Apr 23, 2007

Once Upon a Time

And with this book, I guess I have officially concluded Quest One from the Once Upon a Time challenge - I've read five folklore books:
  • Brazilian Folktales by Luís da Câmara Cascudo (finished 31/03)
  • Brazilian Native Folktales by Alberto da Costa e Silva (finished 03/04)
  • Myths and Folktales of the Russians, Western Slavs, and Magyars by Jeremiah Curtin (finished 14/04)
  • The Book of Dragons by Joseph Nigg (finished 19/04)
  • Portuguese Folktales by Adolfo Coelho (finished 23/04
However, I must confess that when I first joined the challenge I somehow misread the quest, and thought it consisted in reading five books from each of the four sub-genres. This is the goal I set for myself, and this is what I'll do, if time allows.

I'm reading Enchantment by Orscon Scott Card next - I've already started, actually, and I find it delightful so far.


  1. I have a deep attraction to Russian literature; I took more classes in that during college than in English! So, your Russian folktales looks quite interesting. I'm going to pick that up. I also saw Italian Folktales on someone's list, so those will be two good venues for me to explore on the Once Upon A Time Challenge. Thanks!

  2. I find anything Russian fascinating as well, and that collection really is a good one.

    And I've been meaning to read that Italian Folktales collection too.

  3. Congrats on finishing! And if you end up finishing the quest you thought you were taking on, please let me know as that would be a monumental task in the time given and you would deserve kudos!

    I hope if you keep reading challenge related stuff during the rest of the challenge period that you post your reviews on the review site.

    Thanks so much for participating and keep coming over to my site as we are not yet halfway through the challenge period and there are more contests coming up!

  4. Thank you for hosting the challenge! Thanks to it I started this blog, discovered many wonderful book blogs, and heard about books I'd never heard about before.

    I'll keep on posting my reviews on the review site for sure. I most likely won't finish everything, but I hope to read many books belonging in the other 3 subgenres in the next two months.


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