Nov 24, 2007

The Blogger Christmas Exchange – A Further Update

So, it is now the 24th of November. Until the end of the day, most of you will receive an e-mail from me saying who the person you are to send a little gift to is. I say "most of you" because some of you will be e-mailed by my boyfriend instead. Allow me to explain: I wanted to not know who my Secret Santa is, even though I am the one organizing this, so my boyfriend suggested that I let him draw the names when there was about one third of the list left to go. So I know that some of you are NOT my Secret Santa, but among that group of about 8 people, I have no idea who it is. This was the best way I found to join in on the fun as well :P

Anyway, I want to thank everyone who joined the Christmas Exchange once again. We have a total of 26 participants, including myself. I was thrilled to see both old blogger friends and bloggers I did not yet know sign up. Hopefully we'll all make some new friends in blogland through this experience. And if everything goes well this year, maybe we can make this our own Christmas tradition.

After you get the e-mail saying who your person is, you have until the 7th of December to send out your gift. That leaves us about 2 weeks to pick a present for our blogger. Of course, the soonest you can send it, the better, especially if you get someone who lives overseas. We all know, though, that sometimes life gets in the way of fun things like this, so if for some reason you really can't send your gift before the 7th, just send me an e-mail letting me know, so that I can warn your person that their gift might be a little late. I don't want anyone worrying that their gift got lost in the mail, or that their Santa forgot all about them :P Hopefully we'll all get our gifts before Christmas, but if some of us don't, it's okay. Gifts are always welcome, even if they are a little late.

Also: If until tomorrow you don't get an e-mail saying who your person is, please leave me a comment saying so. I don't want any e-mails to get lost along the way.

When you start getting your gifts in the mail, you can either open them right away or put them under the tree and wait until Christmas - it's up to you. But I was thinking of putting up a post with a Mr. Linky, so that those of you who write a post in your blogs about what you got can link to it. You don't have to share, of course. But if you want to, it'd be great. I'm sure I'm not the only one who's curious about what everyone will get :P

Well, that's it for now, I guess. Thanks once again for joining. I hope everyone has fun with this!


  1. I'm looking forward to receiving that email on who my Secret Person is. :)

  2. What an absolutely perfect way for you to join in the fun! I got my name and I'm looking forward to the challenge.


  3. Thanks for organizing this, Nymeth! I got the email with my secret person's name, and I'm so excited! It's going to be a lot of fun to find the perfect thing(s) to send to my mystery person! I'm glad you built in some surprise for yourself, too!

  4. I got my email thanks. Just a quick question, when we send the gift are we allowed to say who it is from or is it to remain a complete secret and mystery?

  5. That's a great idea, asking your boyfriend to help you find a way to be surprised yourself.

  6. Oh, your boyfriend is a genius! I was worried that you wouldn't really get to "play" along, and that just wouldn't have been right!

    And thanks Rhinoa...I was going to ask the same thing.

  7. Debi and Rhinoa and anyone else who might be wondering: Do say who it's from! It's supposed to be a mystery only until the person gets the gift. Of course that anyone who wants to remain anonymous can do so, but I think it's more fun if we eventually tell our "Santees" who we are. I am definitely going to include a card saying who I am in my package.

    I'm glad that everyone seems to be having fun with this :) And yes, I am very happy that my boyfriend had this idea! I really wanted to find a way to play along too.

  8. hello! I'm Jorge Cerqueira

    I'm the author of the marionettes you seemed to like so much.I read your blog and I was surprised when I saw the fotos of my marionettes.How did you find them in Braga? I don't have a website but I have a blog since yesterday.
    Were yuo in Braga last summer?

    I don't speak English...I can read and understand some setences...but it's dificult for me to write correctly,I asked a friend to help me.
    Thank you for sharing my marionettes with your friends.

  9. Jorge: Olá! De facto adorei as marionetas! Encontrei a exposição em Braga porque, apesar de neste momento estar a viver em Inglaterra, o semestre passado estava a estudar na Universidade do Minho. Ia à livraria Almedina regularmente, e foi desse modo que encontrei a exposição.

    Obrigado pelo link para o blog, e parabéns pelo excelente trabalho!

  10. What a fantastic and fun idea to have your boyfriend do that. Hadn't even thought of that. Now you get to be surprised as well!!!

    By the way, forgive me if you wrote this elsewhere, but is the 'secret' part of 'secret santa' to remain a 'secret' forever?

  11. Carl: I should have explained this in my original post. In fact, I think I'll write an update explaining, because you're not the first to ask. You are the third, in fact :P My idea was for the Santa to be secret only until people receive their gifts. Of course that if anyone wants to keep it a secret, they can, but I think it's more fun to reveal it eventually...otherwise the curiosity would kill us all :P

  12. hooray for nymeth's christmas blogger exchange!! :D


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