Aug 6, 2007

Just one more..

This challenge is being hosted by Callista at SMS Book Reviews. The goal is to read 3 books that were adapted into movies between the first of September and the first of December.

Well, 3 is not much. And the other day I was thinking, and what's the worse thing that can happen if you join too many challenges? Well, you don't complete some, and that's not exactly tragic. With luck you still discover some good books along the way.

When I was trying to decide which books I'd read for this challenge, I realized that a lot of old favourites of mine would fit - Big Fish, The Virgin Suicides, Interview with the Vampire, The Hours, Ghost World, Girl with the Pearl Earring, Everything is Illuminate, etc. I could almost turn this into a "Re-read old favourites challenge" (that would be a cool challenge to have some day - Jean Pierre, I'm looking at you), but I will resist that temptation and read books I haven't read before. My list is:
  1. Tideland by Mitch Cullin - Because the other day I watched and fell in love with the movie by Terry Gilliam, and when I saw in the credits that it was based on a book, I knew I had to read it. Tideland is a dark and disturbing tale about Jeliza-Rose, a young girl whose parents are both consumers of heavy drugs. Left mostly on her on in an abandoned farm, Jeliza-Rose retreats further and further into the world of her imagination. I loved the dark, surreal mood of the movie. I loved its quiet sadness. As in my experience books normally surpass the movies based on them, my expectations are very high.

  2. About a Boy by Nick Hornby - Because I loved High Fidelity, and Rhinoa has urged me to read more Nick Hornby. I've never watched the movie because I wanted to read the book first, despite the fact that I own the soundtrack. Now I'll get to do both.

  3. Bridge to Terabithia by Katherine Paterson - Also on my Book Awards Reading Challenge list. I plan on watching the movie once I've read the book.


  1. I just can't do another one :P But best of luck to you!

    About a Boy is the only Nick Hornby that I've read and I loved it. It's a fun book and a sweet book. I think you'll enjoy it. I should read some more by him.

  2. Yay for Nick Hornby! If you only read one book from this challenge, I hope this is the one you pick :p

    "No man is an island" - yes I am I'm fucking Ibiza!

    I hope to read Bridge to Terabithia this year as well, the film was really well done. I can't join in right now, too much reading to do and we are hopefully moving house this year too. Oh and let me know when you are in the UK next month so we can meet up.

  3. Ohhh I've read Bridge to Terabithia and it's a great little read!!! I was surprised by it since I didn't know what it was all about! I didn't see the movie but do plan on buying the dvd!

  4. I really liked the film Bridge to Terabithia, and I also read the book after seeing the film. I liked it but it was spoiled to me because of the film. I wish I hadnt seen it, even if it's really good.

  5. Chris: It really does sound like something I'll enjoy. And I know what you mean - other than RIP I really can't join any more challenges this year. I'd love to do the Unread Authors Challenge, for example, but there's no way I can squeeze in 6 more books. This one was only 2, as I was reading one for another challenge anyway.

    Rhinoa: I promise I'll make a special effort to get to that one. I'll be arriving to the UK on the 15th of September. Once I'm settled I'm sure I'll make a few weekend expeditions to London. When I'm sure of the dates I'll let you know.

    Deslily: Everyone keeps telling me wonders about it. I really look forward to reading it!

    Valentina: It's a good thing I'm reading it first. Then, if I turn out to like the movie even better, I will be delighted. Good adaptations are hard to find, and adaptations that surpass the book are even harder!

  6. If anyone you know is trying to choose a book/movie, I recommend Ghost World so strongly! I don't think I'm going to join this challenge, though, because I have a bunch that end at the end of this year, so I don't want to add even three more books to a challenge list.

  7. I'm planning to join this one too, Nymeth. I will be reading The Bridge to Terabithia too! I just haven't officially announced my entry yet. :-)

  8. About a Boy is cute, both the book and the film. As usual there are quite a few changes in the movie and if I remember correctly the ending is quite different. Still fun though.

  9. Even if you join a challenge and don't complete it, the idea of reading something that you may not have thought to read otherwise is certainly appealing.

  10. Dewey: It is a wonderful book. I really need to read more of Daniel Clowe's work.

    Literary Feline: I look forward to seeing your list!

    Tanabata: I'm normally upset when an adaptation changes the end of the story, because so much of a book's meaning can depend how it ends. I'm glad to hear that the movie is good despite the differences, though!

    Carl: Yes, exactly. It's always worth it!

  11. Good list. I thought About a Boy the book was ok but I really loved the movie. Hugh Grant was just so perfect in that role.
    I'm still contemplating this challenge. Sounds fun.

  12. that's exactly right - its totally worth it 'cause you'll read something you perhaps wouldn't have if it wasn't for the challenge.

    i actually haven't seen any of those films, although i really wanted to catch "tideland" and have been meaning to watch "about a boy" for ages!

    i loved "high fidelity", so "about a boy" really appeals to me. and i didn't know "tideland" was based on a book - i'll be looking forward to your review!

  13. oooh... and a "rereading old favourites challenge"!

    well, i think i'll take you up on that! ;)

    when would be the best time? over december/january? i don't want to overlap with too many challenges. there should be a challenge calendar! :)

    now to think of a prize...

  14. If anyone wants a great place to go for book-to-film ideas, check out Based on the Book, a wonderful website:
    There's a lot to choose from!

  15. I hope you enjoy Bridge to Terabithia. It's one of my favorites ... I've taught it a number of times in fourth and fifth grade classes. I've enjoyed it each and every time.

  16. Iliana: I plan on watching the movie as well. And yes, I think it's a very fun challenge!

    Jean Pierre: I didn't know either. Normally I try to read the books first. In this case, I was very impressed with the movie, and I really recommend it. I loved High Fidelity too, both book and movie.

    And I really think you should host that challenge! The best time is probably early next year though - people seem to be on a bit of a challenge overload until the end of the year. Maybe the first trimester of 2008? I guess the number of months depends on the number of books. You could write a post asking what people would prefer. I think quite a lot of us would be interested - expanding one's reading horizons is great, but I often feel that I neglect re-reading because of it, and I think I'm not the only one.

    Darla: Very useful link, thank you!

    Bookgal: I think I will enjoy it. I keep hearing wonders about it.

  17. I just picked up High Fidelity at a book fair the other month--can't wait to read it! I didn't realize that he also wrote About A Boy as well.

    I would love to do a re-reads challenge...even if its just a personal one. There are so many books I would love to revisit, but there are more books that I haven't read a first time around.

    Good luck with the challenge!

  18. Trish: High Fidelity is great! And yeah, I think a lot of us feel that way.

  19. These books look like great reads. I look forward to reading your reviews.


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