May 13, 2007

A Challenge to Myself

Today, thanks to Quixotic, I became aware that "The Duke of Wellington Misplaces His Horse", a short story by the wonderful Susanna Clarke set in the world of Neil Gaiman's "Stardust", is available online.

This got me thinking that I've been reading very few short stories this year. I even have a few that I printed for my reading comfort lying around, but I have yet to touch them.

So I decided to set a challenge for myself. Next week I won't have classes - it will be the last week of relative peace and quiet before the end of the semester and the craze of finals. I do have some papers to finish, but I think that if I manage my time well, it will be a more or less comfortable and easy week. So I decided to make it my Official Short Story Week.

The challenge I set for myself is to read, starting tomorrow and until next Sunday, one short story a day. Short stories are fast to read, so I think this will be doable. Here's the list of stories I vow to read:
  • "The Duke of Wellington Misplaces His Horse" by Susanna Clarke
  • "A Tree. A Rock. A Cloud." by Carson McCullers
  • "Landfill" by Joyce Carol Oates
  • "Orm the Beautiful" by Elizabeth Bear
  • "Old Ones" by Tim Pratt
  • "Cancellanda" by Marina Warner
  • "All the Sounds of Fear" by Harlan Ellison
Hopefully I'll manage to find the time to write some thoughts on the stories. If anyone feels like doing the same, it'd be great!


  1. That is a nice little challenge. I feel like I should read more short stories too. I have enough anthologies etc waiting to be read...

    I might see if I can slip in a few short stories this week and post about them. Look forward to your posts if you get round to them!

  2. I actually just mentioned the other day that there should be a challenge for reading short stories (since they are easy to tackle and quite satisfying when finished). I love short stories, but I don't read them near as often as I should...It seems I'm always trying to get through the next book on my TBR.

    Kudos for your personal challenge!

  3. Hey trish! a short stories challenge would be a very good idea. I too feel that I don't read them as often as I should. I was thinking of maybe repeating this at some point this summer - it'd be great if others participated as well. Or perhaps it could be done in a different way. If you want to organize anything, I'm in!


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