Jan 11, 2007

Contact Me

If you want to get in touch with me, you reach me at this e-mail address. I love getting e-mail, so comments, questions, suggestions, book recommendations, etc from fellow readers are welcome and very much appreciated. I can be slow sometimes, but I always try to reply. Whoever you are, I look forward to hearing from you.

To publicists, publishers or authors: Due to the large number of unread books on my TBR pile, I have decided to stop accepting unrequested ARCs or review copies. I'll update this page if I decide to accept them again in the future, and I will not respond to e-mail pitches that are sent my way while this message remains up. So if you don't hear back from me about your pitch, this is because I am not interested — please don't e-mail me the same request repeatedly. I sincerely apologise, but my time is limited and it does get quite time consuming to have to say no again and again.

I don't do link swaps, sponsored links or product reviews, and I am not interested in advertising of any kind or in any form of paid SEO optimisation or site redesigns. I will not respond to e-mails with offers or requests of this kind.

Last updated: February 2015