Nov 26, 2007

On Secret Santas and Marionettes

A few people who are participating in the Christmas Exchange have asked me if the Secret Santas are to remain secret forever, or if they can include a card with their gift saying who they are. My idea was definitely to include a little note or card revealing our identity - the Santas are to be secret only until our bloggers opens their gifts. Of course that if anyone wishes to remain anonymous they can do so, but I think it'll be more fun to tell. Otherwise the curiosity would eventually kill us all :P Anyway, I apologize for not having explained this properly to begin with.

Another thing: Some of you might remember that back in the summer I posted some pictures of an exhibition of marionettes I went to. Well, the author of these masterpieces found my post, and he was kind enough to let me know that he now has a blog where he will be posting pictures of his work. The blog is new, so there isn't much content in it yet, but that will change in the future. Here's the link. The blog is in Portuguese, but fortunately when it comes to pictures there are no language barriers.


  1. That's great that he has a website for his marionettes! They're amazing! I love the few pictures he's posted. I hope that one day he decides to sell some prints or something. I'm sure I could never afford his marionettes, but some prints or postcards would be cool!

  2. Wow...his marionettes are incredible! Must have been fabulous to see them in person!

  3. Very cool, I've added that site to my favs list! Thanks Nymeth.

    And thanks for the gift answer. I was wondering as I have some ideas that might actually reveal who I am as the person opens the gift and I needed to make some changes if we were supposed to keep this a lifelong secret. This helps. Can't wait to get all my stuff together and get it out to the person.

  4. ah cool!

    it makes you wish you could speak portuguese! all i can say is obrigado and "oh my god"...

  5. Chris: Yes, I do wish there were prints or postcards for sale. The marionettes themselves would certainly be way beyond my budget.

    Debi: They were even better in person, yes! I'm very glad I had the chance to see them.

    Carl: I am sure you will come up with a perfect gift for your person :D

    Jean Pierre: In this case that is enough, I think :P


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