Sep 19, 2008

New Acquisitions (and Two More Down)

I thought I'd share the books that made its way into my hands this past week. I haven't done of of these posts in a very long time. Most of these were acquired via Bookmooch, where I've been going a little crazy lately.

  • Rebecca by Daphne du Marrier - This will be my next RIP read. I'll get to it as soon as I'm done with my current ones.
  • Gossamer by Lois Lowry - I couldn't resist getting this one after Chris' review. And I've finished it already - it's a really quick read. Once again, Lowry doesn't disappoint. More details soon!
  • Speak by Laurie Halse Anderson - For the read-a-thon.
  • An Abundance of Katherines by John Green - Ideally I'd save this one for the read-a-thon too, but I don't think I'm going to be able to resist.
  • Girlfriend in a Coma by Douglas Coupland - At laaaast. (I know, I know, it's serious.)
Like many other book lovers, I'm a sucker for pretty bookmarks. One of these days I'm going to post pictures of my collection. This week I also decided to treat myself to a few from this lovely Etsy store:

I love them all, but I'm especially in love with the one in the middle. Needless to say, it's going to be my Official Bookmark for the remainder of RIP. You really should visit Haber Heartwork. Not only are the bookmarks beautiful (I love this one and this one and this one), but the seller also seems very sweet. She was incredibly friendly and included one of her magnets in my package in addition to the bookmarks I'd bought. (I also love this one.)

Do you have a favourite bookmark? Any Etsy (or other) store you'd like to share?

I also want to wrap up the two challenges I completed this month: the Short Stories Challenge and Orbis Terrarum.

I read the following books for the Orbis Terrarum Challenge:
My favourites were Persepolis, Lolita and Hey Nostradamus! My least favourite was The Zigzag Way. The countries I "visited" were Nigeria, Japan, India, Iran, Italy, Russia/USA, Ireland, Canada and Mexico. I liked the fact that this challenge, like Reading Across Borders last year, pushed me out of my comfort zone and encouraged me to be more adventurous in my reading. Also, thanks to it I finally got to read some books that had been on my tbr pile for ages. Thank you, Bethany, for being such a lovely host.

For the Short Stories Challenge, hosted by Kate, I read 10 stories by new to me authors and another 10 by authors I'd read before. I'm not going to post the whole list, since it's so long, but if you're curious you can take a look here. My favourite stories were "The evolution of trickster stories among the dogs of North Park after the Change" by Kij Johnson, “A Long Story” by Beth Brant, “The River Boy” by Tim Pratt and"The Bear Came Over the Mountain" by Alice Munro. I can't think of a single one I didn't enjoy.

For this challenge, I decided not to make a list and just read whatever stories I came across. I really enjoy reading short stories. I love opening a book just to read a story or two, I love reading stories I find online. But I often find myself neglecting them in favour of novels. I like the fact that this challenge gave me extra encouragement to peruse my love of short stories. This is something I really want to keep doing. Maybe I'll join my fellow bloggers who do Short Story Sunday (or Monday, or Tuesday, or any other day of the week.)


  1. Beautiful bookmarks! And I think you'll enjoy Rebecca, it's a very good book.

  2. Wow you are productive! Yay for finishing TWO challenges and finding new books! I love the Halloween inspired bookmark as well--I was thinking about putting my decorations today but I'm not sure if it's too early...?

    I have a beautiful metal bookmark my sister got me several years ago that say "Trish, Lover of Books" but it slips out of the book if I'm on the move and I'm afraid of loosing it. So, I usually use a sunflower bookmark (no significance) or a business card if I can't find anything else. I'll have to check out the etsy store.

  3. I have a thing for bookmarks, too. One favorite is something my sil cross-stitched for me and another one is a souvenir from a skiing trip to Colorado. There are others - you've just reminded me to go look for all the MIA ones.

    Loved Lolita; am interested in Persepolis and Hey Nostradamus! so I'll keep them in mind. So many good books out there!

  4. Congratulations on completing the two challenges, Nymeth. I love the bookmarks! I will have to check out Haber Heartwork. Happy Reading!

  5. Alessandra, I think I will too :)

    Trish: It's never too early! Well, mid July would probably be :P But not now, I don't think. "Trish, Lover of Books" - that's just perfect :D But I know what you mean. The only metal bookmark I have is a lovely cat-shaped one that I never use because it slips out all the time.

    Pardon my French: So many books indeed! I hope you enjoy Persepolis and Hey Nostradamus when you get to them.

    Literary Feline: Happy reading for you too :) And thanks!

  6. Aw, I heart those bookmarks. It's nice to know I'm not alone in my obsession over bookmarks. I love them so much that I have to restrain myself from buying one every time I purchase a book. And I'm always really sad whenever I lose one or it comes apart. It's like losing a friend who went on so many wonderful journeys with you.

    I look forward to hearing what you think of "Rebecca." I hear so many good things about that I almost added it my R.I.P. III pool. But the challenge isn't over yet - so I just might! =)

  7. Ohhhh, I am reading Rebecca right now!!! I'm watching myself because I always loved the movie and when i love the movies usually the book disappoints me.. but that's not happening with this one!!

  8. I read Rebecca in January, and I loved it.
    Beautiful bookmarks :)

  9. I wish I could read Speak again for the first time--I bought it at a school book fair in my second year of teaching. Instead of grading tests that night, I devoured the book. Could NOT put it down. I actually wore out my first copy and found myself being given a library-bound copy at a teaching conference. Lucky me!

    I also eagerly look forward to your review of Gossamer; I read about that one earlier this week.

  10. Oh, you lucky, lucky girl to be getting to Rebecca for the first time! I absolutely love that book, have read and reread it several times in my life, and am never disappointed. However, the first time one gets to the ending is so darn powerful.

  11. Oooh, you're in for a treat with Rebecca!

    Very cute bookmarks - I love the Halloween one.

  12. What a great pile of books! Glad you enjoyed Gossamer :) I figured you would. You'll love Rebecca, I'm sure of that! And I can't wait to read An Abundance of Katherines...I want to read everything by John Green after reading Looking for Alaska. Paper Towns sounds really good too.

    Those bookmarks rock! I have a huge collection of bookmarks, probably about 100 of them, lol. I've always had an obsession with them. I'm definitely heading over to the Etsy shop to scoop some up. I really like the halloween one!

  13. JS Peyton: I'm glad I'm not alone too :P You can imagine how I felt when I returned a book to the library with one of my favourite bookmarks inside! I realized it a few days later, and I didn't have much hope when I went back to look, but fortunately it was still there. And yes, still plenty of time to add a book for RIP!

    Deslily: I'm glad to hear you're enjoying it! I watched the movie many years ago, and I only remember it vaguely. Unfortunately, one of the things I do remember is the ending :P But I'm sure it will still be very enjoyable, even if I already know the secret.

    Maree, I expect I will too :)

    Jena, I'm looking forward to reading Speak even more now!

    Bellezza: Like I was telling Deslily, I already know more about the story than I'd like to, but I'm sure that discovering this novel for the first time will still be a wonderful experience :)

    Lesley, glad you like them! And yes, I think I am.

    Chris: Paper Towns does look great too! If I enjoy An Abundance of Katherines even half as much as I did Looking for Alaska, I'll be very, very happy. And I really think I will. He's such a great writer. You need to post pictures of your favourite bookmarks one of these days. I like bookmark porn almost as much as bookporn :P

  14. looks like a great pile of books.
    and those bookmarks are so cute.

    interesting list of books read for the challenge. your reviews are always so well done, it make me want to read the books.
    enjoy your sunday :)

  15. Beautiful bookmarks! I hardly dare go and look at the site... ;-)

    Nice pile of books too!

    I also felt I was neglecting short stories so have made a conscious effort to read more this year. I've enjoyed so many that I can't think why I was so silly about them and will definitely keep it up.

  16. I read Rebecca a long time ago and really, really loved it. Now I can hardly remember it at all (it's time for a re-read) and what I do remember, I think I'm getting confused with Jane Eyre lol.

    Bookmarks! I love bookmarks! I've gotten where I have to use them to read with or will try to skip ahead. I'll make sure to visit that store! Btw, congrats on finishing your challenges.

  17. I love bookmarks!! Have been collecting them since my primary school days! :) Thanks for sharing your bookmarks; they're beautiful!!

    Congrats on completing the challenges, Nymeth! Well done! :D

  18. Ooh, great bookmarks! I'll check out that store, maybe for bookmarks for the read-a-thon. Today I treated myself to a print of a girl reading a book from etsy. Let's see if I can find it...

  19. Congratulations in completing the two challenges, Nymeth!

    Love the new books! I've heard lots of good things about Gossamer and I think I'd better place the title in my wish list. Great bookmarks too!

  20. Naida, thank you! I'm happy to hear you like my reviews.

    Cath: It's much too tempting, isn't it? :P I will try to keep it up too. Sometimes I forget how great short stories can be.

    Ladytink: I often see those two being compared, so it's no wonder you might be mixing them up. I started Rebecca today and so far I love it!

    Melody, thanks! My bookmarks obsession started more recently, and already I have a considerable collection. You must have hundreds after so long!

    Dewey: That print is gorgeous! And they would make good read-a-thon prizes, wouldn't they?

    Alice: Glad you like them! And thanks :)

  21. Oh my much deliciousness all in one post!!! First of all, congrats on finishing up both challenges! I agree about the short story challenge sort of giving you the push. That's one of the times that challenges can be such a good thing. I feel that way about the nonfiction five, too. I love, love, love to read nonfiction, but so seldom do it.
    Secondly, what gorgeous bookmarks! I'll definitely be perusing her shop later!
    And last but not least...what an awesome pile of acquisitions there! I've already put both Speak and Gossamer in my read-a-thon pile. (Of course, I've probably already put 10 times more books in that pile than I'll ever be able to read...and there's still weeks left to keep adding.) What do you think, would Gossamer be a good read for then?

  22. The Halloween bookmark is very fun. I have a major weakness for bookmarks too! Course you wouldn't know it at the moment, I'm just using one of those free Book Depository ones. ;)
    Congratulations on finishing those 2 challenges! Well done!

  23. Love those bookmarks! You can never have too many!

    And I gave you an award on my blog! :)

  24. Ah, Rebecca! Love that novel. I hope you enjoy it, it is perfect for R.I.P.!!!

    Great bookmarks! Don't you just love Etsy...even though it drains the bank account!?!?

  25. Debi: I love non-fiction too, but since I completed the non-fiction five I haven't found the motivation to include it in my reading plans either. Eva said something about a non-fiction challenge...I'm trying to cut back, but that one will be hard to resist. Having more books than you can read for the read-a-thon is the best possible thing to do! You want variety, after all. I plan on making a huge pile. I do think Gossamer would be great...not only is it gripping, but also very short!

    tanabata: I have so many of those book depository ones it's not even funny :P

    Anna: Indeed! And thank you :D

    Carl, I love it so far! It's so deliciously atmospheric. And Etsy is the best. This was actually my first purchase there, but it certainly won't be my last.

  26. I love the bookmarks! I've marked that Etsy store so I can go shopping :o) Thanks for the recommend.

  27. Go you! That's great that you finished those challenges. I thought I would do so well with the Orbis Terrarum challenge and on the contrary, I seem to be doing worse with it! Oh well....

    Love those bookmarks. Do show us your collection! I have a huge collection of bookmarks too but can't resist buying more so I'm off to check on that Etsy shop!

  28. Terri B, you're welcome! Happy shopping :D

    Iliana, there's still plenty of time, though! I hope you enjoy the shop. I promise to post pics of my favourite bookmarks soon.

  29. Funnily enough I just bought a copy of Speak in NYC. I started reading it in the store and found it very hard to put down and continue what I was reading. Congrats on finishing another two challenges.


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