Apr 19, 2008

A Number of Things

1. Does anyone else think that this is the coolest news ever? Okay, maybe not quite, but close. Other than Mark Buckingham and Dame Darcy, I'm not familiar with the artists involved, but judging by the sample here, it's going to be great. And plus an introduction by Neil Gaiman! I'm really looking forward to this book.

2. The April edition of the Bookworms Carnival is up! The theme is Latin American Literature, and there's a wonderful list of reading suggestions, plus some great reviews. The next Carnival's theme is Contemporary/Urban Fantasy, and it will be hosted at Scooter Chronicles. Also, I thought that now would be a good time to let you all know that I'll be hosting the June edition of the Carnival, and that the theme is going to be Fairy Tales. I know that thanks to the Once Upon a Time Challenge many of you have been reading things that qualify. But it's not just reviews that I'm looking for - more on that when I post my official information page early next month.

3. A few days ago Dewey wrote a wonderful post in answer to the question, why do we read? If you haven't read it yet, you really should. She also invited her readers to answer the question themselves.

My reasons are actually quite similar to Dewey's. Ever since I was a child, I read to forget about less than pleasant aspects of my life. And right now I feel like I'm in life's waiting room, waiting until the time is right for my life to become everything I want it to be. And what do we do when we're in waiting rooms? We read. This doesn't mean, of course, that I wouldn't read if I weren't waiting. "Escapism" is a word I have some quibbles with, because it seems to imply pretending that everything is peachy, that there isn't a darker side to life, that nobody ever gets hurt. Escape, on the other hand, just means to get out of your own head for a little while. I escape into sad stories as often (if not more) as into happy ones. When I escape into a story, I often find problems, hurt, even tragedies. But for a little while, they are not my own. I can forget myself. I think this is something we all need sometimes, and books are certainly not the only way to achieve it. It also happens when we listen to a friend talk, when we listen to a song, when we give our full attention to something in the outside world. If we were all constantly trapped inside our heads I suspect a great number of us would go mad.

Another reason why I read is because books give me great insight into other ways of living, of being, of feeling, other cultures, other lives. Books help me understand people better without the stress and strain that human interaction carries for an introvert with poor social skills such as myself.

And I also read because I thrive on stories. Stories are my favourite thing, and for me they are a great part of what being human is all about.

4. Finally, I want to thank my blogging friends Rhinoa, Kim, Melody, Chris and Susan for the Blogging Friends Gold Card. Getting to know all of you has been a great pleasure, and you've all made me happy in many different ways. I hope everyone forgives if I don't pass it on this time. There are simply too many blogs I read and love these days. Those of you I visit regularly, those of you I've come to think of as friends - you know who you are. I really appreciate you being around and enriching my life in many ways.


  1. I checked out the Carnival several months ago, but I just haven't had time to look into it in more detail. Fairy Tales seems like a perfect subject for you, though! I look forward to hearing more.

    Great thoughts on why you read--I also love the insight into the different ways of living and thinking. I simply can't imagine a life without reading and books (and now I can't imagine it without this community of book bloggers!).

  2. Wow! That Tori book sounds amazing! I'll be the first in line to pick up a copy here. She's been such an inspiration to so many people that it's no surprise that they're doing that. Can't wait. Can't wait to see your carnival either...it sounds like it'll be a really good one!

  3. Oooohhhh Tori Amos comic book. Must own it... I need to try and get hold of a copy of the dvd with a lot of her music videos on it, I think it's called Fade to Red?

    I think I am similar to you. I read to exlore other ideas and cultures. To live a different life other than just my own. It is nice to open a book and be somewhere else with someone elses problems, and it's just as good to be able to put them down like you can't in reality!

    Enjoy your award :)

  4. ohhh,yes...#1 sounds awesome.

  5. I love your waiting room analogy!

  6. How weird. I was just listening to Tori Amos tonight!! That could possibly be the first comic I ever buy!

    Sheesh. I love the Carnivals...but man. I have enough books to read already!! Fairy Tales is the perfect one for you to host!

  7. I'm really looking forward to the June carnival! If I don't contribute I will at least stalk your blog until you post so I can read the contributions. :P

  8. "Another reason why I read is because books give me great insight into other ways of living, of being, of feeling, other cultures, other lives. Books help me understand people better without the stress and strain that human interaction carries for an introvert with poor social skills such as myself."----DITTO!
    I loved reading this, Nymeth! And I agree with Dewey...the waiting room analogy was wonderful!

    I probably shouldn't admit this, but I don't quite understand how the Bookworm Carnival works, but I am really looking forward to you hosting! In my mind you will always be the fairy tale goddess!

  9. The Tori Amos book does sound good! Thank you for the link.

    Dewey did a great job of summing up why she enjoys reading. I did a similar post quite a while ago and so decided against doing it again this time. I think you've captured very well the reasons I read as well. :-)

  10. Trish: I'll be posting more info about it soon. I can't imagine a life without those things anymore either.

    Chris: It doesn't, doesn't it? I can't wait either! The greatness of the Carnival will of course depend on the contributions I get *hint hint* :P

    Rhinoa: I've had my eye on that DVD for a while too...I have Welcome to Sunny Florida, but not that one. And yes, being able to put them down is certainly a good difference between books and reality.

    incitefulmama: I'm glad you agree!

    Dewey: I'm glad you do :P

    stephanie: Even without having read it I think it's safe to say it will be a worthy first comic purchase! About the Carnival, you don't need to write a review (or any other sort of post) specifically for it...it can be something you were already going to post anyway. But I'll post more on that soon.

    Michelle: I hope you do contribute, but even if not, feel free to stalk :P Sorry that I didn't contribute to yours...I love the theme, but I didn't have a single post from this year that would qualify :(

    Debi: I'm glad you liked it :) The Carnival works like this: You (yes, all of you :P) submit posts that have to do with the theme. They don't have to be written specifically for the carnival. Then the host posts a main Carnival page with links to all the submissions and little blurbs about each. Dewey explains everything much better here.

    Literary Feline: You're welcome :) These reasons for reading seem to be shared by quite a few bloggers...they are good ones, I think :P

  11. I absolutely love Tori Amos, I just bought my ex (we stay in touch) THE PIANO COLLECTION and one for myself of course.

    I can't immagine a world without books, how terrible would that be? I agree with your essay on reading books, you're so right. Books help me from obsessing about my own problems, I try to solve those, then read a book to get away for a while. I find this a healthy way to cope.

    Have a nice week-end Nymeth

  12. Madeleine: I don't have The Piano Collection yet, but it's been on my list ever since it was released. One day, one day.
    I do think it's a healthy way to cope. I hope you have a great weekend yourself :)


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