May 16, 2007

Short Story of the Day

Today I read "Landfill" by Joyce Carol Oates, which I really, really liked. I think Joyce Carol Oates is my favourite author that I barely know. I say this because I've only read two short stories by her - this and "Spider Boy" - but I loved both. I really need to read more of her work.

Like "Spider Boy", "Landfill" has to do with missing children/young boys. There is a boy, Hector Jr., who has been missing for three weeks, and the first paragraph of the story tells you right away that he's been found dead. Then the events of the night he disappeared are slowly retraced, and the story is told through the eyes of his mother, of his father and of his peers.

Joyce Carol Oates' writing is beautiful, and the story is gripping, moving and sad. You can read it here.


  1. I read Blonde years ago and just fell in love w/ her style; yet, I haven't read anything else by her. Why is that?

  2. That happens to me too - I read a little something by a writer and love it, and then don't pick up anything else of theirs for the longest time. I really have to do something about that.


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