Jun 27, 2008

Weekly Geeks #9

I was very happy to see that this week's Weekly Geeks theme is challenges, because I really needed to catch up.

My current challenges are:
That's 16 active challenges. Well, one is officially completed, and another completely overlaps with others, so I guess that technically it's 14. That's still a lot of challenges, but looking at fellow addicts like Becky, Debi, Wendy, Eva or raidergirl3 makes me feel better :P

I have 31 challenge books to read before the end of year. I think that's doable, but I think that in the future I will avoid having so many challenges going at the same time. I miss the whole books-like-cherries factor that Nick Hornby talks about in The Polysyllabic Spree. You know how one book leads you to another, and to another, and to another? To some extent I still pursue those temporary obsessions, but then I think "I should be making progress on my challenges instead." I have nobody to blame but myself, I know. Another thing I will possible do is start listing lots of possibilities instead of trying to make myself follow pre-determined lists. I want to follow my whims!

So what did I do this week, other that realizing just how many challanges I currently have going? Well, I updated my challenges page and my sidebar, I added review links to the respective challenge Mr. Linkies, and I posted on challenge blogs.


  1. Yikes! And I thought I had seen some folks that go a little crazy on these challenges, but next to Becky's Book Reviews, you take the cake.

  2. You're doing a great job on your challenges! Don't be too hard on yourself though. I went overboard, too, and although I probably won't technically finish a lot of the challenges I entered, I read a ton of great books because of them and that is the real purpose to me. Go "pick some cherries" guilt-free! :-)


  3. Wow, you've really got a major dent in your challenge reading! Wish I could say the same :(

    I am really going to try to do the same...cutting down on the challenges for next year, that is. I mean, I really do love them, and they've got me to read a lot of wonderful books that I probably never would have read otherwise. But on the other hand, I seem to have left myself no room to follow those tangents you mentioned...and I really miss that! I think I just need to say right now that I will only participate in x number of challenges next year and make myself stick to it.

  4. I just went and counted my challenges and I'm in SEVENTEEN. Not including the classics challenge which hasn't started yet. How did that happen?! And I make it a personal rule to never overlap books.

    I go through phases where I don't want to read my challenge picks, so I've given myself permission to just not worry about it and go where the reading takes me. :) On the other hand, I usually really want to read my challenge lists, because I spend so long drawing them up and always pick books that sound great! What I hate is when I realise a challenge read is incredibly boring, but I don't want to stop because it's for a challenge.

  5. You are doing SO incredibly well on your challenges compared to me. I think I need a paper bag to breathe into because I start hyperventilating everytime I look at my lists. They're awful. I feel the same as you. I miss reading by whim :( I think that in the future I really need to not get myself involved in so many challenges. It's just so damn addicting!

  6. Hi! I'm thoroughly impressed with all of you challenge-accepters...

    I'm cheering, too, for the Read-A-Thon and thought I'd stop by and wish YOU some cheer!

    I'll be hosting a mini-challenge for 6 am Sunday... and have already shared the details -it's open to cheerers, to.

  7. I get that too--where I feel that I have to read my challenges books instead of the other books on my shelf or new ones that have just come out. I've tried to keep my list manageable so that I can squeeze in a few "fun" reads each month, but it doesn't always work out that way. I still love those challenges, though!!

  8. Justareadingfool: Nope, Debi and Eva and some others are even crazier than I am :P

    Lezlie: You're absolutely right. I keep having to remind myself, but it's true that not finishing is really not a big deal as long as we're enjoying ourselves and getting to read some good books :)

    Debi: That's what I plan on doing too...of course, sticking to it will be the hard part :P

    Eva: I used to not let myself overlap, and now when I do it I still feel like I'm cheating somewhat, but then I started thinking that if I did it, I'd get to join more challenges and read some books I wouldn't otherwise. And I do love making lists and all, but then I also feel guilty for dropping and replacing a challenge book if I'm not enjoying it. It was only very recently that I began to give myself permission to do that.

    Chris: Don't panic :P I guess we need to keep remind ourselves that this is supposed to be a hobby! But yes, it IS terrible addicting!

    Care: Thanks for stopping by and for letting me know about the mini-challenge!

    Trish: I still love them too! I guess the solution is to simply join less :P

  9. Resisting challenges is really hard. I have three just finishing which'll leave me with only two. I'm not sure whether to be sad or glad! I really want to return to reading on a whim but am so tempted by the Canadian book challenge that starts in July. I can resist anything except temptation!

    I see you'll be reading the Father Brown stories for your Initials reading challenge. I'm halfway through a volume of those and am loving them, the writing is wonderful!

  10. I'm impressed, Nymeth! That's a lot of challenges you've participated... and I think you've done well with them. Keep it up! :)

  11. The main thing is you are enjoying them and reading some great bokos and aking my TBR pile a lot bigger!

  12. Cath, I'm really looking forward to reading Father Brown! I've really enjoyed all I've read by Chesterton so far.

    Melody, thank you :)

    Rhinoa: lol :P You constantly make my bigger too!

  13. That's a good list of challenges you're participating in! Makes me feel better about mine. :)
    I love making the lists for the challenges but being really flexible with my choices is the only way I can hope to finish them. I found out last year that sticking to a set list just didn't work for me. And I do try to allow the occasional whim read but there is always that nagging thought that I should be reading a challenge book.


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