Feb 2, 2007

Non-Review Index

The librarian in me made me do it: I thought it might be handy to have a thematic index of the non-review, personal and reflective/essay-type posts I've written over the years. I hope you'll find it useful too. Here it goes, in alphabetic order:

Blogging and Reviewing (Meta)

A Million Thank Yous

Blogging and Professional Satisfaction (brief commentary)

BBAW Awards

Blogs You Should Be Reading

Book Blogs, Audience and Outreach

Five Reasons Why I Blog

On Ambivalence

On Being Wrong

On Negative Reviews

On Objectivity, Again

On Writing About Books

Showing Appreciation

To Spoil or Not to Spoil

Why Do I Blog?

Canon Formation

Classics Meme

On Rediscovered Classics

Reading the Classics

Children's and YA Literature

"Apprentice Losers, Already on Their Way to a Witless Future" (Lady Business)

Awesome People Doing Awesome Things

Gender Balance in YA Award Winners Since 2000

Michael J. Pintz Award Project

Reading and Gender: A Brief Guided Tour of my MA Dissertation

RIP Diana Wynne Jones

The John Green Post

Fantasy (Critical Reception)

A Fantasy Reader's Frequently Asked Questions

Fantasy 101

On Fantasy and Why I Read It

Book Characters

On Female Characters

On Judging Characters

My Favourite Character

My Favourite Bookish Protagonists

On Mrs Whatsit: Celebrating 50 Years of A Wrinkle in Time

Gender and Feminism

"Apprentice Losers, Already on Their Way to a Witless Future" (Lady Business)

A Matter of Communication (Lady Business)

Ladies Getting Married (Or Not) (Lady Business)

Feminist Reading List

Gender Balance in YA Award Winners Since 2000

Happy Ada Lovelace Day

International Women's Day Reading List

Ladies in Comics: An Annotated Reading List (Lady Business)

On Female Characters

On "New Girl" and "Girliness" (Lady Business)

On Stories, Female Desire, and Manic Pixie Dream Girls (Lady Business)

On Sylvia Plath

Reading and Gender: A Brief Guided Tour of my MA Dissertation

Women in Science Reading List

Women Unbound Feminism Meme


The 1930's

Life, Work and Letters (Or: On Being an Archivist)

Literary Biographies

On Rediscovered Classics

The Victorians

Victoriana Reading List

Hobbies Other Than Reading (aka Music, Travelling, Photography and Crafting)

A Frozen Lake

A Literary Tour of North West England

A Visit to the Book Barge

A Visit to Haworth

Barter Books, Or: Does This Place Really Exist?

Bookish Songs


Bookmarks Galore



Edinburgh in Pictures

Favourite Etsy Artists

Germany Pictures

Impressions of Inverness

In Which I Show You My Collection of Bookish Postcards

Ladies in Music: Show and Tell (Lady Business)

Ladies in Music part II (Lady Business)

Life Beyond Books

Paris in the Rain

North Wales

Roman Fair


Two Weeks in Photos

What I Do When I'm Not Reading

What I've Done on my Blogging Break

Yet More Bookmarks

Literary Events

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2011: Part One (Neil Gaiman + Patrick Ness)

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2011: Part Two

Edinburgh International Book Festival 2012

Jeffrey Eugenides

Manchester Literature Festival 2010

Meeting Maureen Johnson

Meeting Terry Pratchett

Neil Gaiman and Meg Rosoff

Posy Simmonds and Gender Differences Panel

Terry Pratchett at Ely Cathedral


(500) Days of Summer (Lady Business)

An Education (Lady Business)



The Simpsons Movie


6 Random Things About Me

7 Bookish Things About Me

6 Odd Things About Me

8 Random Things About Me

A Million Thank Yous

BBAW Interview 2008

BBAW Interview 2009

Bits and Pieces

Bookish Q&A


Life Beyond Books

Life, Work and Letters (Or: On Being an Archivist)


Dewey Again

Distilling the TBR pile

Interview Me Meme

New Puppy

New Puppy Update

On Being Wrong

Portuguese Culture

Showing Off My Bookshelves

Showing Off My Bookshelves (again)

Stuff On My Cat

The Contents of My Desk

The Loss of Sadness



"Marginalia" by Billy Collins

Mary Oliver

Mythic Poetry

On Sylvia Plath

Sharon Olds

Race and Diversity

Diversity Meme

Diversity Roll Call

Liar Cover Fiasco

On Reading and Diversity

Racism in the Media

Whitewashing Again

Yet More Cover Whitewashing


7 Bookish Things About Me

A Reading Meme

Another Reading Meme

Books and Riots

Bookish Q&A

Bookish Pet Peeves

Bookshelf Meme

Childhood Reading

Comfort Books vs Revelations

Distilling the TBR pile

Eva's Reading Meme

Five Books That Changed Me

Freedom to Read (Banned Books Week)

On Female Characters

On Hating Books

On Judging Characters

On Reading and Diversity

On Reading Important Books

On Showing and Telling (Part 1) (Lady Business)

On Showing and Telling (Part 2) (Lady Business)

On the Meaning of "Making Time to Read"

My Favourite Authors

My Favourite Books

Non-Fiction Meme

Reading: It's Hard Work

Six Bookish Things That Make Me Happy

Special Books in My Home Library

The Matter of Realism

"Who Needs Libraries? Books are so cheap!"

Where Do I Get My Recommendations?

Why Do We Read?

Why GLBTQ Lit?

My Very First Reading Meme

Reading Lists/Recommendations

Academic Library Treasures

All Hallow's Reads Recommendations

Awesome-sounding Books (Lady Business)


Comfort Books

Epistolary Novels

Exciting Non-Fiction

Gifts for Book Lovers

Have You Ever Wondered Where to Start Reading Terry Pratchett?

International Women's Day Reading List

In Which You Pick Books For Me

In Which You Pick Books For Me (Again)

In Which You Tell Me What To Read

Literary Biographies

Midwinter and Christmas Books

Twenty-One Midwinter Reads

Music Themed Books




Paris Reading List

Picking Books by Mood

Portuguese Literature

Spooky Stories: Recommendations from Fellow Bloggers

The Dead (Reading) Days of Summer

The Interwar Period


Women in Science


A Christmas Carol on Stage

A Doll's House

Dickens on Stage: The Library Theatre's Hard Times

Edinburgh Festival Fringe 2011

Edinburgh Fringe Festival 2012


Avatar: The Last Airbender Part One (Lady Business)

Avatar: The Last Airbender Part Two (Lady Business)

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Part One

Buffy the Vampire Slayer Part Two

Downton Abbey (Lady Business)


Sherlock (Lady Business)

Six Feet Under


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