Dec 12, 2007

And the winner is....

The winner of my When Santa Fell to Earth giveaway is....

Em at Em's Bookshelf!

Congratulations, Em! Please send me your address to untuneric at gmail dot com as soon as possible. I'd like to mail you the book (along with some surprise Christmas treats) tomorrow, because I'm travelling on Friday and I won't have the chance to do it for a while after that. Unfortunately it's not likely that it will reach you before Christmas at this point, but it's never too late for Christmas treats, right?


  1. Congratulations, Em! I know you'll enjoy!

  2. congratulations Em, you can't go wrong with Cornelia Funke!

  3. Thanks, Nymeth! I just sent you an email with my address. I love Cornelia Funke's other books and am so excited to read this one. Thanks for making my day. :)

  4. I got your e-mail . I'll send it tomorrow. And you're welcome :) I hope you enjoy the book!


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