Oct 2, 2007

So there will be a signing...

So, I found it very strange that I couldn’t find any information online about Terry Pratchett’s supposed illness and cancellation of his October signing tour. What I could find instead was information about his recently completed American tour, and a recent announced for a signing at London’s Forbidden Planet on the 13th of October. All of this made me very very suspicious, so I decided to e-mail the webmaster of L-Space, who got in touch with Terry Pratchett’s agent and got back to me saying that Terry is perfectly well and his signing tour is going ahead – it’s just the Nottingham signing at Waterstone’s that has been cancelled.

I am completely dumbfounded that the staff at Waterstone’s would make up some excuse concerning his health instead of just saying there was a problem with that signing in particular. I cannot believe it was done intentionally – it must have been that clerk in particular who was somehow misinformed. Still, you don’t tell people something like that unless you are absolutely sure. An illness that makes you know you will not be well three weeks in advance tends to be a little more serious than just a flu, so if you tell that to people they are naturally going to be concerned. I am quite upset that they weren’t more careful and didn’t make sure that all their staff had their facts straight. I bet there will be a lot of disappointed people asking about the cancellation of the signing, and I hope they are not all told what I was told.

Anyway, the London signing is on a Saturday, and it’s not like I have anything important to do that weekend, so I think I’m just going to that one instead. London is only a little over two hours and £15 roundtrip away, and I think that’s more than worth it to meet my second favourite author. It’s not like he ever does signings in Portugal, so who knows when I’ll have another chance. It was bad enough that I missed all the Neil Gaiman events last week because I was busy here in Nottingham with module registration and whatnot. So Forbidden Planet, here I go (Rhinoa, you should go too and meet me there!).

I am still reading The Book of Lost Things, and I am completely in love with it. I should finish it and post my review later this week. Also, I managed to find another copy of Varjak Paw, so I will be able to go back to it as soon as I finish The Book of Lost Things. I'm still waiting for someone from Virgin Media to come around and install things so I can finally have Internet access at home. I'm getting tired of being cut off from the world. Hopefully they won't take much longer.


  1. Well, I'm happy to hear you'll get to meet him after all! What a bizarre mix-up.

  2. People just don't think sometimes...they really should, what a horrible thing to tell a fan!

    But I'm glad that you're going to London to see him! That should be so much fun! Have a good trip, be careful, and buy lots of stuff at Forbidden Planet :p

  3. oh, i'm so gladyou're getting tomeet him after all now...!

    yeah, its very irresponsible of waterstones to say he was ill like that.

  4. That is so strange that they would make up a story about his health!! But it all works out in the end if you get to meet him in London!

  5. I was going to leave you a message asking if you wanted to meet there. I can get the new hardback signed for my husband for Christmas if you fancy it. Depending on what time it is we could do some sight seeing after or something. Should be fun either way. Email me when you get a chance with some details of where to meet you (nearest tube station is Leicester Square and it has a bunch of different exits so can be a bit confusing) and what time and we can head on over. Looking forward to it already!

  6. I phoned Watestones yesterday after noticing that their website made no mention of the Terry Pratchett signing. The woman who answered the phone told me I'd missed it and that the Terry Pratchett signing had been on the 11th of September. I refused to believe that I'd misread the sign and called in to the store to be told that the signing was cancelled as Terry was seriously ill. I'm beginning to think he has an aversion to Nottingham as a signing a few years ago was also cancelled due to illness.

  7. Debi: Bizarre indeed. But fortunately all's well, both in terms of his health and of me getting to meet him.

    Chris: I most certainly will :D (Buy stuff, that is, but I will also be careful :P)

    Jean Pierre: It really is. I cannot understand what they could be thinking.

    Stephanie: I know... I am speechless, even more-so after anonymous' comment.

    Rhinoa: yay, I am looking forward to it already as well! I'll e-mail you as soon as I know more details about when I will get there. I phoned Forbidden Planet today and they said they recommend getting there earlier, as there tend to be people queuing up before the store even opens. But they also said Terry normally stays and signs for everyone unless he absolutely HAS to leave.

    Anonymous: So they keep telling people he is "seriously ill"... that is just bizarre. He clearly isn't, as his agent says he's fine, he just finished an American tour, and will be doing a UK tour soon. I really can't understand why they tell people that, nor why exactly this particular signing was cancelled...

  8. Eek, virgin media, I had a lot of trouble with them too. Took months to get it sorted out, but it's working fine now...


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