Jun 17, 2007

Once Upon a Time 2007: Finale

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And with "The Epic of Gilgamesh", I finished the Once Upon a Time challenge. I have to confess that this book was not on my original list: the reason why I added it was the fact that otherwise my totals would be 7 books for each category, except mythology, with 6. I realize that makes me sound like I have OCD, but ah well. I like neatness in numbers.

The final list of the 29 books I read for the challenge is here. I'm very happy that I managed to finish my personal quest: to read at least five books in each of the four categories. Many of the books I ended up reading were not on my original list, so I thank Carl for being such a flexible host.

I'm a little sad that I didn't get to read two of the more challenging books on the list: "The Odyssey", and "Lady Gregory's Complete Irish Mythology". The problem was that I procrastinated reading them - I should have tackled them earlier in the challenge, because early Spring is, I've come to realize, my most productive time of the year. In May and June I tend to be more tired, and, with the end of the semester and finals approaching dangerously, too busy, and in need of lighter reads. But, inspired by Petunia, I decided that I'm going to read "The Odyssey" before the end of the year.

Completing this challenge was easy in the sense that reading fantasy, mythology and folklore is what I normally do - it's nearly as much a part of me as breathing, really. So I really admire those who do not normally read fantasy, but took the opportunity to venture into a new genre. But even for me, the challenge was very useful because it gave me extra motivation, and it gave my reading structure and direction.

I really want to thank Carl for everything, and especially for being such a wonderful host. What I loved the most about the challenge was the interaction it created between readers, and Carl did everything to stimulate that.

Before the challenge, I didn't even have this blog, and I would often find myself wishing I had more people to discuss books with. I have friends who enjoy reading, but none is as voracious a reader as I am. Now, thanks to the challenge, I found a community of people willing to discuss books at all times. Plus, I discovered at least half a dozen blogs of which I've become a faithful reader. So, again, thank you, Carl, and thank you everyone else who took part in the challenge. I'm already looking forward to Once Upon a Time 2008.


  1. Damn Nymeth, 29 books! Congrats! I'd say you successfully completed the challenge ;)

    I agree with you whole heartedly. This was such a wonderful challenge and even though this is the genre I read most often, I've met so many wonderful people (including you) through this challenge. It's also sparked some wonderful discussions on the web and it created that very cool review site that I think we should keep going!

    It's sad that this one's ending, but I'm already looking forward to his R.I.P challenge in Autumn! That one looks great too and I think I already have my books picked out for it.

  2. 29?!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Wow! Great job!

    I have to finish Jonathan Strange & Mr. Norrell and that will complete my measly 5. I'm halfway done and am really loving it.

  3. Good job completing your goal! And you also won a prize in the blogroll game. Come see!

  4. That's a fantastic number of books you read for the challenge! I enjoyed reading your reviews. Have not read all of them but I'll be doing that. :D

  5. Congrats for finishing your list! I was chuffed I finished reading my measley five books, oh well. I have read a few of the books you read for it and will definately be looking into getting a bunch of the others.

  6. Chris: I'm very glad to have met you as well :) I saw in the comments to Carl's most recent post that he is thinking of keeping the review site going. I'm so glad - it will be wonderful to keep on having easy access to fantasy reviews by fellow bloggers.

    The RIP challenge sounds really great, and I hope I can take part. I'm not sure how my life will be next fall, what with going to England for a semester, but hopefully I'll keep on having regular internet access and time to read.

    3m: Thanks! Jonathan Strange is one of my favourites; I look forward to your review!

    dewey: yay!

    aichaku: thank you! I enjoyed your reviews as well.

    rhinoa: I hope you enjoy the ones you get!

  7. Wow. 29 is a large number of books for this challenge! I am thoroughly impressed!!

    I didn't realize you didn't have a blog before this challenge - welcome to the blogging world!

  8. When I first came to your site I figured you were one of those long-time bloggers, not a newbie at all! I hope you stick with the blogging -- you're good at it. And congrats on completing the challenge.

  9. Court: Thank you! I've been loving the world of book blogging so far :)

    Imani, thank you! And I will definitely stick with it, as I've been enjoying it immensely. It's so nice to meet fellow book lovers, and to have an outlet for all my book ramblings.

  10. You are truly amazing! Twenty-nine books! What a wonderful accomplishment, Nymeth. You took full advantage of this challenge. :-)

    I am glad you decided to join the blogging community. I enjoy visiting your blog. You've introduced me to some great titles that I look forward to reading one day.

    Congratulations on completing the challenge!

  11. Thank you! I love how the challenge gave me extra motivation to do what I love the most.

    I'm very glad I joined the blogging community too! And thank you - I enjoy visiting your blog as well.

  12. WoW. Congratulations! That truly, truly, truly is amazing! And it was a wonderful gift for the rest of us out here as well, because you write the most incredible reviews!

  13. Thank you so much for joining in. It has been such a pleasure getting to know you during this challenge. I still plan on sending you that 'dreaded' email, I've just been too busy. Soon!


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