Jun 8, 2008

Weekly Geeks #7 and Bookworms Reminder

This week's theme is:
Let’s have Photos Week.

1. Decide what to illustrate and start taking photos: Most of you are book bloggers, so you may want to post photos of your favorite reading spot, your TBR pile(s), your local book store, your favorite librarian, your child reading, etc. You may want to post several photos of a certain topic (like all nine of your kids reading!) or a mixed bag of photos that are unrelated except that they’re bookish. Or you may want to post just one photo, it’s up to you. If you have a different type of blog, post photos of whatever you think is suitable.

2. Create a post of your photos.

3. Don’t forget! Also link in your post to another participant’s WG photo post. Weekly Geeks is a community thing, remember! If you’re one of the first finished, of course, you may have to add your link later. See if you can find someone you don’t normally read to link to.

4. Once your post is up, come back and leave a link to that specific post (not just your regular blog url) in the Mr Linky at the bottom of this post.
I wasn't sure what to pick at first, but I was inspired by Maree's photos of some of her ten cats to do a Stuff On My Cat-esque post, with pictures of my unsuspecting sleeping cat surrounded by some of my favourite books. And if you're wondering if he was less than amused with my shenanigans, worry not. He carried on sleeping while I had my fun. Didn't even stir.

A few of my favourite things:

There. Now as for what some of the other Weekly Geeks are up to: Heather Johnson shares pictures of her family's trip to Disneyworld.

Alessandra's pictures include a rainbow shelf and an awesome looking bookshop.

I don't even know what to say about Harry Markov's pictures. See for yourself!

Mrs. S shares the books she plans on reading for the Summer Reading Challenge - I want to read some of those too.

Debi posts a picture of the books that entered her house this past week, and proves once again that book bloggers are terrible influences on one another.

And Chris shares his TBR shelf and his recent acquisitions - his pictures will make every fellow book hoarder out there feel that they're not alone.

And now a reminder: there's less than a week to go until the deadline for submitting your posts for the 12th Bookworms Carnival. Some people have expressed interested in participating but haven't submitted their posts yet. Now would be a good time :P The deadline is next Friday, the 13th, and I will remind you again before then.


  1. What great pictures! I can barely get my cats to sit still for a photo much less pile books around them!


  2. Your cat is a great model! And your books look fantastic.

  3. oh, those books look so good~! I really need to read many of them.

    oh, just a question...is that cat alive?

  4. CJ: I would never have been able to pull it off with the other three, but this one is so quiet. He sleeps in the same position for HOURS.

    Katherine: hehehe, he is.

    Bethany: yup, very much so

  5. Those are great photos. My cats never would have sat still for photos like that!

  6. LOL! I love it. I can only wish Daisy would be that still for that long.

  7. Oh! How precious! My cat would probably sleep right through it too if he's sleeping deeply enough. :-)

  8. Your photos are my favorites (of the ones I've seen so far!) Cats and books are my two favorite things, also. But I don't think either one of my cats would let me put books on him! Or worse, they would begin to chew the pages.

  9. I love your pics, Nymeth! Your cat is sooo adorable! :)

  10. I love the photos! They made me laugh. :)

  11. I can't believe he stayed asleep for your photos! I'm not a cat lover myself but can appreciate the sentiment. Thanks for the photos.

  12. Awesome photos! Only a cat would sleep through something like that!

  13. Your cat is so cute! And thanks for the link to my photos!

  14. I love it! I laughed my ass off when I saw this post. I can't believe that your cat laid still long enough for you to pile books around him and take pictures. Really great selection of books too by the way! And I finally did it - I submitted a post for the carnival...my first carnival ever actually!

  15. What a laid-back cat! I love the pictures! My cat DEFINITELY would not lay still while I placed books all around her.

  16. Wow! My cat jumps awake if someone in the room just stands up! Yours must be a very sound sleeper.

  17. Oh Oh - I love cats and I love books - and (s)he is soooo cute!

    I love it!

  18. Hahaha! That cat is DEAD to the world!

  19. awwww I love those pictures:) your cat seems so peaceful and at ease amidst your books!
    I'm thinking of participating too, but I need to borrow a digital camera cause I'm old fashioned,which is good for photographs and art but not for posting on blogs...

    I will write my post today! sorry for leaving it till the last minute!

  20. Awwww, such a pretty baby!!! I can't wait until Max wakes up so I can show him this. He is the biggest cat lover ever, I swear. And he absolutely loves his Stuff on My Cat books! I guarantee he'll be talking about your cat for days. What's this sweetie's name?

  21. Maree: I'm glad you like them :)

    Andi: lol, I bet it would be complicated to get a hyperactive puppy to pose :P

    Literary Feline: good, I was starting to think I was the only owner of a quiet cat in the world :P

    Jeane: Thank you :) lol, some of my others would chew the pages too...one in particular, Calvin, had that habit when he was younger. I'd have him on my lap while I read and he'd begin to bite the book!

    Melody: I think he is, too, but then I'm biased :P

    Chris: Thanks!

    Robin: I'm glad they did :P

    Natasha: lol, he'll sleep through mostly anything, really.

    Stephanie: yup, only a cat!

    Alessandra, you're welcome :) And I thank you for the compliment on my cat's behalf :P

    Chris: I'm glad to have made you laugh :) You should read some of those books :P Well, I know you have read some and own others, but I really look forward to your thoughts on the rest them. And I bet you and some others would have been able to guess which books I'd pile around my cat...I sound like a broken record when it comes to some of them, I know :P

    Laura: yup, he is very laid-back :)

    Dewey: Some of mine also wake up at the slightest movement or unusual sound. Interestingly enough, this one is both the quietest and most relaxed of them all and the one who is the most suspicious of strangers. Get someone he doesn't know in the house and he'll freak out.

    Mrs S: It's a he :) I'm glad you like the pics!

    Dark Orpheus: Yup :P And that's how he is for about 14 hours out of every 24.

    Valentina: Glad you like them :) And nothing to apologize for!

    Debi: His name is Pedrez. The Stuff on my Cat books sound so awesome! And Max has just gained some extra cool points in my book for being such a big cat lover :D I hope he likes the pics!

  22. Very cute! I linked my post to yours. I'm taking a different approach and journalling where my reading takes me this week. Aiming for a place a day.
    See here for Mondays:

  23. Oooh, cute cat! So at peace with your books! I'm so tempted to grab this and put a funny line similar to those funny cats site (which I can't remember now). But I won't. My brain isn't working now. Hahaha!

    Still, your cute cat must be dreaming of tales. Cat tales rather. Hahaha!

  24. Pedrez looks like he's got it made - napping in a pile of great books!

  25. Oh I just love these!! I don't think either of ours would let me do that. So cute! And your cat is gorgeous. :)

  26. Katrina, thanks for linking to my post :) I'll go check out yours now.

    Lightheaded: If you are inspired to lolcat him, by all means do so :D I think this is the site you had in mind :P

    Ken: lol, he does. If only he could read them!

    Tanabata: Thanks on his behalf :) Yours are too!

  27. That is so fun!!! I cannot believe your cat slept through it all. Too funny. Wonderfully creative entry into this week's Weekly Geeks.

  28. That's a very cool cat! Of my two I think only Merlin would let me do that without getting peeved. Morgaine is too squirmy. I am looking forward to putting up some holiday photos when I am home at the weekend. I found a way to sneak online every so often without getting caught shush...

  29. Cute pictures! That was a nice way to combine two important parts of your life :-)

  30. Carl, thanks, glad you like it :)

    Rhinoa: I look forward to seeing your photos! And worry not, I won't tell :P It's good to see you around!

    Kim, thanks :)

  31. Oh I love it!! Your cat is precious--and must be incredibly patient (or tired!).

  32. Nymeth - I'm coming to personally invite you to join my Anne mini challenge now you've told me you're reading it! It's lonely doing a challenge alone :( Here's the link http://www.clareswindlehurst.com/bookreviews/2008/06/07/mini-challenge-celebrating-100-years-of-anne/

  33. Trish, I think it was both :P Although I can't understand how he's ever tired, considering how many hours he sleeps a day :P

    Mrs S: How can I resist a personal invitation? :) Hopefully I'll be able to read Anne of Avonlea in that time period. The only "but" is that I'll be travelling, so I need to get the book before I leave. But that should be doable if I order it soon, which I will :)

  34. Love it that your cat couldn't be bothered and just continued with the nap. I have Good Fairies of New York on my TBR pile too!

  35. What a cutey! Your cat looks just like my kitty Rose. But she would never have put up with being covered with books. She preferred newspapers.

  36. Terri B: I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

    jlshall: lol, most cats wouldn't, I know :P


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