Apr 25, 2008

A to Z Meme

I was going to write about Primo Levi today, but I'm not quite feeling up to it. So instead, here's a fun meme I stole from Iliana and Deslily. The idea is to use the alphabet to make a list of some of your favourite authors and books. There were three letters I couldn't fill.

Adams, Douglas - The Hitchiker's Guide to the Galaxy
Byatt, A.S. - The Djinn in the Nightingale's Eye
Coupland, Douglas - Life After God
Dean, Pamela - Tam Lin
Eugenides, Jeffrey - Middlesex
Foer, Jonathan Safran - Everything is Illuminated
Gaiman, Neil - Death: The High Cost of Living
Hale, Shannon - The Goose Girl
Ishiguro, Kazuo - The Remains of the Day
Jones, Diana Wynne - Fire & Hemlock
Kozelek, Mark - Nights of Passed Over
Le Guin, Ursula - The Other Wind
Murakami, Haruki - Norwegian Wood
Naipaul, V.S. - Miguel Street
Orlean, Susan - The Orchid Thief
Pratchett, Terry - Reaper Man
Rice, Anne - The Vampire Armand
Salinger, J.D. - The Catcher in the Rye
Toole, John Kennedy – A Confederacy of Dunces
Vonnegut, Kurt - Slaughterhouse-Five
Yolen, Jane - Briar Rose
Wallace, Daniel - The Watermelon King
Zimmer Bradley, Marion - The Mists of Avalon

How about you? If you're up for it, I'd love to see your list.


  1. Oo, my little meme seems to have spread far and wide! I've added your name to the list of alphabetical lists I'm grouping...

    I've only read the Salinger from your list, though. Lots to look out for!

  2. I like how you managed to sneak a "Z" into the list. :)

    I'm suddenly at a loss for my favourite Pratchett book.

  3. Is the Other wind your favourite Le Guin? I really want to read it soon.

    so they can be either last or first names right?

  4. you know, I was all set for a relaxing weekend with nothing much to do . . .
    You've put together a very nice list - I just love "nights passed over" - are you also a fan of Mark Kozelek's music?

  5. That is a fun little meme. Might have to try it this weekend. I'm so embarrassed though...I've only read 3 of your authors (2 of the books you listed).

  6. Great list! I'm going to have to do this one soon. I'm doing the A to Z challenge right now and I don't know WHAT I'm going to do about some of these letters when it comes to authors...like "x"...I can't even begin to think of an x author to read! hmmmmm...

  7. well.. you did good! Only 3 letters without authors!! That's better than I did lol

  8. I've seen the movie Adaptation, which deals with Orlean's Orchid Thief, but I've never read the book itself.

    Is it good?

  9. Fun meme! I was going to say...wow...can't think of any Q or U authors, but I can. Not sure they would be my favorites, though. I would think that Primo Levi would be a tough thing to tackle on a Saturday morning.

  10. Stuckinabook: How cool that you're grouping the lists! I've been really enjoying seeing what everyone comes up with. Thanks for creating the meme :)

    Dark Orpheus: lol! Yeah, I guess she should have gone under B for coherence's sake... It wasn't on purpose, though :P I could have used Zusak, Mark.
    I picked Reaper Man, but I could have picked Small Gods or Witches Abroad or The Amazing Maurice or The Wee Free Men or...you get the idea :P

    Valentina: It is, yes. I just don't recommend it more often because to understand it fully one has to read the other 5 Earthsea books first. You read Tales from Earthsea recently, right? The story "Dragonfly" is the bridge between the rest of the series and The Other Wind. Something that I found curious: the book came out the same year as The Amber Spyglass, and they are remarkably similar in some ways. It goes to show that great minds think alike.
    And in theory it should be last names, but I guess I inadvertently cheated a bit :P

    Ken: Yes yes yes! I love it, he's one of my favourites. And the new album, April - I'm so completely obsessed with it. The title of my blog actually comes from his songs/that book...I explained the whole thing here if you're curious.

    Debi: Nothing to be embarrassed about! It means you have some great books to discover :P

    Chris: Yeah, X is complicated :/ The only one I can think of is the Chinese writer Gao Xingjian who wrote Buying a Fishing Rod for My Grandfather and won the nobel some years ago. I haven't read the book, but Orchidus posted a great review of it recently...and I know that like me you are interested in oriental writers, so it might be a good choice!

    Deslily: Honestly, some of those letters are almost impossible :P I can barely think of a Q author, let alone one that I'd call a favourite.

    JD: I picked up the book because of the movie, which is one of my favourites, and I thought it was really good. It's beautifully written - some of the best quotes in the movie are taken directly from the book. I'm not even all that interested in orchids, but I was completely engrossed in the book.

    Trish: Yeah, that's my problem too...even if I can think of some, they are not what I'd call favourites. And yes, I think I'll let myself relax and leave Levi for after the weekend.

  11. Nice -- you've filled more letters than I have. There just don't seem to be many Us Xs out there!

  12. Interesting Anne Rice pick, mnine would be Memnock the Devil. I think for Terry Pratchett I would pick Wyrd Sisters. Looking forward to reading some of your list soon!

  13. I stole this meme and gee, I forgot about Anne Rice altogether!

    Hope you post soon about Primo Levi. I have that book for ages but I don't think I'm brave enough to read it right now.

  14. Yay! I don't know anyone that has read The Orchid Thief! I managed to get hold of a free copy while working at the bookshop and absolutely loved it. I had no idea that a book about plants could be so interesting! And the movie was good, if a little odd. I'm more a fan of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind myself!

  15. Shereadsbooks: Yeah, those letters are particularly difficult!

    Rhinoa: Memnock is great as well. I'm not even sure if that one's my favourite, but I'd always had a thing for Armand and I was thrilled when he was given his own book.

    Lightheaded: I will post about him. I just need to let the book sink in for a bit. And then to gather the courage to write about it. Hopefully tomorrow.

    Mariel: I prefer Eternal Sunshine too, but then, that's the best movie EVER :P I love everything Charlie Kaufman has done, though...he's so great.

  16. Great list, Nymeth! This meme looks fun, I might do it one of these days...

  17. I loved reading your list - we share some favorites :)

  18. Melody: Do! I'd love to see your list.

    Iliana: We do indeed :) And there are some on your list that I really want to read.


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