaps for the only time in my life I could be surrounded by fellow Pratchett lovers. People that would get all the clever jokes and quotes and didn't think I was batty (like my mother).

    I am very jealous you already have the book available and I am excited to see your comments on them! Especially for Nation!

  6. Rhinoa: I'm not familiar with the artist, but judging by the cover alone I think I'll like the illustrations! The Tiffany books are among my favourites too.

    Trish: Glad to hear it :P I hope you do manage to squeeze The Light Fantastic in!

    Andrew Clarke: Thanks for the link, I'll check it out.

    Cath: I love the picture of him pointing at the square with the black ribbon :) And yep, perfect excuse!

    bookchronicle: There certainly are lots of Discworld fans over there, and in my experience they tend to be really nice :) I got to chat with a few while waiting in line for a signing. It was lovely. The books will only ship closer to the release date, but Amazon delivery times tend to be good, so hopefully they'll be on my hands close to the 11th!

  7. a) VERY incredibly awesome!
    b & C) excitement tinged with anxiety - I didn't know that any of the three were pending - what kind of a fanboy am I?!

    ...thanks for the heads up on natasha's fundraiser...

  8. Love Terry Pratchett SO much. The man is a complete and utter legend. The Pratchgan looks fab!

    Am excited to get my hands on Nation and the others, although I think I may have to wait till the illustrated Wee Free Men is out as I have ordered the signed editions from Sandra Kidby's website...

    I should take some photos actually, I've been collecting the collector's pin badges from them too, and they are awesome. Maybe I'll post about them when I get the latest one in the post. :)

    Will drop by Natasha's blog later on.

  9. Ken: Now you know, and the advantage is that you don't have to wait for long! Nation is a non-Discworld children's book about a young native boy and a girl who survived a shipwreck creating a new nation on a desert island, and by the sound of it it's going to be too good for words.

    Quixotic: I was really, really tempted by those signed editions, but I can see myself going overboard with book buying this month, so I decided to just get the regular ones :P And the badges! You should so post about them! I have a few Death, Death of Rats and Granny Weatherwax ones, and I really should get myself some more.

  10. Thank you for posting about Natasha's blogging project. Will be checking that out!

  11. Thanks for commenting on my blog :0)

    Can't wait for Nation & the Floklore of Discworld to be released.


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