Aug 14, 2007

Returns, Movies and Other Stuff

I'm back from my weekend out, and even though we visited some big bookstores in Lisbon I managed not to buy any books! I did, however, hold a copy of the Absolute Sandman in my hands for the first time. For those who don't know, Absolute Sandman is a gigantic and absolutely beautiful book containing deluxe versions of the first three volumes of Neil Gaiman's Sandman series. The price is quite prohibitive for me at this point, though, so I try to forget that the thing ever exists for the time being. But I did love holding it in my hands and reading the introduction. I'm going to own this thing one day.

And I did see a book I was quite tempted to buy: Varjak Paw by S. F. Said. I had never heard of the author or the book, but I was immediately draw to the book's cover:

Then I realized that the cover and the illustrations are by Dave Mckean, so no wonder I loved it. The story is about the adventures of a Mesopotamian Blue cat, and it really sounds like something I'll enjoy. The only reason why I didn't get it right away is because it was translated, and I want to read the original. So to the wishlist it goes.

Now, on to movies:

What I did finally buy last weekend was The Princess Bride on DVD, and then yesterday my boyfriend and I watched it for the first time. I know, I know. It turns out that it was only now, 20 years later, that the movie was released on DVD here, so no wonder I couldn't find it before. Anyway, I really enjoyed it. It's a charming movie, and I was impressed that, except for some little things like the rodents in the swamp, it doesn't look like a movie made 20 years ago at all. Having read the book earlier this year, I was already familiar with the story. Naturally a lot of things that are in the book were not in the movie, but the mood of the story was just right. The only difference was that the book is darker at times. I guess it helps that it was also William Goldman who wrote the script. I really recommend the book to any fans of the movie who would like a more detailed account of the story. The parts about Buttercup and Wesley falling in love and about Inigo Montoya's background story in particular are much more developed in the book.

Still on movies, we finally watched the Simpsons movie this weekend. I was a HUGE Simpsons fans when I was younger, and I still think the first 8 or 9 seasons are brilliant, but more recently I sort of lost contact with the series. The movie was entertaining enough, but it wasn't as good as I think The Simpsons can be. Oh, and the Stardust trailer was shown before it - it was the first time I saw it on a big screen.


  1. I love the Princess Bride movie and am anxious to read the book. I hoped to read it aloud to my kiddos this year.

    Visiting a book store, even if you don't buy anything, is always a refreshing experience, isn't it?

  2. Guess what? I just bought Absolute Sandman like 3 days ago and am waiting for it to be delivered to me!! I found it for half price on eBay and couldn't pass it up :/ Of course, now that I finally bought that one, they're about to release volume 2 which I also won't be able to afford...At least I get A Midsummer Night's Dream in this one!

    I love The Princess Bride :) So glad that you got that one. I feel the same way as you on the Simpsons. I was a big fan of the earlier seasons...sort of fell out of touch more recently. Haven't seen the movie and I'll probably wait for it to come out on DVD.

    Glad to hear you had a good trip! Oh, and Varjak Paw looks really cool!

  3. oh i loved the movie Princess Bride!.. I was a "sweet young thing of 43 when it came out"!! LOL.. I was also a fan of wrestling (way back when...) and I love Andre the Giant that played in that movie...really nice man!

  4. I've always liked TPB because I'm a fan of the guy that plays Wesley but I can't say I'm a huge fan. LOVE Neil Gaiman! The Sandman series is one I've wanted to read for the longest time.

  5. Can you believe I actually have the book, Varjak Paw, but have never read it? Which is so silly since it wouldn't take long I'm sure. Great cover though!

  6. What a great cover on Varjak Paw. I'll have to check this book out.

    I love the Princess Bride movie. I wouldn't necessarily say it's my favorite movie, but it might be the one I've seen the most times.

    It has the quality of being able to slip it in to the DVD player at any time and drift off into the story, so it's a great movie to own!

  7. I have two SF Said books to read, there is a follow up called The Outlaw Varjak Paw. I found on the internet: In March of 2006, The Jim Henson Company announced plans to adapt the book as an animated feature film. The book's illustrator Dave McKean will direct.

    I have seen The Princess Bride a few times but not yet read the book (I do plan to). I used to love Cary Elwes. I'm glad you finally ot to see it.

    I know what you mean about the Simpsons movie. Still, it's much better than Family Guy which is terrible lately.

  8. i know how you feel about holding books that you wish you had...! i've been doing a lot of that for the past 2 years... one good thing is that it makes you appreciate it so much more when you get it! and isn't it nice how we can just hold a book and get so much joy from just doing that?

    and that is one gorgeous cover! its funny that its mckean! i didn't recognise it at first either...

    i'm glad you enjoyed the princess bride - after having read the book and all. i have fond memories of it. you've actually got me keen to read the book now! it'll be funny when i finally get to reading it.

    how was the stardust trailer?

  9. Petunia: It really is. I just love being surrounded by books!

    Chris: That's great! I doubt I'd have been able to resist either if I'd found it at half-price. This is definitely something worth owning. But yeah, the "problem" is that there are still more volumes coming out in the future. And yes, The Simpsons movie isn't worth seeing on a big screen. It was enjoyable, but at times it just felt like a regular episode that had been stretched.

    Deslily: I thought the actors in the movie were perfect! They were pretty much like I'd imagined the characters. I remember reading in the book's introduction that Andre the Giant had passed away :(

    Mailyn: You must read The Sandman! I love his novels, but I'm among those who say that this series is his masterpiece.

    Tanabata: It does seem to be a fast read. You should read it soon; I'd love to see a review :P

    Kim: Yeah, it is such a great cover. And I agree, The Princess Bridge is such an involving story.

    Rhinoa: Wow, that is great news! I'd love to see more McKean movies! I saw at the book's website that it's going to be a series. I hope they turn out to be as good as they seem! You really should read The Princess Bride,it's a great book.

    Jean Pierre: Yeah, just spending time with books can make me so happy. And you're right, I'm going to be so thrilled when I finally own it! The Stardust trailer was beautiful looking, but I don't think it accurately reflects the movie, and this is something Neil himself has confirmed. It makes it seem to action-ish, and from what I hear that's now what it's like at all. It's unfortunate that the trailer gives that impression, because it could be alienating potential viewers.

  10. I'm so glad you enjoyed The Princess Bride, Nymeth. It is one of my husband's favorite movies. I admit I didn't care for it at first but by the third and fourth viewing, I found myself really enjoying it. I loved the book even more.

  11. I LOVE The Princess Bride and always have. The ROUSes used to scare the crud out of me as a child. Now its just funny as you can tell its a person in a rat suit. :) And I remember one time having a sword fight with my sister (I was little little) and saying, You Bastard, prepare to die. I got chided by mom for that one...I didn't know it was a bad word. It will always be one of my dearest favorites.

  12. Literary Feline: Even though I enjoyed it I also loved the book much, much more!

    Trish: I wish I had discovered this movie as a child. I think I would have watched it countless times. The giant rats were actually the only part of the movie where I could tell it'd been done in the 80's. It really looks fake to us these days, but back then, before we'd been "spoiled" by technology, it would have looked much more impressive, I imagine.


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