Jul 27, 2007

Blogging Tips Meme

I was tagged for this one by both Stephanie at Confessions of a Book-a-holic and Kailana at Twisted Kingdom. It took me some thinking to come up with something to add, because most of the tips I'd want to give had already been given. In the end, I decided to add a tip I think I could use myself.

It’s very simple. When this is passed on to you, copy the whole thing, skim the list and put a * star beside those that you like. (Check out especially the * starred ones.)

Add the next number (1. 2. 3. 4. 5., etc.) and write your own blogging tip for other bloggers. Try to make your tip general.

After that, tag 10 other people. Link love some friends!

Just think- if 10 people start this, the 10 people pass it onto another 10 people, you have 100 links already!

1. Look, read, and learn. **-http://www.neonscent.com/

2. Be, EXCELLENT to each other. **-http://www.bushmackel.com/

3. Don’t let money change ya! *-http://www.therandomforest.info/

4. Always reply to your comments. *****-http://chattiekat.com/

5. Link liberally — it keeps you and your friends afloat in the Sea of Technorati. *-http://chipsquips.com/

6. Don’t give up - persistence is fertile. *-http://www.velcro-city.co.uk/

7. Give link credit where credit is due. ***-http://www.sfsignal.com/

8. Pictures say a thousand words and can usually add to any post.*-http://scifichick.com/

9. Visit all the bloggers that leave comments for you - it's nice to know who is reading! *-http://stephaniesbooks.blogspot.com/

10. Be Brave, some of the best posts are when you step out of your comfort zone. *-http://twisted-kingdom.blogspot.com

11. No matter what your blog is about, write a little bit about yourself every now and then. Readers will want to learn about the person behind the blog. -http://thingsmeanalot.blogspot.com/

Now I'm supposed to tag 10 more people, but this meme has been going around fast, so most of the people I'd tag have been tagged already. If you'd like to contribute and haven't been tagged yet, feel free!


  1. Just thought I'd let you know, the book tanked! So bad I didn't care WHO the killer was. Ugh.

    But I AM reading another book. Squeeee!!!!

  2. Even when I'm trying to keep myself out of it, I add a little bit of myself in. :-) I agree with you tip, I do like to get to know the person behind the blog.

  3. That's a great tip...I love getting to know a little more about the person behind each blog.

  4. Mailyn: I'm sorry to hear that! Hopefully the reading slump will pass for good soon!

    Literary Feline and Robin: Whenever I'm writing a post, I tend to think that it's best to leave little personal things out, because it's books I'm supposed to be writing about. But I think a person's reactions to the books they read tell a lot about who they are, so it's silly to even think that a book blog could ever be "neutral". Plus, I've come to realize that if I like learning things about my fellow bloggers, perhaps they also won't mind learning things about me.

  5. Yes it's definately good to get to know a bit about the person whose blog I am reading. I was tagged for this and I still haven't done it yet oops.


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