Feb 26, 2008

Two Memes and a Change

Non-fiction Meme

a) What issues/topic interests you most--non-fiction, i.e, cooking, knitting, stitching, there are infinite topics that has nothing to do with novels?
I really enjoy reading about myths, folklore and fairy tales. I realize that anthologies of these count as fiction, but there are a number of books about these topics that I have really enjoyed. Marina Warner’s From the Beast to the Blonde, for example, Jack Zipes’ Don’t Bet on the Prince (this one is a mix of stories and essays), and all of Jack Zipes’ work that I’ve had a chance to read, really. I also enjoy books about literature, especially fantasy and children’s literature, like Jane Yolen’s Touch Magic or the anthology of essays Only Connect: Readings on Children’s Literature. Another topic that interests me is history, particularly social history. I am fond of books like Religion and the Decline of Magic by Keith Thomas or Liza Picard’s histories of London.

b) Would you like to review books concerning those?
I would and I do. In the past year or so I haven’t been reading much non-fiction, but when I do, I review it. I enjoy it as much as writing about fiction books.

c) Would you like to be paid or do it as interest or hobby? Tell reasons for what ever you choose.
Wouldn’t we all love to be paid for doing something we enjoy? My dream job involves being paid to read and write. I know I am not likely to get a job like that, though, so I will carry on happily doing these things in my free time.

d) Would you recommend those to your friends and how?
If I enjoy them, I would, yes, just like I recommend fiction books I enjoy.

e) If you have already done something like this, link it to your post.
I know I haven’t been putting it to good use (something that will change in the near future), but I do have a Non-Fiction tag.

f) Please don't forget to link back here or whoever tags you
It was the lovely Melody.

10 Signs a Book Was Written by Me Meme

1. It would be (surprise, surprise) fantasy, or at least contain some fantasy elements.
2. It would be a first person narrative, because I have trouble making any other voice work for me.
3. It would be what some might call a coming-of-age story: a story in which a more or less young protagonist goes through things that make him/her discover who they really are and what it is they really care about in life.
4. It would be character-oriented, which isn’t to say there would be no plot.
5. It might contain some fairy tale elements reworked in a (hopefully) original manner.
6. There would be references to music, as music is my other great passion.
7. There would also be references to books, like the library in Robin Mckinley’s Beauty, for example.
8. It would, in some way or another, also be a story about stories, a book about the importance of books.
9. It would (again, hopefully) be both subtle and emotional.
10. The story would probably deal with loss with some way, as I believe that loss is possibly the greatest catalyst for change.

There. I was tagged for this one by gautami tripathy ages ago. I think I will skip tagging anyone for either of these memes because I think mostly everyone has done them already. If any of you haven’t, I would love to see your replies.

And finally: what do you all think of the blog's new look? I've been toying with several layout for the past few days. I was considering a whole new colour scheme, perhaps something with greens or beiges, but I am not feeling quite so daring at the moment. There’s only so much change I can take at a time. Besides, I do love purple, so a new header it is for now. The image is a detail of this gorgeous Arthur Rackman illustration:


  1. I LOVE the new look! I've been thinking about a change as well, but I'm afraid of messing with the formatting.

  2. Oh, it's gorgeous, gorgeous, gorgeous! I love it!

    And I hope you do write that book someday...it sounds so perfectly delightful that I know it would be a favorite, even if I didn't know it was you who wrote it!

  3. Lovely post, I think I'll consider myself tagged!especially for the second...I recognised myself in what you wrote, I'm writing this neverending children's story and obviously it's a fantasy, there's references to music, and it does deal with loss, although it's not so dramatic. Originally I wanted to make it more character-driven but I realise now it's very much plot-driven but I hope that the characters will come out strong anyway...

    Also, I really love the new header, Rackham is one of my favourite illustrators, it's perfect for your blog!

  4. oh and there's also references to fairytales, although I hope I've used these elements in an original way:)

    how's that writing project thingy coming along?

  5. well... your number 4 (character oriented) made me smile! along with a few others... sounds to me like you should get started! lol

    The new look is good! I noticed a change yesterday, but no one mentioned it so I thought maybe my browser was going wacko on me lol.. (I mean, ya know, if it can go wrong for me.. it will! lol) Glad it was a change though! hahaha

  6. Well your story sounds like something I would love to read so get to it! :)
    And such a pretty new header!

  7. I LOVE the Arthur Rackham image in your banner :) As you know he's one of my favorite artists and you picked a great one! Fits your blog perfectly.

    And as for your book...you have to do NaNo this year!!!! Or if you don't, just start writing now. I know you'd write an amazing book Nymeth. And you'd enjoy the process too!

  8. The new header is so pretty, and faeries really suit your blog.

  9. Thanks for playing the meme, Nymeth! I enjoyed reading it. And ooh, I LOVE the new look! Like the others said, it really suits your blog. :D

  10. Love the new look! Reminds me that I should probably cook up something nice for my own blog. It's still as boring as the day that I first posted, and now that I seem to be rather dedicated to writing in it, I should probably make it prettier...

  11. I like the new look. Very pretty.

    Sounds like you have a good start to your book :-) And I have totally lusted after that library in Beauty ever since I read the book. Oh man, how cool to have books that haven't even been written yet??

  12. Love the detail you put in your header. So delightful. I've always been thrilled by Rackham's artwork.

  13. I like the new look. It looks very friendly!

    Thanks for doing both the meme. The non-fiction one was started by me. And yes, I would buy the book written by you. Sounds good to me!

  14. Your new look is very nice, and like others have said, suits your blog perfectly!
    I'd love to read your book. So when will it be available in stories? :)

  15. Hmm... what kind of music? If there's a soundtrack to your book, who will be on it?

    But I agree with you on loss. It is the greatest catalyst for transformation.

  16. Trish: Glad you like it! There's a website that is a great resource for these things...http://tips-for-new-bloggers.blogspot.com/ I'm sure they have advice on how to format things properly and all. Their tips have been precious to me on many occasions!

    Debi: Thanks! I'm glad you like it :) And I hope I get to actually write it one day too...I have tried several times, but I never quite manage to make it work (or to actually finish it).

    Valentina: I'd love to see your replies :) When I said loss, I didn't necessarily mean anything as drastic as death or anything like that...it can just be leaving a place, or growing distant from a person we were once close to...these are often the things that makes us stop, think, and change. About the writing thing, to be honest I wasn't able to give it any further thought, what with moving back here and everything. But thanks for reminding me! I'll post about it soon just to see if people are interested.

    Deslily: That day I had been trying a few things and at some point the blog did look completely wacko...I kinda hoped no one was looking :P No wonder you thought it was your browser, lol.

    Iliana: One day, hopefully. And thanks!

    Chris: I really am seriously considering NaNo...this year I have no excuse to skip it! And I'd like to write a few stories before then just to get "back into shape", so to speak. I do miss writing.

    Dewey: Thanks! I'm glad you like it :)

    Melody: yay, I'm glad everyone thinks so :D

    Megan: Do cook something up! Playing with backgrounds and colour schemes is such fun. That blog I told Trish about is a great help with HTML, if, like me, you're not too well-versed in it. And even if you are, they have great schemes to get around blogger's limitations.

    Kim: I know! That and the Dream Library in the Sandman are just so cool! That one has books that the authors imagined or dreamed of but ever got around to writing. Those are probably my favourite fictional libraries.

    Jeane: Isn't Arthur Rackman great? I'm glad you like the header :)

    guatami tripathy: Thanks for coming up with that meme! It's a good one :) And thanks! I just have to actually write it now :P

    Marg: Thanks!

    tanabata: I'm glad you think so. Like I said before, all the book needs is to actually get written now :P

    Dark Orpheus: Some five years ago I started writing a book called Rusalford...the story took place in a fictional town in the contemporary world, where ordinary people and creatures from myth lived side by side. This is, of course, exactly what Charles de Lint has done with his Newford books (even the name is similar!), except that back then I had never even heard of Charles de Lint. Grrrr. Anyway, in that book one of the characters gave another a Kings of Convenience CD, and it was a meaningful gesture in several ways. So...I'd use that, and other things that touched me. Tori Amos. Sufjan Stevens. Leonard Cohen. Nick Cave. Sigur Ros. I'd use my own experience with music that is meaningful to show the emotional impact in can have on people.

  17. I love your new header! It's perfect!

  18. Loving the new look, I love Rackhams paintings. Reading your comment to Dark Orpheus you so need to read more Charles de Lint who also includes lots of musical references in his writing.

  19. i really like points 6 and 7. i think i'd like your book!

    and i love the new look of the blog. it fits so well, i can't believe you haven't had it from the start. like, at the moment i can't remember how your old one looked! (which was cool too, of course. it just shows how seamlessly this one fits in)


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