Jul 1, 2007

Summer's here at last

Inspired by Carl's Post, I found myself, in the last few days before my final exam, scribbling lists of reading goals for the summer on the back of my notes.

Well, I am finally free to read all I want, and I decided to write a list of those reading goals. They are mere suggestions, because I know I will end up reading mostly what I'm in the mood to read. For that reason, the list is unachievable, but that's part of the spirit. I want to have a lot to choose from.

When I say summer, I actually mean mostly the month of July. In August, my boyfriend returns, and we'll have to start preparing to move. In September, when we go to England, who knows where my reading time will go. But in the meantime, I plan on reading as much as I can.

My goals include:
  • Reading at least half of my Book Awards Reading Challenge list

  • Finishing, or getting as close as possible to finishing, my Reading Across Borders list

  • Re-reading The Half-Blood Prince in preparation, and then the last Harry Potter (no doubt in my mind that I will achieve this one!)

  • Reading Interworld! (Hopefully my copy will be here next week)

  • Reading, or at least starting, The Odyssey

  • Reading Terry Pratchett's Monstrous Regiment, because it's one of the 3 I haven't read yet, and because few things make me happier than Terry Pratchett

  • Reading the rest of the Dark Alchemy (aka Wizards) anthology
  • Reading Shakespeare's The Tempest

  • Having a "Children's Classics Weekends", in which I do my best to have a personal 48 hours book challenge. The titles I have in mind are, for starters, Anne of Green Gables and Charlotte's Web

  • Reading some sci-fi short stories. Maybe having a Short Stories Week like I did around Easter.
And that's it. Of course, if I get through half of this I will be more than happy, and I'll probably end up reading things that are not on this list. But anyway, this month will be a pleasant one.

My intensive reading will probably be put on hold next week, actually, because I'm going to a 3 days music festival in Lisbon to see bands like The Arcade Fire, INTERPOL, The Jesus & Mary Chain, Bloc Party, Clap Your Hands Say Yeah!, etc. And while I'm over there, I plan on visiting one of those big bookstores we don't have in my little town, and buying some of the books on my Book Awards Challenge list. I especially hope to find The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay and Kafka on the Short, as they are among the ones I'm looking forward to the most.

On other news, after almost a month of living under a rock and doing almost nothing but studying, I finally ventured out and went to the mall yesterday in the evening. And well, it turns out that one of those big book stores we don't have around here is opening soon there! But more importantly, I found the DVD of the second season of Jim Henson's The Storyteller in a bargain bin! I never thought I'd find it around here, let alone as a bargain. I'm very excited about it and hope to watch it soon.

I also found an old LucasaArts graphic adventure game, Grim Fandango. This game has been recommended to me several times, and one of the reasons why I want to play it is the fact that it is inspired by Aztec mythology, and, more specifically, by the Mexican Day of the Dead traditions.


  1. I think I'm going to have to re-read HP 6 as well! Great goals, and good luck! I'd like to get half my Book Awards reading done as well, but I keep joining those damn challenges that keep adding books to the "need to read" pile! Urg! :)

  2. What a great list of books for the summer! I have a bunch of books I need to review, so I really need to do that before I start anything else!!

    BUT....I have so many books I want to read, it's scary. And I keep finding MORE!! Good luck with getting through your list. Maybe I should sit down and make a list!

  3. I LOVE the Storyteller!!! I didn't know anyone else had ever heard of it! That's so cool! That was such a great little series...I wonder if Carl's seen those..he would love them.

    Jesus & Mary Chain and Interpol :( I'm jealous! Have fun though! Sounds like a great festival.

    You have all kinds of great reading ahead of you. A 48 hour reading challenge...hmmm...I think I'd fall asleep. That one sounds entirely too dangerous. As if I'm not anti-social enough :p

  4. Trish: Thanks! And yeah, sometimes we really don't need to join another challenge, but... challenges are so much fun, so who can resist?

    Stephanie: Do make a list! I'd love to see it, and they are fun to make. I find that even if I end up not following them 100%, they help me keep my reading focused to some extent.

    Chris: I haven't seen The Storyteller before, but I've been after it for years! I keep hearing wonders about it, and I'm sure I'll love it. I think Carl would too!

    Thanks! I'm especially excited about Interpol, because they've never played here before, and I've been wanting to see them since "Turn on the Bright Lights"!

    Fortunately it's not 48 hours straight, I would die if it were :P It's 48 hours during 3 days, so it allows breaks for eating and sleeping. And it doesn't have to be 48 hours... basically, just read as much as you can for 3 days, which is basically what I'll be doing this month anyway :P

  5. Cool it looks like we have some similar reading goals over the next few months or so. My husband really likes Storyteller and knows of Grim Fandango. You need to let me know when you are in the UK and we can maybe meet up if you are around London at all.

  6. The Storyteller is great. They're basically Jim Henson's retellings of classic fairy tales...and he tells the original tales! The ones that all these Disney fairy tales were originated from...I love the Russian ones.

    I saw Interpol on their Turn on the Bright Lights tour and they were wonderful live! I got to meet them after the show and they were really great guys. You'll enjoy them :) I'd kill to see Jesus and Mary Chain...you have to tell me how that was.

  7. I have actually READ Monstrous Regiment. One of the few Pratchett's I have made it to so far. :) I am also looking forward to Gaiman, my book should be here next week as well. :)

  8. Nice reading goals, a good eclectic mix of stuff there. Regardless of how much you get read you will no doubt have some very enjoyable reading ahead of you.

    Have fun at the music festival, look forward to a report when you get back.

    Jim Henson was amazing, wasn't he? I miss him, I really do.

    You're gonna love Grim Fandago. The humor is fantastic and it is such a great game.

  9. OMG, this post gives me a big dose of nostalgia.

    Jim Henson's The Storyteller series was one of my favourite series of all time. Even now I still remember it fondly, especially John Hurt's narrative voice. I love the story of the giant without a heart and Sapsorrow (?). And that talking dog. :)

    Jim Henson was a big part of my younger years. Loved Fraggle Rocks, loved Sesame Street, loved Muppet Show, loved Dark Crystal - but oddly, not so love Mirrormask.

    And Grim Fandango! I played that game a long time ago! It was funny, and the graphics were wild. I love the way it just keeps making fun of life after death. That was way back when they used to make good adventure games like Gabriel Knight.

    I have not read Monstrous Regiment yet. Probably because it's not a Witches or Guards series.

    Have fun at the music festival!

  10. What a great list and summer plan! It all sounds wonderful. Enjoy!

  11. what are the other two that you haven't read? assuming they're discworld.

    have you read the jonny books? or truckers and them?

    i haven't read those, although i plan too. i don't know if i will read the next tiffany aching... i like her and the nac mac feegle and the first two were fun! but i've read so much pratchett and have, i think, neglected other authors because of this. that said, i will read the new discworld!

    that concert sounds very cool! i really like the arcade fire.

  12. By the way, I really enjoyed the Sigur Ros videos. I watched them this weekend and sent the one featuring the elderly people on to a freind of mine who I knew would love it...and she did. Great music and very creative videos. I will be listening to/watching more.

  13. Rhinoa: I'm sure we'll have fun discussing the books we both read. I will be in England from September to February. I'll be living in Nottingham, but I do plan on going to London. I have tickets for a few shows there, and plus there's so much I want to see. It would be great if we could arrange something!

    Chris: The DVD I got is the second series, so the retellings are only of Greek myths. But I NEED to get the first series too. I LOVE Russian fairy tales.

    And I'm so jealous! You got to see the TOTBL tour AND meet them! That is beyond cool. Worry not, I will report back on J&MC.

    Kailana: I've actually been told that Monstrous Regiment is quite different from the other Discworld books, but I'm not quite sure how. I will find out soon, I hope.

    Carl: Thanks! I'm sure I'll have fun, and I'll report when I get back! I miss Jim Henson too. And yes - the humour is one of my favourite things about the LucasArts games. I miss Sam & Max and Monkey Island. I need to revisit them one of these days.

    I'm really happy to know you liked the videos! Their music really is hauntingly beautiful. Check our their site to learn more about them - the design is so beautiful, it's almost a work of art in itself.

    Dark Orpheus: I love Labyrinth and have very fond childhood memories of Sesame Street and The Muppets. I grew up with them. I really look forward to watching The Storyteller at last. And to playing Grim Fandango - everyone tells me it's great, and I loved all the other LucasArts adventure games I played. And thanks!

    Robin: Thank you!

    jean pierre: They are Wintersmith and The Last Hero. Of his non-discworld books, I have only read "The Unadultered Cat". That actually happened to me also, especially last year. I read him so much I neglected other authors and other kinds of books. This year I tried to branch out, so all I read was "Thud!" back in January and "The Wyrd Sisters" for the challenge. But I really miss him, so I figured, why not pick this one up.

    I love them too. I have seen them live once before and they were amazing. I'm really looking forward to tomorrow!

  14. I saw a few of the Storyteller episodes when they originally aired and I loved them!

    You've got a great list of adventures planned out for the summer :)

  15. i haven't read "wintersmith" yet, either. i'd like to. hopefully i make enough progress in my tbr pile to be able to read it soon!

  16. I'm having a lot of the same sort of reading thoughts you seem to be having, and maybe it's because I also have pretty much just July before the rest of life jumps in again. I have to return to work at the beginning of August, and I want to read my way through most of my challenge books by then.

    You really seem to be a big music fan and go to a lot of concerts! The area I live in doesn't attract many bands, so I miss that.

  17. Kim: they sound great. I'll hopefully get to watch them this week.

    Jean Pierre: I need to get to that one too. I loved what Dark Orpheus said about the white kitten over at your blog.

    Dewey: I really am. Music is my second great passion, next to books. It used to be like that around here either, but nowadays fortunately we do get a decent amount of shows.


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